32 Falling Into The Evil Claws

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Thinking of this, Cheng Xu pulled up Xu Lu's data again.

"That's strange. She doesn't have the Bloodsoul Bell's control technique among her skills," Cheng Xu muttered. He couldn't help but feel puzzled. "Is it possible that the control method of magic treasures isn't considered a skill, or it's the cultivation computer that can't read this kind of data for the time being?"

Although he couldn't read the secret technique to control the Bloodsoul Bell, he could think of a way to do so from the other skills.

Hence, Cheng Xu's gaze fell on the skill called [Yin-Yang Harmony]. To be more precise, it fell on the [Run] option next to it. Just by looking at its name, Cheng Xu knew what it was. It wasn't an offensive skill so he had never paid attention to it.

"Hmm. By the way, what will the effect be if I ran this thing?" Cheng Xu pondered and immediately chose to run the Yin-Yang Harmony Spell.

[Ding! Ding!]

[Activating application...]

After a few seconds of delay, the Yin-Yang Harmony Art successfully operated without Xu Lu's knowledge.

Suddenly, Xu Lu, who was controlling the Bloodsoul Bell, went into a daze. Her whole body heated up and turned red at a speed visible to the naked eye. Her breathing was rapid, and her face was flushed. She seemed to be in a state of excitement.

The seductive look in her eyes seemed to be dripping with water. Naturally, her control of the Bloodsoul Bell was affected, and the rhythm of awakening the puppet slowed down clearly.

"What's going on?" Unable to understand, Xu Lu quickly suppressed her body's reaction to the Yin-Yang Harmony Art that was inexplicably running in her body.

Cheng Xu, who was charging at the defensive line, saw everything and laughed evilly in his heart.

Previously, he thought of the [Operate] function as useless. Now, it seemed that in particular situations, when dealing with certain special skills, it could produce unexpected results.

Xu Lu still had not realized that it was Cheng Xu's doing. After suppressing the Yin-Yang Harmony Spell, she began to control the Bloodsoul Bell with all her might.

However, after just a few seconds, the Yin-Yang Harmony Art began to operate again. Her body, which had just calmed down, turned red and warm again.

Cheng Xu took the opportunity to use the Qi Word Mantra, causing a large number of blood puppets to collapse. The demonic cultivators' line of defense in front was about to be broken.

"Oh, Miss Xu, you're still thinking about men at this time?" Cheng Xu spoke with a mocking look in his eyes. Then he used the Poison Ivy Spell to easily bind three fiendish cultivators at the peak of the Qi Refining Stage. He controlled the small sword to fly over and pierce through like a wave of candied haws.

When the confused Xu Lu heard this, her face instantly turned ugly. She spat, "Is this your doing again?!"

Cheng Xu smiled and did not say anything. He used the Black Water Spell to surge out a turbulent water current, throwing the fiendish cultivators currently facing him off their feet.

During that time, Yan Changfeng and the others also broke through the defense line and attacked Xu Lu from different directions.

"Damn it-!"

Seeing that the defense line had collapsed, Xu Lu attempted to counterattack. The red-haired man tried his best to resist but to no avail. The blood Qi shield he had erected shattered easily from the flame talisman paper thrown out by Xue Lingyu.


Yan Changfeng's sword pierced through the red-haired man's chest using the cover of the flames.

"Miss... can still hold on for... while with my body..." uttered the red-haired man with his last breath, looking at Xu Lu. Then, he stopped breathing.

Xu Lu had no time to grieve. She endured the red and warm state and hung the Bloodsoul Bell above the red-haired man's corpse.

Suddenly, the red-haired man stood up again, burning with blood-colored flames. He pounced on Yan Changfeng and the others like a mad dog. Unfortunately, he was disconnected by Cheng Xu's Qi Word Mantra halfway through.

"Hahaha! Well done, brother Cheng!" Liu Qiao praised Cheng Xu. Then he sneered as he activated his formation plate, sealing Xu Lu in a formation. "Don't waste your energy, demoness. Surrender obediently. Otherwise, don't blame us for being ruthless."

"If you want to catch this Great Aunt, you'll have to do it in your next life!" Xu Lu snorted. She was red-faced and panting, but she didn't show any signs of wanting to fall back.

