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Cultivation Through Artifacts


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Good book just not my cup of tea. I get irrationally irritated by MC gets system at perfect time. MC gets evaluation of the lowest order. MC is a crouching tiger in a field of sheep. MC will now hide and be bullied cause of said low evaluation. ahhh honestly it's because I like to predict what will happen next. Interesting premise though just not executed to my liking.

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Man this is some good stuff. The feels in the writing is spectacular, it will definitely pull you in. The storyline, the plot and characters all well written. Keep it up man.


Honestly this is boring nothing more to be said...


did not really find it that good Idk why everyone says it good? I am at chapter 32 and I still find the mc kinda stupid and he should have the advantage of an extra life and act more smarter


Considering this story has barely started, I think it will be safe to say that it is NOT a review more of a wish letter. So, this is my personal opinion which is heavily biased. I hope this will be of some help to the author. I also want to say that I am a current reader of the author's other work "Journey of a legend". I might compare certain aspects of this work's writing style to that as this work is heavily unfinished. Concept: It's a very interesting and, as I have not read anything like that before, unique concept. Cultivating using artifacts that are apparently only used for making jewelry. This has a lot of scopes to introduce new things. I am very eager to see how things unfold as chapters come out. I will say that if the cultivation is half as good as "journey of a legend" then it will be awesome. But looking at the auxiliary chapter it seems this system will more than a match for that. The separation of realms and each realm with their unique rules and worlds is very intriguing too. In short, conception-wise, this work is phenomenal. Story: Amazing prologue. I really loved it and it easily catches attention. It was dark and gritty but at the same time deep. And I love the fact that you left some part to the reader's imagination and make them rationalize why Cal did what he did. I am eager to see how you develop the story. Whether you give Cal and Khal parallel life or it is something else. Characters: There aren't many characters introduced yet to talk about them. One thing I liked is that you gave a brief description of the characters' appearance (MC excluded). If possible try to include personality traits in them(Like, instead of saying brown eyes, say brown eye full of mischief). It helps to know them more and visualize easily. But this is my personal opinion so feel free to ignore it. However, I would like to state 2 major things about MC and his love interest. The prologue gives the idea of a dark MC. So, either we get a dark MC or a moderate one with extensive character development. If you suddenly change the MC's attitude without proper development it throws off the readers. I feel the need to mention this because this has already happened(in the trial). His reaction after the scuffle with that young master does not complement his backstory at all and it threw me off. Secondly, as it is a non-harem novel and unless you are planning to give us a major plot twist we already have the love interest. The issue with introducing a love interest this early is that you need to give the character the same amount of care as MC. I really like to have her a great first impression and proper development. I will just say that I would rather not have another Emma in terms of initial introduction [img=recommend]. As for world development, character development, there is no point in saying about it now. And, as for writing style and spelling mistakes, it has significantly improved in this work. so not much there to say about it. I wish you good luck with your work and looking forward to future chapters. I hope it's as good, if not better, as your other work. Thank you for your hard work. Keep it up!


Pretty cool Novel has potential I'm sure more exciting scenes await us as we progress. I believe it will attract more readers as time goes on. I also hope she has a strong partner that supports the lead character, Hate-harem, I hope no harem Good luck


Well... the story at the end is the author's and I respect his decisions, it's well written and all, but it's more of the same with a bit of a cliche. My personal opinion, I miss adversity, the feeling of irreverence. in the end I like stories that involve power, POWER, BATTLES, the feeling like "I'm going to destroy the Gods". the love plot bleh mc got tied to a girl barely introduced to history since the first chapter.


Well it is quite good . MC personality is also good not like Chinese arrogant MC like I will never bow to anyone . Well it also has many mysterious upper realms which is quite good I just want to read it faster I can't contain my excitement and also FMC is also good she is quite talented at leagues of true geniuses. Overall love it keep it up author-san and release more chapters pl...πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–


The storyline seems interesting, the book will become more solid if you give the characters more depth. Keep up the good work and the book more unique.


I love the story is had a good plot and environment. And it's really engaging it one of the good cultivation novels on the site and I hope to see more.


it's Amazing, author has the creativity, a unique system, a unique world. However, the pace of the cultivation is slow. it's 90 chapters in and the main character hasn't progressed much. There are seven relams and each has its own stages. If this pace continues to go on, then it will take more than 2000 chapters to complete it. Author is writing another novel also, not sure if he will be able to complete this work.


I love the history. The autor os the better. I think this history os the next Supreme magus in the webnovel.I love the history. The autor os the better. I think this history os the next Supreme magus in the webnovel.


I started this story a 1 hour, but i loved.I started this story a 1 hour, but i lovedI started this story a 1 hour, but i loved.I started this story a 1 hour, but i loved


Reveal spoiler




OMG this storyline sounds A-AMAZING, and soo exciting!🀩 I really hope it gets good ratings FAST so I can read more! I am sure this will be a BLAST!!!πŸ™ŒπŸΌβ€οΈ


Although the idea was good, the execution isn't. The MC is almost brain-dead attacking people with obviously more power than him. "Magnetism" MC:" What dat?" His enemies are equally brain dead and keep talking to eachother all the time, changing their plan every few seconds. Talent test: 'Do I even have to say it?' Plot armor? I don't see anything else, he does attacks that come out of nowhere while he has 0 cultivation. Awakens system just as he was dying.


Just start Reading for the free chapters so far the story is good, simple, and unique. I keep thinking female protagonist ability just like someone from My Hero Academia.


well writing, slow plot, but i like that, if you give time to the novel i think is a god one.