1 The Immortal Cultivation Computer (1)

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Under the banyan tree by the pond.

Cheng Xu looked at his own reflection and began to doubt his life.

All of this started with him bringing a budget of 5000 yuan into the Tieba online posting platform to ask big bosses for advice.

The big shots on the platform were all talented and good with their words. In the blink of an eye, they had raised the budget to more than 10,000 Yuan, and they had no intention of stopping.

Seeing that the situation was getting more and more outrageous, Cheng Xu sent a message weakly, "Bosses, please don't increase the budget. I really don't have that much budget."

Unfortunately, the big shots who were in full swing had no intention of paying attention to him.

The helpless Cheng Xu had no choice but to leave silently.

The moment he clicked 'X' on the top right corner, the screen suddenly froze on the Tieba page, and in his state of confusion, it twisted into a black hole-like vortex.

By the time he came back to his senses, he had already transmigrated into the body of the 'lucky man' of the immortal cultivation world.

As for why he knew that this was the world of cultivators, the reason was simple. The original owner of this body was a mid-stage Qi refining cultivator from a cultivation sect called the Yunzhong sect.

However, this was not the main point. The main point was that this cultivator had a tragic fate and had been expelled from the sect.

According to the memories left behind by the original owner, it seemed that when he was picking herbs in the mountains, he accidentally fell from the cliff and fell into a hot spring filled with spiritual energy. What followed was the scream of a beautiful girl.

In all honesty, he really didn't do it on purpose. However, that little fairy had an extraordinary status, so no matter how he explained or apologized, it would be useless.

After being expelled from the sect, the original owner wanted to go to the nearby gathering place of rogue cultivators to make a living.

Who would have thought that not long after he left the Yunzhong sect, he would be killed and robbed by two "fellow disciples," and even his remaining property would be plundered clean.

He had no choice. Since he had been expelled from the sect, the sect rules naturally could not protect him.

Now that he thought about it, the little fairy's father seemed to have only expelled him from the sect, but in fact, it was equivalent to a death sentence.

A large number of people in the sect wanted to curry favor with him, so there was no need for him to do it personally.

"It's okay, Bro. Leave the rest of your life to me."

Cheng Xu, who was gradually accepting the reality, looked up at the vast sky, his eyes shining.

Just like the protagonists of time-travel novels, he had also come with a plug-in. To be precise, he had transmigrated together with his stupid computer.

However, the stupid computer seemed to have become one with him.

With a slight thought, a futuristic-looking information panel appeared in front of him.

Cultivation computer

[ Motherboard: Cheng Xu (Qi refining middle stage) ]

[ CPU: spiritual sense (single core 0.8GHz) ]

[ Memory: perception (128MB) ]

[ Hard Drive: sea of consciousness (256MB) ]

[ Graphics card: integrated 1.0 (512MB) ]

[ Sound Card: Integrated 1.0 ]

[ Network card: integrated 1.0 (10Mbps) ]

To be honest, it looked strange. His body and cultivation had become the motherboard of a computer. His CPU had become the spiritual will of a cultivator. His internal storage had become his perception. His hard disk had become his sea of consciousness.

When he first saw this, Cheng Xu froze for a long time. After all, the computer's configuration was really a little trashy.

After fiddling with it for a long time, he found that the computer's configuration could be upgraded with spirit stones, and he was immediately excited.

In addition to the above hardware information, there was also a bunch of pre-installed applications in the system:

Alchemy (2MB)

Refining (2MB)

Talisman (2MB)

Array (2MB)

Encyclopedia of General Studies (5MB)


At first, Cheng Xu was excited for a long time. When he clicked on these applications, he found that they were all empty shells, or rather, basic frameworks. He still had to collect the corresponding data to unlock the functions of these applications.

After that, there were three applications left behind by the body's original owner: Cloud strike (13MB), Tiger subduing fist (7MB), cloud steps (6MB).

He had thought that these miscellaneous applications would not take up a lot of space until he opened the hard drive.