In response, Yan Changfeng and the others started to attack. However, their attacks got blocked easily by the blood-red light emitted by the Bloodsoul Bell.

"What a powerful treasure. It can actually block the attacks of so many of us?" Yan Changfeng was secretly surprised.

"When this kind of situation arises, the Scorching Sun Sect should be the one to do it," Huyan Zan laughed as he took out a one-foot-long silver shuttle. He mustered his strength for a short while and then sent out an attack.


The Bloodsoul Bell let out an ear-piercing sound, and the blood light around it dissipated instantly. Xu Lu's eyes widened in disbelief.

When Cheng Xu saw the Bloodsoul Bell rolling on the ground, he immediately went forward to snatch it, while Yan Changfeng and the others tried to take Xu Lu down at once.

However, he saw a strange sneer on Xu Lu's blushing face. The next moment, a terrifying blood-red light fell from the sky like a railgun. It formed a surging shield around Xu Lu and scattered a circle of terrifying blood Qi shock waves.

Cheng Xu and the people on the Milky Way Battleship were shocked. Before they could react, they got hit by the terrible shock wave and fell to the ground, spitting out blood.

"What a good Four Righteous Sects!"

In the night sky, the color of blood surged. A middle-aged man in a black battle robe with scarlet eyebrows, eyes, and hair, slowly descended. His terrifying aura made everyone breathless.

"Golden Core Stage?!"

Yan Changfeng and the others turned pale with fright and quickly reminded everyone to retreat.

"Quickly retreat!"

Cheng Xu endured the pain in his body and immediately took out two length contraction charms. He threw one to Bai Ci'er and reminded Tang Xuan and Miao Changsheng, "Use the length contraction charms!"

They, too, hurriedly activated their length contraction charm to escape.

"You want to run? Do you think you can run away?" snorted the black-robed middle-aged man in midair. A monstrous blood aura exploded from his body, forming a blood-colored vortex that enveloped more than half of the Yuqing Sect.

Cheng Xu and the others, who were escaping using the length contraction charm, as well as Yan Changfeng and the others, who had used other methods, were all blocked by the blood-colored cyclone.

At this moment, even Yan Changfeng's group could not help but smile bitterly in despair. After all, that was a Golden Core demonic cultivator!

"You killed so many of my blood demon church's followers, and you still want to leave?" sneered the black-robed middle-aged man. He snorted and looked at the crowd as if they were a group of ants.

Then, he slowly floated to Xu Lu's side and said with concern, "Little girl, did these little rascals from the Righteous Path hurt you?"

"I'm fine. It's just that so many disciples died in vain. Even Ah Da died in battle," Xu Lu sighed.

The middle-aged man in the black robe looked at the red-haired man's body, then turned to Yan Changfeng and the others in surprise. He commented, "Interesting. It looks like the younger generation of the four Orthodox Sects is quite capable.

"You are the Hierarch of the Blood Demon Church?" inquired Yan Changfeng after taking a deep breath and looking back at him.

"A mere Mid-Foundation Stage brat is not worthy of knowing my name," the middle-aged man in the black robe laughed in disdain.

At this moment, Xu Lu seemed to have remembered something. She looked around and quickly locked her eyes on Cheng Xu. She hurriedly called, "Father, there's something strange about that kid. Catch him quickly!"

The black-robed man's interest was piqued. He glanced at Cheng Xu and asked, "That disciple from the Medicine Celestial Valley?"

"That's right," Xu Lu nodded.

Although the black-robed man didn't understand what was so special about Cheng Xu, he still raised his hand and reached out to him. In the next moment, Cheng Xu became enveloped by a terrifying suction force, causing his body to fly uncontrollably toward the black-robed man.

"Junior Brother Cheng-!"

Seeing this, Tang Xuan hurriedly shot his flying sword at the black-robed man in an attempt to stop him. The others followed suit. Unfortunately, before their flying swords could reach them, they were knocked to the ground by an invisible force.

While Cheng Xu was struggling, he kept trying to read the black-robed man's data. It turned out that he was overreaching. The black-robed middle-aged man's data volume was too large, far exceeding his 1536 MB of data. He could not read it at all.

However, he did not give up. He opened his Evil Eyes Of Ten Thousand Laws and glared at the black-robed man.

"Eh?" muttered the black-robed man in a slight daze, seeing Cheng Xu's black-hole-like eyes. He couldn't help but feel a trace of surprise and curiosity.

