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Tian Yuan was a person who valued his honesty more than anything. He is a Highschool student who works as a part-timer for his living expenses and also for his studies, his parents died in a plane crash that happened when he was only 8. From then he relied on his grandfather for quite a while. but his fate is much worse after 4yearshis grandfather died of a mysterious illness. He became lonely he could only rely on himself. He came to Chan city for his future studies. he got himself a girlfriend and he also got a reason to work hard. but one day he receives an order of condoms to deliver to a hotel. he found out that the person who ordered was his girlfriend that has been cheating on him behind his back. Was his luck always this bad? no! After breaking up with his girlfriend, he returned to his old house. on his way, he encountered a very fortunate chance for him to rise to the top. After that his life began to change, he ended up becoming a cultivator, School flowers to beautiful goddesses that can charm any man. One by one many women came to him.

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Conquering Heaven Sutra

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Yuan who heard Ru Shi mumbling about the technique in his hand so he became curious, as to why she making a shocked face as

if she had seen a ghost.

'I just ordered that damn servant to find a decent cultivation technique for my husband but I couldn't imagine he would bring such a treasure 'Ru Shi thought to herself.

"Ru Shi do you know about this technique?.." Yuan wanted to know about this technique so he ask Ru shi.

"I only know very little about this technique. Honestly, I have only heard from our ancestors, that it was said that conquering Heaven Sutra is a very overpowered technique. This technique was said destroyed in the Era of primordial chaos. but I couldn't think of how it ended in the hands of the Primordial One." Ru Shi explains it to Yuan.

"How come such an amazing technology like this could be destroyed by someone?" Yuan asked Ru Shi.

"In the legend, it is said that the Conquering Heaven Sutra is a very powerful technique that has been categorized as a forbidden Dual cultivation technique in the world. The reason behind this technique, the disappearance was because the goddesses of the Primordial Era annihilated the owner and every copy of the technique in this world. The Conquering Heaven Sutra was so powerful that it threatened the very existence of the Goddesses who lived on the God Realm."

"The past user of the Conquering Heaven Sutra technique made the Goddesses of the god realm to his slaves. which caused the anger of the other goddesses and lead them to the annihilation of the user and the technique, they eliminated every piece of the copies of the technique from the god realm so no one can threaten the Goddess's peace. Now in your hand is the last copy of the technique in the entire world." Ru Shi told Yuan about the history of conquering Heaven Sutra.

"Is this technique that amazing?" Yuan didn't expect the Conquering Heaven Sutra technique that has been given to him by the Primordial Monarch to have such a history.

"What is there for me that I would I lie to you, this technique is indeed the most powerful Dual Cultivation technique ever in history, if you cultivate it you can subdue the goddesses shortly." Ru Shi told Yuan to learn the conquering Heaven Sutra.

"If it is that great, then I will learn it, hehe" Yuan gives a cunning chuckled to Ru Shi after hearing Ru Shi's explanation, with this technique Yuan could use it to deal with women who were difficult to handle casually.

Even though Yuan learned this technique, he would not be like the previous user who used the Conquering Heaven Sutra technique to enslave the beautiful goddesses in the God Realm, did not want himself to provoke the anger of the beautiful goddesses and he also doesn't wanna be on the hitlist of the male gods who pursue the very goddesses in the God Realm.

Yuan would always try to avoid conflict with a woman if it didn't matter, women were so strange creatures and have many faces, they can do crazy things if you made them angry.

"Well now I will explain about the Physique especially, the primordial Perfect Body is a body that is quite special even hundreds of times stronger than the body of true dragons in terms of strength and also more Pure the Yang Qi than the Pure Yang body Physique that some people have. the stronger Yang they have the faster they can also cultivate, but if the amount of Yang Qi is too much then it can harm his own body, so to balance it requires Yin from women. with the help of the Conquering Heaven Sutra technique you will be able to absorb faster and in different ways that no other technique provides". Ru Shi explained to Yuan.

"There are several ways, one can first absorb through the air, for this way you should be as close as possible to women, but this is the worst way because it can only absorb a little Yin. The second is direct touch, as long as you come in contact with women then you can absorb their Yin, this method is better than the first one And lastly, using intimate relationships you know what I mean?" Ru Shi asked with a seductive and teasing smile.

"I know that you don't need to remind me that," Yuan said as he was embraced a little.

