29 Killing Their Way Out Of The Yuqin School

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Soon, when the Demon Prince reached his peak and felt like an immortal, Cheng Xu suddenly opened his eyes.


The small flying sword shot towards the back of the Demon Prince's head with all its might.


However, it was automatically blocked by the annoying bronze bell. It was clearly a little strenuous this time. The entire bronze bell trembled violently as if it would break at any time.

At the same time, the Demon Prince and his subordinates reacted instantly and looked in the direction of the flying sword in surprise.

However, they were met with a pair of deep eyes that were like black holes.

"It's you…?"

The Demon Prince instantly recognized Cheng Xu, but in the end, he still couldn't escape the mental attack of the Evil Eyes of Ten Thousand Art.

Back when he was in the late-stage of qi cultivation, the Evil Eyes of Ten Thousand Arts could make him fall into a daze. Now that Cheng Xu's cultivation level was at the early-stage of Foundation Establishment, and with the improvement of the computer, his mental power was no longer the same.

Therefore, not only did the Demon Prince fall into a daze this time, but his spirit and sea of consciousness had also suffered considerable damage.

As for the subordinate in the cell next to his, he was frothing at the mouth on the spot, his expression dumbfounded.


The small sword wrapped in Vital Essence was activated again, piercing through the head of The Fiend cultivator's subordinate and flying toward The Demon Prince temple.

However, a Demon Prince was still a Demon Prince. The bronze bell once again automatically blocked the fatal blow of the small sword, and tiny cracks appeared on the Bell's body.

Cheng Xu struck the iron.

The two great incantations of poison and Qi were used in succession.

Under the effect of the chaotic flow of true energy and the corrosion of the poison, the dazed Demon Prince directly spat out black blood and fell to the ground. The bronze bell could not block the effect of the Medicinal Law Incantation at all.

After all, the Medicinal Mantra was directly used on the inside of the enemy's body.

Without the Demon Prince's Vital Essence, the bronze bell was quickly exhausted by the small sword's attacks and fell to the ground.

Without any hesitation, Cheng Xu controlled the small sword and shot the Demon Prince's head.

After he was done, he went forward and put the bronze bell into his bag. He also searched the Demon Prince's storage bag. He had been very interested in the Demon Prince's bronze bell before, but he didn't expect to get it under such circumstances.

Looking at the three beautiful girls in the cell who had survived the disaster, after a brief moment of shock, he was pleasantly surprised.

"You are… That handsome young man from the Medicine Celestial Valley!" 

The three beautiful girls were so happy that they cried, "thank you for saving us, fellow Daoist…" 

Only Hu Jiaojiao's eyes were empty, and her face was ashen. She lay on the ground with her clothes disheveled, looking as if she had lost all hope in life.

When Hu Jiaojiao saw that it was Cheng Xu, a trace of shock appeared in her eyes. Then, it turned into a complicated look of hatred. She could feel that Cheng Xu had deliberately stood by and watched.

Cheng Xu didn't even bother to look at her. He turned around and walked to the cell next door to remove the gag on Miao Changsheng and the other man's mouths.

"Senior brother!" Miao Changsheng was both surprised and happy. He hugged Cheng Xu's leg and started wailing. "I thought I'd never see you again."

The godly Luo Palace's teammate also cried tears of joy. "Thank you for saving us, brother Cheng." 

"We can't stay here for long. Everyone, take the time to recover and kill our way out with me."

Cheng Xu waved his hand and gave everyone a few pills. He also helped them remove the spell that sealed their meridians, leaving only Hu Jiaojiao.

The beautiful girl from the scorching sun sect looked at Cheng Xu hesitantly. Seeing that Cheng Xu didn't react, she stepped forward to help Hu Jiaojiao remove the restriction. "it's alright, sister Jiaojiao. It's all in the past… And the thief who defiled you is already dead."

Hu Jiaojiao sat up in a daze. She tidied up her clothes and silently took out a few pills to consume. Then, she began to circulate her energy to recover.

As Miao Changsheng recovered, he looked at Cheng Xu in surprise. "Speaking of which, isn't senior brother a little too fierce? Foundation Establishment just like that?"

"Hmph, isn't it all because of you? After I found out that you were captured, I had no choice but to force myself into the Foundation Establishment," Cheng Xu said grumpily. "Fortunately, the Master's Supreme-grade Foundation Establishment Pill was powerful enough, and I was lucky enough to barely succeed in building my Foundation."

 "Hehe, it's a success at least!" Miao Changsheng scratched his head awkwardly. 

"Oh right, where's Miss Bai and the rest? Are they waiting for us outside?"

Cheng Xu shook his head and sighed. "I got separated from them due to some circumstances, but they should be safe now. What about you guys? how did you get caught?"

"Don't mention it. We only found a small stronghold of devil cultivators and thought that it wouldn't be a big problem. We didn't expect that there would be more than a dozen devil cultivators inside, and half of them were at the peak of the qi refining stage. Then, the two of us were caught."

Cheng Xu nodded slightly and turned to the three beautiful girls. "What about you? Logically speaking, with your strength, it shouldn't be possible for all of you to be caught, right?"

"I might be unlucky to have met a late-stage Foundation Building Demon."

The beautiful girl of the scorching sun sect said with a wry smile.

Cheng Xu nodded in realization. If he was not mistaken, it should be the devil cultivator called Ah Da.

It could only be said that this group of girls were indeed unlucky. However, the main reason was that Hu Jiaojiao was an unlucky person.

Under the effects of the medicinal pills, everyone very quickly recovered more than half of their strength.

After that, under Cheng Xu's lead, the group walked towards the cell door.

Only Hu Jiaojiao was left in the cell with a blank look in her eyes. The other three beautiful girls tried to persuade her, but she refused to leave.

