16 Afterwards

In a certain vacation house in Kuoh, Azazel took a sip of his favourite beverage as he watched a projection displaying Rias' Rating Game through his contacts.

Usually, Azazel didn't bother watching those as they were just a bunch of arrogant man-children beating each other or political schemes, but when he learned that Touma was participating in the whole engagement fiasco, it got his interest.

'It is starting.' He thought after hearing Grayfia's announcement. To this day it's still a mystery to him how she was single when he was Satan's Queen, but if it meant that he had a slim chance, he wouldn't bother questioning it.

Then Azazel rubbed his goatee as he saw how Touma effortlessly defeated Riser's peerage and came out unscathed.

'Time magic. A magic that controls the flow of time. While it wasn't unheard of, seeing a human, and a young one at that, displaying this level of mastery is very impressive.'

Azazel could understand why Rias was confident of winning with someone like Touma by her side. It was practically a guaranteed victory. But of course, this show of force would attract a number of unwanted attention, whether it be good or bad. He wouldn't doubt that the Khaos Brigade was watching at that moment.

'Speaking of the Rating Game, the Gremory girl and the group were better than what my intel told me, that redheaded siscon must be proud of his sister.' He smirked at the thought and could imagine the scene.

But his smile gradually disappeared and was replaced by a frown. Without knowing it, Azazel leaned forward and just sat on the edge of the couch. The reason was that on the screen in front of him, Touma pulled a strangely familiar gun out of nowhere, which made Azazel spit his expensive alcohol out of his mouth.

"HOW DOES HE HAVE THAT!?" Azazel shouted at the top of his lungs.

The gender bender gun was a secret project that Azazel carried alone without anyone's help, fearing that one day its power would fall into the wrong hands, like certain devils and gods. For that reason, the fallen angel made sure that only he knew of its existence.

'Did he stop time and steal the gun when he visited me last time? No, it's impossible. There were many traps and boundaries and none were triggered, not to mention I am quite resistant to time-stopping magic…'

While Azazel was fumbling over the possibilities, the young man in question was quite busy thinking about how he would scam–ask Phenex for his favors.


After the last announcement, they were teleported to the Underworld, the dimension that housed the majority of the devil population and other species.

Everyone looked at each other without speaking a single word, creating a momentary silence that was quickly broken by a collective shout.

"WE DID IT!" Rias and her peerage screamed in unison and Touma couldn't help but chuckle at the sight.

As Rias was next to Touma, she jumped on him and hugged him tightly, stuffing his face in her bosom.

"Thank you so much, Touma!"

"You're welcome, Rias." That's what he wanted to say, but only muffles came out, causing some vibrations in her clothes which made her blush a little. Then she leaned her head forward next to his ear.

"I will 'thank' you later." Rias whispered, making Touma's ear twitch and redden, but before he could say anything, Rias separated from him with her head turned away, refusing to let him see her massive blush.


Rias and Touma turned their heads and found themselves being stared at by everyone with amused expressions.




Touma smiled wryly and Rias covered her face in embarrassment.

*Knock* *Knock*

Their attention shifted to the entrance.

The handle twisted and the door opened. A crimson-haired man with green eyes like Rias entered the room.

'Sirzechs Lucifer.' Touma thought and squinted his eyes as he analyzed the man and reached a single conclusion.

'He is strong.'

As Touma progressed with Julius' card assimilation, he became more sensitive to mana, as such he could clearly see how much of a monster Sirzechs was from his demonic power alone.

"Brother!" Rias called him in surprise.

"Congratulations on your first victory, Rias and everyone." Sirzechs said as he looked at everyone and his eyes landed on Touma. "... And you must be Kamiya Touma. My name is Sirzechs Lucifer, one of the current Satans and as Rias' brother I thank you for lending a hand to my sister."

"It's nothing much, Lord Lucifer. I was just helping a friend." Touma said politely.

"Hahaha. No need to be polite when we are in private, just call me Sirzechs." The redhead said and extended his hand, which Touma shook. "If you ever need help, you can count on my help as long as it is within my capabilities."

Touma widened his eyes in surprise from an outside perspective, but he was happy and had somewhat expected it since what type of siscon brother wouldn't reward the person for helping his sister?

Not to mention that getting a favor from one of the Satans was something huge and not something you got every day. Touma could use this favor to get his backing or something similar.

