33 Yue

Western Forest - Small Lake

After he accompanied Liu Ying to chat until she fell asleep in his room, Xia Tian rushed to the Western Forest.

Arriving there, he was amazed by the lake and the small waterfall on the edge, Xia Tian then dipped his hand into the lake water, and indeed he could feel the Yin Energy which was very thick and dense.

'Take care of the surroundings, Alice. I will cultivate under that small waterfall.' Xia Tian immediately took off all his clothes, and he immediately sat cross-legged under the splashing water from the small waterfall.

As soon as Xia Tian began to absorb the Yin energy in the lake, the two carp fish in his consciousness began to devour the Yin Energy absorbed by him, and they swirled around forming a Yin-Yang symbol, and the symbol also became less blurry than before.

While Xia Tian was focused on absorbing Yin energy, there was a small creature hiding behind a tree, and the little creature looked at Xia Tian curiously, Xia Tian himself did not realize that he had entered the little creature's lair.

However, Alice was already aware of the little creature's presence, but since the little thing didn't show any hostility, Alice didn't bother Xia Tian, ​​because he was immersed in his cultivation.

An hour later there was a small burst of energy from within Xia Tian's body, it was a sign that he had broken through to the 9th Stage Qi Gathering Realm, but he still had not stopped absorbing the Yin Energy, because the quality of the Yin Energy in his opinion was too good.

When the little creature sensed the energy from Xia Tian's body, it immediately jumped down from the tree. It could be clearly seen that the little creature was a snow white fox, the fox walked slowly to Xia Tian while wagging its two tails. The fox then sat with its hind legs in front of it, and it looked at Xia Tian with its eyes that looked like the full moon shining brightly.

Half an hour later, Xia Tian stopped his cultivation, he stopped because the two carp fish in his consciousness were no longer absorbing Yin Energy.

But when Xia Tian opened his eyes, the little white fox surprised him, he immediately recognized what kind of fox it was, and he was surprised to see that the fox was in this world.

"Little fox, is this where you live?" Xia Tian was sure that the little fox lived near this lake, because this kind of fox always lived in the place that had the highest level of Yin Energy.

The little white fox nodded, and still looked at him curiously. Xia Tian then patted the little fox's head gently, then said. "Are you living alone in this world?"

And the fox nodded again, although the little white fox couldn't speak, it could understand Xia Tian's words.

Xia Tian then carried the fox in his arms, and he said as he gently stroked its soft snow white fur. "Just like you, although I have family here, but they are not my real family, it's just that they are very good to me."

The fox also rubbed its little head against Xia Tian's hands, as if there was an energy from within Xia Tian that caught its interest.

He chuckled at the little fox's antics, then he lifted the little fox to see its gender. Even though the little white fox didn't fight back, it could be seen that the white fur on its face had turned red. "Oh, you're a girl. How about I give you a name?"

The fox stared at Xia Tian for a moment, she hesitated to agree, but before long she nodded.

"Since you are a girl as well as a moon fox, I will give you the name Yue which also means moon." He said as he continued to stroke her soft snow white fur.

The little white fox nodded in agreement, she then bit Xia Tian's finger and sucked some of his blood. Before long, a small white mark appeared on their foreheads, and the mark was the bond between them.

Xia Tian was taken aback by her actions, because as far as he knew, Moon Fox never wanted to be tied to humans, even though Moon Fox was a gentle creature, but they preferred to live unfettered. But now the Moon Fox in his arms actually made a forced contract with him.

'Show me Yue's status, Alice.'


Name : Yue

Age : 150

Race : Moon Fox

Cultivation : 5th Stage Core Formation Realm

Spiritual Root : Heaven Light-Water Spiritual Roots

Element : Water, Light

Innate Ability : Healing Light, Water Barrier

Techniques : Light Feather Step, Human-Fox Transformation, Sacred Water Technique.

Body Technique : Moon Fox Body Technique

Dual Cultivation : -

Master : Xia Tian


Xia Tian was astonished to see Yue's cultivation was above him by two levels, and at her only 150 years old, which was comparable to a 15 year old human, it made Yue the most genius of the Moon Fox race.


"Are you not able to use your 'Hunan-Fox Transformation' yet, Yue?" Xia Tian asked curiously.

Because in the past, Xia Tian had often encountered the Moon Fox race. The male Moon Fox is very handsome, and the female Moon Fox is one of the most beautiful creatures. That was why he was curious to see Yue's human form, but Yue answered by shaking her head.

Xia Tian just noticed that Yue only had two tails, then he said with a chuckle. "En, I forgot that the Moon fox can only turn into a human when it reaches the fifth tail, later I will help you grow another tail quickly."

Yue's eyes lit up when she heard Xia Tian wanted to help her speed up the growth of her tail, she herself wanted to be able to turn into a human immediately, but unfortunately she had a hard time growing her tail.

Xia Tian remembered about the Strength Fruit, he then took out two fruits from his storage, and gave them to Yue. "You can eat these two fruits, they are very useful for increasing your attack power, but it's a shame we can only eat two fruits for a lifetime."


Yue didn't believe Xia Tian's words at first, but after she bit into it a bit, she could feel the changes in her, then she devoured the two fruits quickly, and her behavior made Xia Tian burst out laughing.

Xia Tian immediately got to his feet, and he was about to get dressed, but suddenly a woman's voice called out to him startled him.

"Xia Tian? How did you get here? And you can cultivate now?"

- To Be Continued -

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