16 Joint Training

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"The cultivation world is vast and boundless. Our mini Southern Heaven is just a small corner of it. Cultivation grounds like ours, which are dominated by the righteous path, will always be coveted by the surrounding demonic paths," Tang Xuan nodded and said.

"So there are other cultivation grounds?" Miao Changsheng exclaimed in surprise.

While Cheng Xu was secretly surprised, he couldn't help but wonder, "How did Senior Tang and Jian Yuxiang know all this?"

Tang Xuan chuckled and explained, "Junior Sister Jian and I are both from aristocratic cultivation families. We have a deeper understanding of the cultivation world than you. The elders in our families have basically all experienced the turmoil of the demonic dao."

"No wonder," said Cheng Xu who was enlightened.

"I can only say that our generation is experiencing this at the wrong time. We've just started cultivating, and we've already encountered the chaos of the demonic Dao." Tang Xuan sighed, his face full of worry. "I really hope that we can still be together when the chaos is over."

Hearing this, the atmosphere suddenly became sad.

In Mini Southern Heaven, a mountain range within the clouds, Cloud Treading Peak.

The residence of the sect leader of the Yunzhong sect.

The leaders of the various sects of mini Southern Heaven arrived one after another and gathered together to discuss the big plan.

Their leader, Daoist Tayun, was a Sage-like middle-aged man. At this moment, he was explaining the devil Dao's actions to the heads of the various sects with a serious expression.

The atmosphere in the living room was oppressive and quiet.

"This time, the demonic cultivators are coming with great momentum. We should make preparations in advance. May I ask all the sect leaders present, is the alliance agreement between the various sects still in effect?" Perfected Tayun asked directly.

The leaders of the various sects looked at each other and nodded. "Now that the demonic Dao has returned, it will naturally be effective."

"That's good." Daoist Master Tayun nodded in relief. "However, it's a problem as to which faction should lead the Alliance. If each faction fights for themselves, wouldn't they become a pile of loose sand?"

"That's easy. The last alliance was led by the Scorching Sun sect. This time, we will live up to your expectations!"

The middle-aged man with a full beard said righteously. He was the sect leader of the Scorching Sun sect, Hu Yanlie.

"Brother Yanlie, you're wrong. As the saying goes, the Wheel of Fortune always turns." The Divine Luo Hall Master expressed his dissatisfaction. "In the past, the Alliance was led by the leaders of the four sects in turns. Since you led the Alliance last time, it's natural that the other sects should lead this time".

"In my opinion, the Yunzhong sect is the most powerful among the four sects, so it's most appropriate for the Yunzhong sect to lead the group." The Wondrous Spell sect's sect leader said.

"Interesting ~ since when did your sect method stand on the same side as the Yunzhong sect?" The hall Master of the Divine Luo Hall said in a sarcastic tone.

"My sect only recognizes strength." The sect leader of Wondrous Spell sect replied calmly.

The meeting was at a stalemate.

Perfected Tayun seemed to have expected this and immediately suggested,"In my opinion, why don't we let the younger generation make the decision for the alliance leader?"

"Oh, what's the decision?"

"Isn't the martial arts competition that happens once every three years in half a year? At that time, the position of Alliance leader will go to whoever wins first place."

that's a good idea. After all, young people are the hope of the future.

Regarding this, the various sect leaders expressed their approval.

"However, the younger generation of the various sects have yet to come into contact with the demonic Dao. What I mean is, why don't we organize the younger generation of the various sects first and let them come into contact with the demonic Dao in the name of investigation? what do you think, Fellow Daoists?"

"Isn't it too early?" the hall Master of the divine gaze Hall asked hesitantly. Right now, there aren't many Foundation Establishment realm cultivators among the younger generation of the various sects. If we let them face the demonic path right now, I'm afraid the casualties won't be small."

"They will have to face it sooner or later, why not let them know the horror of the demonic path earlier?"

"Daoist Tayun's words are reasonable," let them come into contact with the demonic path earlier," the sect leader of the wondrous spell sect agreed. "Not only can they temper their minds, but they can also feel the danger. It's better than living in the ivory tower all the time."

"I also think that it's reasonable. It's time for the younger generation to temper themselves." Perfected Dan Yang said in agreement.

As soon as he said that, the heads of the sects all looked at Perfected Dan Yang.

"Uh, there's no need for that in the Medicine Immortal Valley, right?" The sect leader of the Scorching Sun sect said with a strange expression.

"What do you mean by that, Fellow Daoist Yanlie? Are you looking down on the younger generation of the Medicine Immortal Valley?"

"I really didn't mean it that way," the sect leader of the Scorching Sun sect hurriedly explained, "It's just that this kind of dangerous matter isn't too suitable for you alchemists to participate."

Perfected Dan Yang was so angry that he almost choked. then why did you call me here? "

"Ahem, although alchemists aren't good at fighting, they still have their own value." "We invited Daoist Dan Yang here because we hope that the Medicine Immortal Valley will provide some support in the logistics of medicinal pills," the Yunzhong sect tried to smooth things over.


Perfected Dan Yang's face turned sullen. In the end ~ he's still looking down on the Medicine Immortal Valley!

"I really didn't." Daoist Tayun explained helplessly.

"I don't care. The Medicine Immortal Valley must participate in this." Perfected Dan Yang slammed the table and stood up. He snorted and said, "Otherwise, forget about medicinal pills, there's nothing at all."

"Daoist Dan Yang, why are you so agitated? " the wondrous spell sect's sect leader said. "it's for the Medicine Immortal Valley's own good that we didn't let you participate."

that's right, Daoist Dan Yang. Your medicine immortal Valley doesn't have many people. Any one of you will suffer a great loss. Why do you have to do this? "

Perfected Dan Yang was unmoved.