At the same time, Cheng Xu's brain instantly entered a state of high stress. His eye pressure soared, his vision began to freeze crazily, and the number of frames dropped directly to the single digits.

With his current level of mental power, the Evil Eye Of Ten Thousand Arts could not do anything to Golden Core cultivators. Cheng Xu had no choice but to shut off his Evil Eye Of Ten Thousand Laws.

The black-robed middle-aged man grabbed his collar and lifted him up. He declared, "That eye technique just now was quite interesting. Let me take a good look."

As he spoke, he released a powerful spiritual will, trying to invade Cheng Xu's spiritual sea by force. Fortunately, Cheng Xu's system firewall was strong enough to block the black-robed middle-aged man's forced access from outside.

"Interesting. You can actually resist this Lord's divine sense. Do you cultivate some special cultivation technique?" muttered the black-robed middle-aged man, having become even more curious.

Cheng Xu remained silent in response.

"You're not going to tell me? Hehe!" the black-robed middle-aged man sneered. "Then, I'll kill a few little guys for you to see!"

Blood Qi surged around the black-robed middle-aged man, and dozens of evil ghosts condensed from blood Qi spread out, targeting the Orthodox cultivators.

Everyone from the Righteous Path became on guard against such a great enemy. At this moment, Cheng Xu truly realized that they were a bunch of inhumane demons.

Just when everyone had resigned themselves to their fate, a sword light pierced through the blood-red vortex and landed in front of Yan Changfeng and the others.


As the sword Qi surged, the blood-colored cyclone melted like ice and snow, and dozens of blood ghosts shattered.

"Flying Cloud sword?" Yan Changfeng immediately recognized the sword in front of him. He looked in the direction of the flying sword and cried out in surprise, "It's master!"

The people who were in despair a second ago were instantly ecstatic. The black-robed middle-aged man and Xu Lu's expressions changed slightly, and their pupils shrank as they looked at the horizon.

With Daoist Cloudstep at the forefront, the Sect Masters of the various sects showed up one after another. Chi Yao Daoist had also arrived, shouting, "Demon, release my disciple now!"

Seeing Cheng Xu in the clutches of the black-robed middle-aged man, Chi Yao Zhenren and Dan Yang Zhenren were both furious.

"Interesting," said the black-robed middle-aged man. He looked around at the various Sect Masters with interest.

"I advise fellow Daoist to release that person!" Perfected Being Tayun stood in the air with his hands behind his back, his expression slightly solemn.

"You guys don't think that just a few Late-Stage Golden Core cultivators like you can defeat me, do you?" mocked the black-robed middle-aged man fearlessly.

The various Sect Leaders were silent. They could also feel that this person's strength was far more powerful than expected.

"The peak of the Golden Core Stage... I'm afraid he's going to turn into a Golden Core soon!" The Sect Master of the Scorching Sun Sect frowned. "I didn't expect the Demonic Path to have developed to such an extent. We didn't even notice it before."

Then, he turned around and motioned for the younger generation to go down the mountain.

Yan Changfeng and the others knew they couldn't help in a battle of this level, so they retreated down the mountain. However, Bai Ci'er was still worried about Cheng Xu. She pleaded, "What about Junior Brother Cheng?"

"We will do our best to rescue him," Tayun Zhenren said with a frown.

At this moment, the three beautiful girls who had been saved by Cheng Xu earlier also stood up. "Sect Master, please save Cheng Xu. If it wasn't for Cheng Xu, we would have already died at the hands of the demonic people of the Demonic Path."

"Did you hear that? My little Cheng saved your disciple. Now that he has fallen into the enemy's hands, how can you just sit back and do nothing?" Reverend Dan Yang chastised.

"We'll do our best to help, but as you can see, this demon is already a monster about to turn into a core. Even if we join forces, we might not be able to keep him here."

The sect leaders of the four sects sighed and shook their heads.

"I don't care. If anything happens to little Cheng, you four sects will never get a single pill from my Medicine Celestial Valley!" Reverend Dan Yang grimaced in pain. Reverend Chi Yao, who was beside him, was even more anxious.

The black-robed middle-aged man looked at Cheng Xu and said teasingly, "It seems you are quite valued in the Medicine Celestial Valley."

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