19 Mao Li

The young man wielding the saber found himself puzzled by the unexpected development. "What's happening? My strength is increasing?"

Typically, when a cultivator entered the [Illusory Space Array], their strength inside the illusion mirrored their original strength, capped at the early stage of the Qi Condensation Realm. 

However, in this instance, the young cultivator's strength surged rapidly, halting only when it reached the peak stage of Qi Condensation Realm.

Both the young man and the spectators felt the unusual change, initially perplexed by the phenomenon. However, upon realizing that Shop Owner Jun hailed from the Immortal World, the minor deviation seemed insignificant.

The young man facing the demon beast displayed satisfaction, fixing his gaze on the creature and assuming an offensive stance.

The young man, Mao Li, was an independent cultivator at the 3rd stage of Qi Condensation Realm, specializing in combat with his main weapon being a saber.

Excited about the opening of a new battle arena using the [Illusory Space Array], Mao Li eagerly joined the event. 

Being a relatively impoverished independent cultivator, he rarely encountered such high-tier arrays for training. His master had approved of his participation in the battle arena.

Now, as the first to experience this particular arena, Mao Li found it worthwhile. 

The array allowed him to directly encounter the power of a peak stage Qi Condensation Realm Cultivator.

Facing the grade one Crescent Jaguar demon beast, Mao Li was not afraid but rather excited for the impending battle.

Outside the array, Hua Zhenyi observed the scene with astonishment but refrained from questioning Jun.

"Master, should we start the betting?" Hua Zhenyi inquired politely.

Jun nodded, wearing a satisfied expression. He appreciated the reactions of the spectators. 

The reason behind Mao Li's significant strength increase within the array was the unique nature of this [Illusory Space Array]. 

Equipped with an array core, it granted Jun complete control, elevating him to an omnipotent status within the array.

Despite its strengths, the array had a weakness—although it could ensnare weaker cultivators, if they managed to locate and destroy the array core, they could escape its clutches. 

However, for Jun, focused on commercial use, this was not a significant concern.

As the cultivators in the arena discussed the array, Jun stepped toward the center, capturing everyone's attention with his mysterious presence. 

"Fellow daoists and seniors, our first participant is Mao Li, a saber cultivator with notable achievements. Today, he will face a grade one Crescent Jaguar demon beast. Betting is open at the counter now," Jun announced with a polite tone.

After Jun finished speaking, attention shifted to the betting counter managed by Hua Zhenyi. Some chose to place bets immediately, while others opted to observe the unfolding events.

On the first day, there was no need to rush the proceedings. After the betting period concluded, a countdown screen appeared before Mao Li and others.





As the battle commenced, Mao Li swiftly charged toward the demon beast, leaping high into the air. 

Sensing the potential instability of Mao Li mid-air, the demon beast chose to seize the opportunity and attack rather than defend.

As they closed in mid-air, Mao Li's saber emanated scorching flames, gradually enveloping the weapon with an aura of superiority. 

The grade one demon beast, comparable to a peak stage Qi Condensation Realm cultivator, felt a sense of fear.

In a desperate move, the demon beast emitted a faint white energy, forming a defensive barrier. 

The scorching saber clashed with the white barrier, creating a deafening sound and emitting a blinding light in the Illusory world, obscuring the view for spectators.

Experienced cultivators suspected that Jun might be manipulating the array to enhance the battle effects, while the inexperienced were genuinely astonished by what they perceived.

As the light gradually faded, the figure of the wounded demon beast lying on the ground became apparent. 

It bled from various wounds, clearly injured from the impact moments ago. On the opposite side stood Mao Li, displaying minimal injuries and an arrogant expression.

Impressed by Mao Li's prowess, spectators whispered their admiration. "This one's promising. I wonder who his master is," remarked an elderly spectator.

Beside him, another spectator revealed, "His master is Liang Kai, an independent saber cultivator at the peak stage of Foundation Establishment Realm." 

He gestured toward an elderly man with a saber at his side—the same individual who had made casual remarks earlier.

After the initial exchange, it was clear that Mao Li had the upper hand. Brimming with overconfidence, he lunged at the demon beast once again with unwavering force.

The demon beast, infuriated by the earlier injury, unleashed a deafening roar, emitting a faint corrosive fog that spread like a deadly poison. 

Witnessing this, Mao Li's eyes widened in surprise, and he instinctively took a step back, feeling the impending danger.

However, before he could retreat further, the demon beast closed the gap rapidly. The corrosive fog came into contact with Mao Li's saber, initiating a corrosive process. 

Realizing escape was now impossible, Mao Li swiftly swung his saber in a desperate attempt to counter the imminent threat.

The saber quickly corroded upon contact with the fog, forcing Mao Li to retreat even further. His eyes turned bloodshot; losing his main weapon was a profound humiliation for a saber cultivator.

"You vile beast!" Mao Li shouted, directing an intense glare at the demon beast. 

Outside the Illusory Space, a mysterious man sat in a corner of the battle arena, quietly observing the fight, his appearance concealed by a robe.

"This array is quite special. I won't mind adding it to my collection," the hidden figure remarked within the folds of the robe, revealing a sinister smile. His greedy gaze fixated on the array, hinting at ulterior motives.

The battle between Mao Li and the demon beast continued without respite, with both exchanging moves consecutively. 

Despite the demon beast quickly corroding all the sabers Mao Li summoned from his storage ring, its efforts had little effect.

As the skirmish prolonged, the demon beast began to deplete most of its energy, while Mao Li remained untired. 

"As expected, my disciple will win," Mao Li's master declared with a proud expression, confident in the inevitable victory of his disciple.

As for the demon beast, its fate was sealed—it was destined to meet its demise on this day.

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