[ Disk Space: 239MB/256MB ]

Excluding the usage of those applications, there was an extra 200MB of usage, which seemed to be the system usage.

"What can I do with 17MB of spare space!?" Cheng Xu muttered to himself, thinking that he had to find a way to expand the hard disk space (sea of consciousness) first.

However, according to the system prompt, it would take a thousand spirit stones to upgrade the hard disk to the next level of 512MB.

Cheng Xu was only a mid-stage Qi refining cultivator, so it was not easy for him to get 1000 spirit stones.

Fortunately, he now had the cultivation computer with him, so he should be able to find some ways to make money.

"In my memory, this place is not far from the market of Yuntai Mountain."

At the thought of this, Cheng Xu resolutely embarked on his journey to the market on the cloud platform.

'You don't say. The physique of immortal cultivators is indeed different!'

He ran ten miles in one breath without even panting.

Moreover, after using cloud steps, his speed was extremely fast. The only flaw was that it consumed true Qi.

Yuntai Mountain Market was the largest cultivator market in the surrounding area.

The cultivators from various sects and rogue cultivators were a mix of good and bad.

When Cheng Xu arrived at the market, it was already dusk. The dim yellow light coupled with the scene of clouds and mist made it look like an immortal market.

There were cultivation methods, talismans, martial arts books, and miscellaneous magic treasures!

"Don't miss it when you're passing by!"

"The Medicine Immortal Valley's improved pills are now available for sale. This is an opportunity that can not be missed!"

"Antique fragments are on sale!"

Cheng Xu's heart surged with emotions as he listened to the vendors touting around him, but he was feeling a little awkward.

After hesitating for a while, he came to a stall that sold miscellaneous books. The stall owner was a man in the late stage of Qi refining. Judging from his clothes, he should be an itinerant cultivator.

"Haha, Fellow Daoist, you have great taste. These are all high-quality items that I have collected over the years. Most importantly, I'm selling them at a fair price."

He saw Cheng Xu standing in front of the stall, a little dazed.

Because the moment he approached the stall, the data of the items on sale at the stall was presented clearly. 

Geography of mountains and rivers of little South Heaven: 9.8MB

100 Ways to Refine Medicine: 5.1MB

Perfected Danyang's Elixir Refining notes (incomplete): 2.7MB

Guide to Beginner-level Arrays: 2.9MB

Setting Sun Finger (Level 1 skill formula): 3.5MB


The main point was that there was a Postfix of [ read or not ] next to the information.

Cheng Xu wasn't stupid. He suppressed the excitement in his heart and used his mind to select the skill formula for the Setting Sun Finger.

"Read data."

In just three to four seconds, the message of a successful reading appeared before his eyes.

"Do you want to install it?"

Cheng Xu did not even think and immediately confirmed the installation.

After three seconds of loading and ten seconds of installation, Setting Sun Finger's data appeared in the system application.

Cheng Xu only felt a burst of enlightenment. In a daze, the skill formula of the Setting Sun Finger was deeply imprinted in his mind, as if he had personally comprehended it countless times.

"Fellow Daoist? Fellow Daoist?"

Seeing Cheng Xu in a daze, the stall owner waved his hand in front of his eyes.

"Uh, I'm sorry, I got distracted."

Cheng Xu smiled awkwardly and continued to put on an act in front of the stall to choose.

The stall owner had a strange look in his eyes, but he didn't say anything.

However, this customer seemed to have taken a long time to choose. He didn't say anything and just looked around, hesitating.

"Fellow Daoist, please tell me which one you've taken a fancy to." The stall owner was a little impatient.

"I'm sorry, Fellow Daoist. I'm finding it a little hard to choose."

"Difficult to choose? What kind of illness is that?"

"Uh, it's a symptom of having difficulty making a choice when faced with a choice." Cheng Xu explained with a wry smile, then shook his head and turned around. "Forget it, I'll just walk around."

After he finished speaking, he turned to look elsewhere under the stall owner's strange gaze.

