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Culture Shock

Constance C. Williams

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Constance Williams is a former Kindle Scout participant who has gain numerous votes on Facebook and also support in the Kindle’s Scout Authors community which has encouraged her writing even greater. She is a prolific writer indeed – has written over 24 books, and is snooping around as we speak, gathering information for another amazing story, just to share with you; her loyal and wonderful audience. “Love Overdose” “Flesh” “Struggles of the Hear” Are, just a few of the books that she has written. Constance, has worked across the border of several industries such as operating a restaurant, working as a medical technician in a doctor’s office and hospital, to teaching Social Studies and English in a community college. She presently has a Youtube Channel where she teaches English at the CXC (Caribbean Examination Council) level. You may visit her website to read excerpts from her books and leave your comments as well. Here is the link for doing so: www.ladycbooks.simplesite.com THE TITLE "CULTURE SHOCK" RELATES TO THE VARIOUS EXPERIENCES THAT THE MAIN CHARACTER, KERRING BARROWDIEN HAD TO ENDURED THROUGHOUT HER LIFE! SOME RATHER SHOCKING! HER LIFE WHICH HAD BEGAN WITH EXTREME POVERTY TO A LIFE OF WEALTH; AND THEN BACK TO EXTREME POVERTY AGAIN HAD BEEN SHOCKING TO HER! AND ALSO, WHAT SHE HAD BEEN TAUGHT ABOUT THE WORLD SHE HAD COME TO REALIZE THAT IT WASN'T SO AT ALL... LIFE WAS MORE UNPREDICTABLE THAN PREDICTABLE. AND EVEN FINDING HER WAY IN LIFE HAD BECOME A SHOCKER TO HER.