21 Xuan Jian

The next day, even more people came to the arena to watch the exciting battles. 

Just like yesterday, the battle that took place today was stage one. 

However, this time, the battle arena was managed by Hua Zhenyi and Jun didn't take part in it. 

Instead, he was slacking in the shop, while thinking about something. 

"Should I sell it or use it?" Jun pondered. 

The thing he was pondering over was whether he should use the [Sword Doa] talent on himself or sell it to others. 

This talent was undoubtedly one of the best, especially since it could be enhanced. 

However, Jun doesn't want to be a sword cultivator. 

Slashing a sword against a thousand enemies wasn't Jun's style of doing things. He would rather order his subordinates to fight while he could support them from back. 

Yes, that was far more suitable.

Knock, Knock! 

While Jun was deep in thought, a Knocking sound came from the entrance. 

"Are you the shop owner?" A disciple from the Sword Nurturing sect asked. 

He was wearing the outer sect uniform of Sword Nurturing Sect with a symbol on it which showed a sword enveloped in fire. 

"Are you from Law Enforcement Hall of Sword Nurturing Sect?" Jun asked with his eyebrows raised. 

Disciples from Law Enforcement Hall were all excellent Combat-type professionals. 

"I am Xuan Jian from Law Enforcement Hall of Sword Nurturing Sect. I came here today to buy a suitable grade 1 movement-type talisman." Xuan Jian said with indifference. 

Sword cultivators were all fanatic about sword arts. Other than training, they wouldn't care about anything else that happens in the world. 

"Please follow me," Jun said politely and led Xuan Jian to a counter where batches of movement-type talismans were placed. 

Xuan Jian glanced at the batches of talismans and his gaze stopped at one of them. 

"I will take this one." He said with a satisfied expression and picked up a talisman. 

It was a grade one movement type talisman called Fleeting Clouds talisman. 

Amongst various talismans, there existed those unique talismans with better effects than ordinary ones.

This Fleeting Clouds talisman was one of those unique talismans. 

That's why, Xuan Jian was pleased and also surprised when his gaze landed on it. 

He definitely didn't expect this small shop to sell unique talismans. 

Looking at his pleased expression, Jun's lips curled up in a grin. "Very good choice, that one costs 5 spirit stones. Besides that, there are also many unique-type offensive and defensive talismans too." 

Jun tried to use this opportunity to earn a few more spirit stones if he could. 

Xuan Jian nodded and continued to look at the other talismans. 

In the end, he chose three offensive type and two defensive type talismans, all of which were unique talismans. 

Jun made 30 spirit stones with this one deal. These kids from renowned sects were indeed rich. 

As he handed over the spirit stones, Xuan Jian planned to leave. 

Jun, who was looking at Xuan Jian's departing figure, suddenly thought of something and checked Xuan Jian's status panel. 

[Name: Xuan Jian]

[Cultivation: 2nd stage Foundation Establishment Realm]

[Insight: Excellent]

[Constitution: Gold Physique]

[Technique: Divine Lotus Sword Technique (Heaven grade high-level), Heavy Fist Martial Arts (Mortal grade low-level), Shallow Fog Movement Technique (Earth grade mid-level)]

[Spiritual Root: Light Elemental (Mortal grade high-level)]

[Talent: Perseverance (Mortal grade high-level)]

[Special background: When Xuan Jian was 12 years old, he stumbled upon a mysterious black book. When he opened it, a mysterious divine light enveloped him and he was sent to a mysterious space, where he met with a certain old cultivator and accepted him as his master. After that, he joined the Sword Nurturing Sect and kept a low profile.] 

Foundation Establishment Realm? Heaven grade technique? Special background?

He has to be a protagonist of this world. He even has a mysterious master guiding him.

Moreover, this person likes to keep a low profile. That's a top-level trait found in some special main characters.

Jun was astonished after checking Xuan Jian's not-so-ordinary attribute panel. 

This Xuan Jian was definitely a protagonist who would one day become one of the top powerhouses of this world. 

"Wait!" Jun shouted, making Xuan Jian stop on his steps and look back. 

"Did I forget something?" Xuan Jian asked with narrowed eyes. 

Jun chuckled and answered. "No, you didn't forget anything. It's just that I wanted to talk about something with you." 

Looking at Jun's sincere expression, Xuan Jian didn't refuse and accepted the invitation with a little bit of skepticism. 

As they entered the shop together, Hua Zhenyi served them tea. 

"Before you speak, let me make it clear to you that I am not interested in finding investors." Xuan Jian clarified. 

"You misunderstood Senior." Jun smiled politely. 

"Senior?" Xuan Jian stood up abruptly, startled by Jun suddenly addressing him as senior. 

He had used a secret technique to restrain his aura to the 8th stage of the Qi Condensation Realm to keep a low profile. 

However, this ordinary middle-aged man was able to see through his true strength at a glance. 

How was this possible? 

"How did you know? Are you also using a secret technique to restrain your aura?" Xuan Jian asked with narrowed eyes, suspicion lingering in his tone. 

"Who knows?" Juns smiled and didn't clarify it. 

Looking at Jun's calm and composed demeanor, Xuan Jian didn't make things difficult for him and sat down politely. 

Besides that, why would Jun address him as senior if Jun was hiding his true cultivation? 

"There must be something you want from me right?" Xuan Jian asked with anticipation. 

Jun shook his head and replied. "No, it's you who needs something from me?" 

"What?" Xuan Jian frowned slightly. 

What would a Foundation Establishment Realm want from a little Qi Condensation Realm cultivator like Jun? 

Looking at Xuan Jian's confused expression, Jun took his legendary talent scroll and placed it in front of Xuan Jian. 

"This is?" Xuan Jian opened the scroll calmly. 

He was rather too calm after reading the contents of the [Sword Dao] talents scroll. 

At this moment, a voice inside Xuan Jian's mind said to him. "This shop owner doesn't look simple. Just from the otherworldly aura of this scroll, I can tell that it's legitimate. Let's try it." 

After hearing his master's opinion, Xuan Jian was sure to buy the talent scroll, but he stopped after glancing at the price. 

40 years of cultivation was not a small amount. He had worked hard for many years in order to break through the Foundation Establishment Realm. 

How could he casually accept such a price? 

"Can the price..." Xuan Jian was about to haggle, but looking at Jun's shaking his head, he gave up haggling. 

"Fine, I will buy it." He pursed his lips and accepted his fate. 

It wasn't that bad of a deal either way. With this talent, his cultivation path as a sword cultivator was many times smoother. 

As long as he could condense Sword Intent, this much amount of cultivation wasn't anything special to him. 

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