Cultivation Technique Incubus Primordial. Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

Cultivation Technique Incubus Primordial.


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Liu Leng, a young man who lives every day in concern for the life of his mother Liu Luxue who is in a coma and infected by a disease that is killing her. Suddenly, in his moment of despair for seeking a cure for his mother, a mysterious book falls from the sky. The book is a Grimoire entitled: Cultivation Technique Incubus Primordial. [ Hello, I am the author of this immoral novel. First of all, I warn you that this novel is itself an R-18 novel and will contain quite strong genres such as incest, rape, strong sex and all kinds of immoralities that I can think of, except the 'NTR'. As for grammar and English, I may have some problems since English is not my mother tongue. So sorry if it is not to your liking. And finally, I make it clear that "don't open ntr", since it is my most hated genre and I don't want to include it in this book or in my future books ] [ P.S: I am not the owner of the image, if you want me to delete it, send me a message and I will do it immediately ] *If you want to support me: https://www.patreon.com/StartDriunrac