Seeing how stubborn Perfected Dan Yang was, the crowd looked at each other and could only agree helplessly.

"Fine. Since you insist, then we'll count you in as a Medicine Immortal Valley disciple." Perfected Tayun sighed helplessly.

"That's more like it ~" Perfected Dan Yang was satisfied."With my Medicine Immortal Valley disciples accompanying you, do you think your disciples will be lacking in pills?"

To this, the leaders of the various sects could only smile and nod.

At least, in their opinion, a Medicine Immortal Valley disciple would be a burden to the team.

It would be more practical to just provide them with pills.

"Let's make this clear in advance. If anything happens to the disciples of the Medicine Immortal Valley, you can blame it on our disciples." The hall Master of the divine gaze Hall warned him in advance.

"Don't worry, this old man wants face!"

Cheng Xu, who had returned to his cave abode, placed the reward for the champion of the competition in front of him, his heart filled with emotions.

The Medicine Immortal Valley was indeed a thousand-year-old alchemy sect. Their family background was indeed extraordinary.

At this moment, in front of him were three legendary tendon and marrow cleansing pills, and they were of the highest quality.

It wasn't that this elixir was very high-end, but the core main ingredient to refine this elixir had long been extinct. It was almost impossible to refine the tendon and marrow cleansing elixir again.

The effect of this elixir was very simple, which was to wash the muscles and change the marrow, and improve the body.

Not only could it increase the success rate of Foundation Establishment, but it could also increase the success rate of core formation in the future. It was definitely a rare divine medicine.

"Tsk, tsk, I wonder how many good things are there in the sect's treasure vault?"

While Cheng Xu was secretly sighing with emotion, he took the first tendon and marrow cleansing pill with anticipation.

The truth was that the effects of the marrow and tendon cleansing pill did not disappoint him.

Cheng Xu could only feel a gentle and warm medicinal power flowing through his body, washing away the impurities in his body and improving his physique.

After taking one pill, a layer of stinky black oil appeared on Cheng Xu's body, making him feel nauseated.

He quickly used the black water technique to cover his body and wash away the impurities.

"No wonder you can only enter the outer sect of the Yunzhong sect. It turns out that there are so many impurities in this body, and your physique is so poor."

His body after purification felt carefree from the inside out.

For the people on earth who were generally in sub-health in his previous life, Cheng Xu had never experienced this feeling.

Then, he took the second and the third one.

The second one still had a lot of impurities, but it was obviously less than the first one.

After the third pill, there were basically no impurities left.

After he was done, he activated the [ Glorious Crimson Sutra ].It was smooth and unobstructed.

It was as if every Meridian had been coated with a layer of lubricant. Whether it was spiritual energy or true energy, they were all flying when they circulated.

It was a pity that he had just reached the peak of the Qi refining stage, and the true Qi in his sea of consciousness was not pure enough. It was not the time to break through to the Foundation Building stage.

Only by continuing to practice and compressing his true Qi to a certain purity could he possibly condense true energy and step into the Foundation Building stage.

"Senior Brother ~ Senior Brother, uncle sect leader has summoned us!"

Miao Changsheng barged into the cave abode in shock. Looking at how energetic he was, the effects of the three low-grade tendon and marrow cleansing pills should be pretty good.

"Uncle sect leader is back?" Cheng Xu got up, puzzled.

"He came back yesterday. Didn't he gather us this morning? It's probably about the chaos in the demonic Dao," Miao Changsheng said.

Cheng Xu nodded slightly and followed Miao Changsheng to the outside of Perfected Dan Yang's cave abode.

At this time, dozens of medicine immortal Valley disciples had arrived, including Tang Xuan and Jian Yuxiang.

Because the disciples who were not in the top ten of the competition had all received a low-grade tendon and marrow cleansing pill, at a glance, the disciples were obviously much more energetic than before.

"Is everyone here?" Perfected Dan Yang looked around and said seriously, "I've gathered all of you here today to make an announcement."

Perfected Dan Yang paused and continued, "In order to deal with the chaos caused by the demonic sects, the various sects have decided to reunite with the righteous Alliance of mini Southern Heaven. They have also organized the younger generation of disciples to train and head to various places in mini Southern Heaven to investigate the traces of the demonic sects.

As soon as he said that, the disciples present all gasped.

After all, they were all young cultivators who had just come out of the sect. They would have to face the demonic path immediately, so it was inevitable that they would be nervous.

"When do we set off?" Tang Xuan asked.

"We'll leave tomorrow morning." the level of danger in this experiential learning is unknown, " Perfected Dan Yang said with a serious expression. I hope you can be mentally prepared.

Hearing this, many of the disciples revealed a look of fear.

"For this experiential learning, five people will form a group, and the disciples of each sect will form a group. When the time comes, you are free to form a team." Ignoring the fear of his disciples, Perfected Dan Yang continued, ""I hope you can live in harmony with the disciples of the various sects. In the future, you will have to fight side by side with the various sects."

"Alright, go back and prepare. Come to my place tomorrow morning."

After he finished speaking, he waved his hand to signal for the disciples to disperse.

"It's over, it's over. We're completely finished this time!" On the way back, Miao Changsheng was in a state of panic.

Cheng Xu didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "Didn't you come into contact with demonic cultivators on the Yuntai Mountain before? What's there to be nervous about?"

"At that time, I had master's protection, so there was naturally nothing to be afraid of." Miao Changsheng pulled a long face. we don't have any elders to protect us this time. We have to rely on ourselves.

"I'm just investigating the traces of the demonic path. If I'm lucky, I don't need to fight with the demonic cultivators."

"You're right, but I'm not confident in my luck."


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