At this moment, Cheng Xu was so excited that he could not control himself. If not for the limited space on the hard disk, he really wanted to store all the books in his mind.

He had just installed a total of three books, namely the Setting Sun Finger and the two alchemy books. He had used up a total of 11.3 MB of hard disk space.

Among them, two of the alchemy books were directly incorporated into the [ Alchemy ] system after they were installed.

He had also expanded his [ Alchemy ] application from 2MB to 9.8MB.

Although it took up a lot of space, the gains were equally huge.

At this moment, he had completely comprehended the two alchemy books and possessed a certain level of alchemy ability. Now, as long as he could obtain a sum of money, he could make money by refining some simple medicinal pills.

Looking at the dazzling collection of cultivation technique manuals in the market, Cheng Xu drooled. Unfortunately, there was not enough space on his hard disk. (250.3/256)

The sky had already darkened, and the city was lit up with lights. It was a beautiful scene.

In the end, Cheng Xu found a pretty good defensive spell, Protective Dipper energy, on a stall. Unfortunately, it was the same as the Setting Sun Finger and only had a first-level technique.

While Cheng Xu was pretending to read the data of the Protective Dipper Energy, two familiar voices suddenly drifted into his ears.

When he turned around, his expression became sullen.

The two of them were dressed in Yunzhong sect's outer sect robes and had a Yunzhong sect badge on their waists. They were the two "fellow disciples" who had killed the original owner of the body.

The slightly fatter black-faced man was called Li Zhong, and the slimmer one was called Liu Hong. Their cultivation levels were the same as Cheng Xu, at the mid-stage of Qi refining.

At this moment, the two of them were carrying a familiar storage bag, constantly taking things out and negotiating the price with the stall owner.

Yes, the two of them were disposing of stolen goods, and they were disposing of his stolen goods!

Cheng Xu's killing intent surged in an instant. After installing the Protective Dipper Energy, he lowered his head and silently followed them.

Li Zhong and Liu Hong did not notice that Cheng Xu was following them. After the two of them finished selling the stolen goods, they left the market while talking and laughing as they divided the money equally.

"Don't say that! That kid, Cheng Xu, has quite a good family background!" Li Zhong's eyes were filled with pride, but he didn't know that the "vengeful spirit" was already behind him.

"It's just a little hard to kill." Liu Hong nodded in agreement.

"There's no other way. He can only blame it on his bad luck for offending the big boss of the inner sect!"

"Haha we have made a fortune this time. Let's go, let's find a place to drink."

"That's what I was thinking!"

The two of them arrived at the foot of the mountain as they chatted and laughed.

Cheng Xu followed behind him silently. The forest was dark and terrifying under the night sky.

Once he confirmed that there was no one around, Cheng Xu did not hesitate any longer and activated the Setting Sun Finger to launch a surprise attack. 


True energy condensed at the tip of his finger and shot out a finger force that was like the setting sun, aiming directly at the back of Li Zhong's head.

The two people who were still laughing and joking a second ago immediately became alert.

Unfortunately, when Li Zhong turned around in shock, the force of the Setting Sun Finger was already very close.

Li Zhong simply didn't have time to block, and his head was pierced through on the spot by the Setting Sun Finger force. His eyes widened as he fell to the ground.

Liu Hong was shocked. "Which Fellow Daoist dares to touch the disciples of the Yunzhong sect?!"

"Your Grandpa, I-!"

Cheng Xu dashed out of the bushes with cloud steps and threw a Tiger Taming punch at Liu Hong.

"You... You ...?" Liu Hong's eyes widened in fear. He retreated in a panic as if he had seen a ghost. "Aren't you already dead? "

"That's right, and I'm here to take your life!" Cheng Xu laughed coldly and sent him flying several meters with a punch.

Liu Hong, who had regained his senses, touched the blood at the corner of his mouth and said coldly, "Although I don't know how you survived, I can kill you again if I managed to do it once!"

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