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Cultivator in a World of Angels, Demons, and Super Heroes


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In all honesty, not bad. It is far from perfect but I happily binged most the current available chapters. I love Red’s character and the story idea of a cultivator surrounded by superhero’s is great! Author san claimed in the first few chaoters that the novel was lacklustre but I feel that was incredibly undeserved as it truly has been enjoyable to read so far and is quite frankly perfect for refreshing my reading experience with a sliceoflife esq novel that isn’t incredibly boring. Good job author san! Keep writing the sacred scriptures! P.S love the fact that both angels and demons are soul sucking bad guys!

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shameless author review . five stars baby. haha. just give it a try. it's not really what you would call a great novel, or even a good one, but I try to make it as descriptive as possible. I try as hard to make the characters have character. it's not fast paced because I like taking it slow, like how I do it in bed.


Pardon my english. I read till chapter 33 and this novel is pretty good. When i read the title, i thought this novel was the same as any cultivator novel, but i was wrong. Its pretty chill novel with great mc. He's not arrogant, he has great personality, and overall its good slice of life novel


I really like the characters and the lore/world you have built up. I enjoyed the different themes from slice of life, to training and fights. Sometimes the novel was light hearted and other times serious, which was refreshing. Its been a very intriguing, well rounded story. Thank you for having given me a little something to fill my day with. I look forward to the day you may release again!


So I finally finished reading all the free chapters so I guess I can make a review So I'll try to be as objective as possible, to begin with the Mc is.... Old I guess is a given since he was a cultivator, the fact that even fighting he can think clearly is a good point, the novel isn't fast passed but neither is it slow, sometimes it slows but then it gains traction Mc seems to have a talent or well knowledge about many fields and is good in anything he gets his mind into also he has lots of hobbies that help the story to advance. His two lackeys are the tipical underdogs that gain strength with his training. And the world is interesting I recommend the novel if you like a slow to medium burn


I like th world building and the lore. it's simple, but it's immersive. the characters too don't be one dimensional and they are actually people. I wish there was more updates tho


I've only read one chapter, but I can tell that it has a strong great introduction and almost no spelling errors, but it is told in 3rd person present tense entirely, which is incredibly difficult for me to read, it's like "the man's body glows and causes an explosion" stories aren't told in this fashion for a reason, a story should be like "the man's body flew and caused an explosion" idk the difference... but I can feel the difference, so i'm gonna have to put a hard pass on this novel


Underrated. I hope this novel gets more attention soon enough, because for me, this novel is easily top tier. If there’s a grading list, this would be top 5


Good novel, MC is a top tier cultivator who dies and his spirit enters the body of a young man in a modern world full of superpowers, demons and angels. MC has a calm, smart and not naive character. Follow the MC's journey to unravel the mystery of why some humans in this world have superpowers.


i like this novel as it is a new development that is different from the others i seen so far and the place is detailed, the characters are unique, qoutes, the hidden history of the world, the logic is spot on, detail on the cultivation steps is good compared to others where they just meditate then breakthrough just like that. i hope their is an update please.


i like it alot but for some reason all the japanese names and such is making my toes curl, it might be just me. i mean otherwise its a great novel with an untapped well of rarely explored ideas and none of the cliches of most chinese cultivation related novels, and not as fast paced as as those novels, like i dont want to see someone constantly underestimating him and in a few chapters beat his opponent and then subsequently make another enemy that he cant beat until a few chapters later he gets strong enough to beat again. but anyways so far its pretty good but just......the japanese names they really like make me cringe for some reason


really a hidden Diamond.. so happy i found it😍 thank you author for writing it💙.. love the MC and how well put together both he and the rest is.. love the world background.. and how well the story is done without romance! love it! but most of all.. cant wait to read more of this!😍🤩😘👍


Una buena novela, con un toque diferente, es agradable de leer, es un soplo de aire fresco, no es tan monótona como la mayoría de novelas de cultivo, espero con ansias que obtenga mayor reconocimiento y repercusión, para que la historia siga desarrollándose, aunque tengo la impresión de que cuando se expanda a las otros mundos puede convertirse en una historia de cultivo mas, pero bueno, esperar como avanza, le tengo fe


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