After the group had gone far away, she looked at the dark cell and felt alone.

When she recalled the scene of her being humiliated by the Demon Prince, she gritted her teeth and stood up. She took out her sword and chopped the Demon Prince's corpse into pieces. She walked out of the cell with blood and tears on her face.

The two guards at the cell door were easily taken care of by Cheng Xu before they could even shout.

However, with so many of them moving together, they were still discovered by the patrolling devil cultivators in the end. A series of signal flares rose into the sky.

Fortunately, the strength of this group of people was not bad, and they killed their way to the vicinity of the main Palace.

Then, they were blocked by the demoness Xu Lu and a large group of devil cultivators. Among them were two devil cultivators in the middle stage of the Foundation Building Realm. They stood on both sides of Xu Lu with cold expressions.

"Interesting. I didn't expect you to take the initiative to come to me!" Xu Lu's alluring laughter was mixed with a bit of mockery. "Oh, you've built your Foundation. No wonder you're so bold!"

"Yeah, I didn't expect to see you again so soon."

While Cheng Xu grinned, he read Xu Lu's data.

"Handsome, you don't think you can run away this time, do you?" Xu Lu asked with a smile.

"We won't know, if we don't try."

Xu Lu looked at Cheng Xu with a gentle gaze. "If you take the initiative to stay and accompany me, I can consider letting your friends go."

"You think I'm stupid? Cut the crap!" Cheng Xu snorted. "One of us will die today!"

As she spoke, Xu Lu's detailed information appeared in front of his eyes. Then, he was surprised to find that the system panel was different from before. On the list of martial arts and spells, there was an option [Run/end].

Cheng Xu couldn't help but be ecstatic. He didn't need to think to know that it must be a change brought about by the system upgrade.

No wonder it was so troublesome for the system to read other people's data. So it was to support all kinds of follow-up functions?

"As expected of the man I like, you have guts!" Xu Lu obviously didn't realize the seriousness of the matter. She chuckled and ordered her subordinates, "Be careful, I want this little man alive."

"Holy Maiden, don't worry. He's just a kid who has just built his Foundation."

The two mid-stage Foundation Establishment fiendish cultivators beside her were full of confidence.

On Cheng Xu's side, Miao Changsheng said in surprise, "Senior brother, do you really know this demoness?"

"I captured her alive before. I wanted to take her back, but I was stopped by that late-stage Foundation Building devil cultivator." 'Later, I let Bai Ci'er and the others leave first, and I found an opportunity to use the length contraction charm,'' Cheng Xu said to himself.

"I see." Miao Changsheng and the others nodded in understanding.

On the other side, Hu Jiaojiao, who had been following them like a zombie, happened to see this scene. She silently followed the crowd.

"What do you think, little handsome? sacrificing you alone can save so many people. Isn't this what you righteous cultivators pursue?" Xu Lu seemed to be very interested in Cheng Xu.

"Don't talk nonsense, demoness! Even if we die in battle, we can't leave senior brother alone!" Miao Changsheng said, as if he was ready to die.

"Fine, it's the same if you capture him alive."

Xu Lu sighed regretfully and ordered the Bloody Demon church to take action.

The chaotic battle began.

The two disciples of the godly gaze Hall took out their respective formation disks and set up layers of formations to resist the attacks of the demonic cultivators.

As for the two mid-stage Foundation establishment fiendish cultivators, their target was obviously Cheng Xu.

Under the protection of layers of formations, Cheng Xu used the mantra of Qi and the mantra of poison in succession.

The true Qi of the devil cultivators who were besieging them instantly surged wildly, and the poison entered their bodies. They were in a mess on the spot, but they were quickly suppressed by the attacks of Cheng Xu and the others.

The people of the Bloody Demon Church, who had been so aggressive a second ago, turned purple in the next second. They were suffering from the poison and the disobedient genuine Qi in their bodies, including Xu Lu and the two demonic cultivators in the middle stage of the foundation building realm.

"What kind of spell is this? It's so powerful!"

The two mid-stage Foundation Building fiendish cultivators were suppressing the poison in their true Qi with great difficulty. Their expressions were filled with shock.

While Xu Lu was secretly shocked, she didn't look any better.

Previously, she had thought that Cheng Xu's two spells were only single-target attacks. She didn't expect them to be AoE attacks. This made her even more curious about Cheng Xu. "Little handsome boy, Oh little handsome boy, you really make this lady more and more curious!"

As she spoke, she took out the bronze bell. A shock wave struck down and easily broke through the two light layers of the formation.

At the same time, Miao Changsheng and the other two, as well as the beautiful young girls, were also shocked by Cheng Xu's two medicinal mantra moves.

This was especially true for Hu Jiaojiao, who was staring at the scene in disbelief.

After all, as long as one wasn't blind, one could see how terrifying the effects of these two spiritual techniques were!

Was this still the Medicine Celestial Valley disciple that they knew wasn't good at fighting?

"Brother Miao, your senior brother's spell is so powerful. I feel like it's even more powerful than the top-tier spell techniques of our Divine Hall!" 

"That's for sure," Miao Changsheng said proudly, "Senior brother is the hope of the Medicine Celestial Valley!"

"Bang! Bang!"

A few layers of the two godly Palace disciples formation were destroyed again, and only the last layer was left.

While Xu Lu was breaking through the light layer of the formation, Cheng Xu was trying to end the operation process of her blood devil technique and several other skills. He also read the data of the two mid-stage Foundation Building fiendish cultivators for backup.

However, forcefully ending the progress of the opponent's cultivation technique seemed to require a certain amount of time. Moreover, it was a huge use of the system's performance, and his head was buzzing.

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