17 Sky Viper Puppet

After Jun sold the talent scroll to Qi Baishi, he got 30 tokens in return. 

Jun then asked Qi Baishi to work at his shop, and Qi Baishi agreed. But there was a catch – he had to go into the Spirit Moon Cave first or he couldn't leave his sect.

Jun felt a bit worried because Qi Baishi might face some tough times with the Beast Whisper Sect disciples. 

Despite wanting to intervene, Jun decided not to interfere too much. Qi Baishi, being a seasoned veteran, might find some good opportunities.

With things settled with Qi Baishi, Jun turned his focus to preparing for the battle arena he had in mind. "Zhenyi!" Jun called.

Hua Zhenyi quickly ran over, saying, "Yes, master."

"Let's go; we need to catch some monsters," Jun stood up from his chair, his expression solemn, and left the shop with Hua Zhenyi. 

The mission at hand required them to capture demon or spirit beasts due to the limitations of the [Illusory Space Array]. 

Although this array could replicate the world from casters' memories, it struggled with recreating living beings.

Entering the world created by the [Illusory Space Array] caused the main bodies of living creatures to transfer into that realm, disappearing from the main world. 

Jun, however, had a unique strategy—he could use the corpses of demon beasts to summon their counterparts inside the illusion.

As they approached the Vengeful Beasts Mountain, it seemed serene from a distance, but the illusion shattered upon entering its proximity. The deceptive calm concealed the true danger lurking within.

Many beasts, ranging from grade one to three, roamed the mountain, some lurking in the shadows, waiting for the perfect moment to pounce on unsuspecting prey.

"This place is quite dangerous for you, my lord. If you wish, Zhenyi can handle the task we're here for," Hua Zhenyi advised. Despite being at the 5th stage of the Qi Condensation Realm, she lacked combat skills and doubted her ability to protect her master.

"Don't worry; we won't encounter beasts higher than grade one in the outer layer of the mountain," Jun reassured her. While he believed they could handle individual grade one beasts with their combined strength, the prospect of facing them in groups made him pause.

Without further hesitation, Jun summoned the shop panel of the system, seeking a solution to navigate the potential dangers lurking in the mountain's outer layer.

[Sky Viper Puppet (Mortal grade med-level): This puppet is made out of Poisonwood tree. Its lethal poison has the ability to seriously injure a Qi Condensation Realm expert and instantly kill a mid-stage Qi Condensation Realm expert. Moreover, its concealment ability is strong enough to hide its presence even in front of early stage Foundation Establishment Realm experts. (Price: 20 tokens)]

Jun was pleasantly surprised after reading the description of this [Sky Viper Puppet]. One had to know how difficult it was for a weak person like him to survive in this world.

With this [Sky Viper Puppet] by his side, he now had the confidence to protect himself from danger. If something like the past assassination attempt on Jun happened again, he would have some abilities to protect himself.

Without further ado, he chose to buy this [Sky Viper Puppet] by exchanging it with 20 tokens.

A blue-colored puppet snake materialized in front of him. The snake looked ordinary and had no aura around it.

"As expected, it can conceal itself well," Jun was delighted after seeing the puppet. This could become one of his greatest trump cards to protect himself.

Gaining a life-saving trump card, Jun didn't waste any more time and entered the outer layer of Vengeful Beast Mountain with Hua Zhenyi. 

After looking for a while, he finally stumbled upon a grade one demon beast.

This beast looked like an oversized boar and had sharp fangs. Its body was covered in fiery-red colored fur.

At this moment, Jun and Hua Zhenyi were hiding on top of a tree near the boar.

"This demon beast is called Blazing Fire Boar. It can cover itself with a fire elemental armor and has some destructive offensive skills," Hua Zhenyi explained.

Jun nodded and thought for a while.

"This demon beast should be a good opponent for the participants in my battle arena," Jun smiled mysteriously and looked at the boar like it was some kind of prey that had landed in his hands.

After a while, Hua Zhenyi came out of hiding and stood in front of the demon beast. 

As soon as the beast sensed Hua Zhenyi's presence, it had a mocking expression. 

It was a grade one beast, which could contend against peak stage Qi Condensation Realm experts; what's a mid-stage expert in front of it?

It lunged towards Hua Zhenyi with a ferocious expression, and fiery-red-colored flames started to appear on its body, eventually condensing into an armor.

Hua Zhenyi didn't try to fight the boar head-on and easily dodged it using her movement technique. Although the boar was strong, it was still slow compared to Hua Zhenyi.

Seeing Hua Zhenyi escape so easily from its clutches, the boar became furious. 

After an earth-shattering roar, it charged again with all its might. However, the results were the same; Hua Zhenyi easily dodged the boar's attack.

After the third attack, Jun sneaked behind the boar, which had let its guard down, and attacked from behind using his golden Qi. 

As soon as his fist landed on the boar, it started to wail in pain, having taken a serious injury from just a single attack from this seemingly weak human.

"You aren't all that much, are you?" Jun mocked it, even further angering the boar.

Even after receiving a serious injury, the boar still lunged towards Jun with all its might. 

Just when it was about to reach Jun, its legs went weak, and it fell on the ground with darkened vision.

"This puppet truly is extraordinary," Jun exclaimed in surprise. The [Sky Viper Puppet] had secretly poisoned the boar when Jun attacked it. 

Surprisingly, the poison didn't take long to take effect, and the boar died before it could even try to understand something.

"Looks like I was worried for nothing," Hua Zhenyi heaved a sigh of relief. 

She wasn't sure why Jun was so confident in his abilities before, but now it was clear to her that Jun had many trump cards she could never imagine.

"It's not that strong yet," Jun shook his head. 

Although the puppet was powerful, it wasn't enough to repel enemies of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

Jun cannot become arrogant just after getting a little puppet. 

After retrieving the beast core from the boar's body, Jun and Hua Zhenyi searched for a while more and killed many other beasts.

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