"Buffett"...hahaha ....You are a little virgin". Ru Shi laughed very hard seeing the expression that Yuan made.

"anyways let's continue, the intimate method is the only method that can benefit both parties, both of which will benefit from increasing their cultivation levels strength".Ru Shi explained everything about the benefits of dual cultivation.

"Yuan you haven't reached the Qi Refining realm yet let me help you this time".seeing Yuan's cultivation is so low Ru Shi decided to help him a little as she was his servant.

"help..what kind of help.." Yuan only can think of dual cultivation at this moment, his imagination running wild at this moment. but Ru Shi's voice woke him up from his dream.

"Come and sit here and hold my hand to cultivate my Yin Qi" as Ru said those words he was a little disappointed.

Yuan sat on a lotus position while holding Ru Shi's hand to

cultivate the Yin from Ru shi. He starts using the conquering Heaven Sutra's technique to absorb the yin from Ru Shi. as the pure yin entered his body Yuan felt as if a cold air running through his meridians, slowly entering his dantian to get refined. Yuan increases the absorption rate of the yin qi. as he absorbed he made a breakthrough.

[You have absorbed enough Qi for a breakthrough]

[You have reached the First Level of Qi Refining]

[You have absorbed enough Qi for a breakthrough]

[You have reached the Second Level of Qi Refining]

[You have absorbed enough Qi for a breakthrough]

[You have reached the Third Level of Qi Refining]

[You have absorbed enough Qi for a breakthrough]

[You have reached the Fourth Level of Qi Refining]

[You have absorbed enough Qi for a breakthrough]

[You have reached the Fifth Level of Qi Refining]

[You have absorbed enough Qi for a breakthrough]

[You have reached the Sixth Level of Qi Refining]





[You have absorbed enough Qi for a breakthrough]

[You have reached the Third Level of Spirit Master Realm

'Such a heaven-defying talent, a total monster as expected of my husband' Ru Shi could only think of Yuan as a monster.

After so long of cultivation Yuan successfully reached the Spirit Master realm, now Yuan's body beaming with energy that he has never felt before even in the tenth level of the body refining realm.

"Is this the feeling of becoming Spirit Master, my body feels

lighter than before?" Yuan tried to move around.

"Congratulations for reaching the Spirit Master Realm, Yuan

you have skipped entire four realms in such a small amount of time, you are now one step closer to getting me in your bed,

hehe "giggling," Ru Shi said as she tried to tease Yuan again.

'This beauty almost gets me to fall over her word, one day I will take my revenge for teasing me' Yuan was cursing Ru Shi in his heart.

"Ohh, Ru Shi what is your current cultivation base? I am curious" Yuan wanted to know what is the level of Ru Shi's cultivation. Because just a little bit of her yin qi can help him reaches directly to the peak of the Spirit Master realm easily, what could her cultivation realm be?

"It's a Secret for now, but Supposedly in the God Realm only a few can fight with me, but now that the Era of the Gods is ended." Ru Shi answered.

"That's overkill, But how do you know that the era of the Gods is over, does this place have other masters before?" Yuan asked.

"No, you are the first and the only person to be the owner of this place, the Primordial One who made this place is the only person who entered this place after he disappeared from the world trillions of years later the era of the true gods also end, no one knows where he went or he died, he is also the first spiritual weapon master in the entire God Realm, he made a place. this is from the best and rarest items in the God Realm " Ru Shi explained.

" Oh, I see ?" Yuan became a little more knowledgeable about the Celestial Garden.

"Let's go look at some of the places that are here, "Ru Shi stood up and pulled Yuan's hand to show him around the place.

Yuan could only surrender to Ru Shi whose strength he does not know went to several places such as medicinal plants, hot springs, training grounds, armory and pills, weapons-making workshops, and even there were prepared rooms to do Dual Cultivation, super beds Large that can hold dozens of people on it.

'looks like the Primordial Monarch already saw my future to make such an arrangement he thought to himself.

"Let's go to the library here, there are a lot of techniques there you can choose any of them" Ru dragged Yuan.

When he entered Yuan saw that the room inside was far bigger than what he had seen outside, there were various books neatly arranged on a very large shelf.

Ru Shi said that these books were cultivation techniques and fighting arts. Yuan can estimate that there were more than hundreds of thousands of techni

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