"Thank you."

Sirzechs nodded in approval and turned towards Rias, but everyone in the room felt a pressure coming from the outside of the room which was quickly approaching them.

A knock on the door was heard before it was opened and a familiar maid entered with the accompaniment of a few furious individuals.

"Sorry for disturbing you, but Lord Phenex has requested an urgent meeting." Grayfia said emotionlessly, but deep inside one could see annoyance. She stepped aside and a blond man walked forward and was also the source of the beacon of demonic power.

'Here he comes.' Touma thought as he looked at him blankly, albeit trying hard to not laugh, because he knew why exactly this man was here.

He looked around the room until he spotted Touma, gritting his teeth in fury as he stomped in his direction.

"You puny human…!" The blond man muttered and unleashed his pressure on Touma. "I will kill you for what you did to my son!"

Lord Phenex raised his fist engulfed in the yellow flames of Phenex and prepared to jump at Touma, however, the black-haired young man remained unmoved, because he knew the attack would never reach him. Why? Because he knew there was a certain siscon here.

Immediately, another pressure befell everyone in the room and made Lord Phenex stop in his tracks, as he began sweating unconsciously.

"Lord Phenex, just what do you think you are doing in my presence?" Sirzechs said coldly as his pressure alone made Lord Phenex's heart sink. He began sweating nervously and was forced to halt.

"M-My apologies for m-my abrupt actions, Lord Lucifer. But this human has done something unforgivable to my son." Lord Phenex said with his voice trembling as he pointed his finger at Touma.

"Me?" Touma asked innocently as he pointed at himself. "I just knocked him out. I don't see what is wrong with that."

"Don't joke with me." Lord Phenex hissed as he glared daggers at him. "You just turned him into a…" He hesitated to finish the sentence as he looked around.

"A what?" Touma asked and with great willpower, he controlled his facial muscles to not laugh.

"You turned Riser into… a woman." Lord Phenex gritted his teeth as he said the last part of the sentence with anger and embarrassment.

"WHAT!?" Everyone in the room exclaimed in surprise, except for one young man.


Touma couldn't hold it anymore and started laughing hysterically while the others were confused about the situation.

Lord Phenex clenched his fist in anger and wanted to scorch the human in front of him, but looking at the Sirzechs he decided to hold his anger

"Sorry sorry, I just couldn't hold it anymore." Touma said as he wiped the tear from his eye. "Yes, I did it. But so what? It's not like he is crippled or anything."

"I demand you to change him back or else you will suffer the wrath of Phenex!"

"Are you threatening me?" Touma questioned with a raised eyebrow. He inspected the blond devil, but his instincts didn't tell him he was a threat. He was stronger than Riser, but Touma could still beat him. 'Which means he will use his influence as the richest family to kill me.'

"Threatening? No, I am making a promise. If you don't change my son back, you will wish that I killed you." Lord Phenex said and the pressure befell on Touma.

Sirzechs looked at Touma and was ready to intervene, but when he saw the confident look on the young man's face, he stopped and watched the scene unfold, even if Rias was stealing some glances at him to help her friend.

'Are they only friends though?' The redhead thought and decided to ask Rias later.

"Is that so?" Touma asked. "Then go ahead and try."

Lord Phenex was about to retorque but widened his eyes in horror when he found himself unable to move.

'Don't… tell… me.'

"You know, I uphold the principle of equivalent exchange." Touma said as he approached the frozen Phenex. "So let me ask you, Lord Phenex, what will you offer in return for your son's manhood?"

Touma stared into the Phenex's yellow eyes, which were trembling in anger and fear. Touma snapped his finger and released him from the time-stop spell.

"... What do you want?" Lord Phenex asked after a brief pause. "Money? Women? Power? I will give you everything you want!"

"Don't be ridiculous Lord Phenex, so you think your son is only worth that much? Just a few million or a few women? Is that what you think, Lord Phenex?" Touma asked mockingly.

"Then what–" Lord Phenex was about to ask, but was interrupted by a voice in the corridor.

"Father!" Ravel shouted as she entered the room.

"Ravel! What are you doing here?" Lord Phenex asked with widened eyes.

"I offer myself in exchange for my brother's m-manhood." Ravel said with conviction but got embarrassed at the end. Then she looked at Touma and asked. "Is that fine?"

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