40 Cooperation

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He didn't expect Yue Wanling to have also cultivated to the early stage of the Foundation Building Realm.

One had to know that Cheng Xu had reached the Foundation Building stage with the help of a cheat and the support of his sect, but Yue Wanling was just a loose cultivator!

"Five sets of Qi-gathering elixir, right? I don't have any in my hands for now," Cheng Xu replied with a smile after he calmed down. "If you don't mind, you can come with me to find a quiet place and make it for you on the spot."

Yue Wanling smiled knowingly. "Of course you can."

As he spoke, he kept the stall and left the venue with Cheng Xu.

They walked down the mountain path and finally stopped in a small, remote forest.

"I didn't expect that in just a few months, a fellow Daoist would become a disciple of the Medicine Celestial Valley." Yue Wanling sized up Cheng Xu with great interest, as if she was thinking about something. Her eyes were like she was sizing up a potential prey.

"Fairy, you're not bad either. You reached the Foundation Establishment stage in just a few months. May I know why you've called me out?" Cheng Xu chuckled.

"Nothing, I just wanted to have a chat with you."

Cheng Xu naturally didn't believe her and changed the topic, "From the looks of it now, what I saw in the market of Mount Yuntai and the Floating Immortal City back then was not fairy's true appearance, right?"

Yue Wanling smiled noncommittally. "Fellow Daoist, are you interested in this bronze fragment?"

"That's right." Cheng Xu nodded. "May I know where you got this fragment?"

"I picked it up."

"Where did you pick it up?"

Yue Wanling frowned slightly. I happened to see a fellow Daoist leave his storage bag on the ground, so I went up and picked it up. It was that simple. 


To be able to talk about killing and robbing in such a fresh and refined way, there was no one else.

He had thought that he would be able to find more clues to the Ten Thousand Evil Eye Art, but it seemed like he had been overthinking.

"Is there anything special about this fragment?" Yue Wanling carefully examined the bronze fragment in her hand. Other than feeling a trace of spiritual energy fluctuation, she didn't find anything else.

"The fragment itself isn't important. What's important is the origin of the fragment." Cheng Xu did not hold back. As soon as he heard that the other party did not know where the fragment had come from, he immediately began to read the Ten Thousand Evil Eye Mantra.

Just as he had expected, it was the incomplete first level of the Evil Eye.

After installing it, the Evil Eye's size had increased from 37MB to 45MB, and he had successfully mastered the first level of the Evil Eye. The Evil Eye's 0.85 on the configuration panel had also become 1.0, but it was not convenient to experience its changes right now.

"Is that so?" then do you still want this fragment?" Yue Wanling asked, still skeptical.

"I don't want it."

Yue Wanling was a little annoyed. "If I had known this would happen, I would have sold the fragment to you first."

"In comparison, I'm more interested in your disguising technique." Cheng Xu was not stupid. After mastering the Art of Disguise, it would be much more convenient for him to do bad things or run away.

"Ten thousand spirit stones, no bargaining." Yue Wanling made a decisive bid.

"Sure." Cheng Xu took out 10000 spiritual stones without hesitation.

Yue Wanling was secretly surprised, the disciples of the Medicine Celestial Valley are indeed rich!

As she spoke and laughed, she waved her hand and put the spirit stones into her bag. Then, she threw a tattered booklet to Cheng Xu.

Cheng Xu simply scanned through it, read, load, and install it in one go.

It was a 20MB spell, simple and practical.

"By the way, may I ask what kind of cultivation technique fairy cultivates?" Cheng Xu suddenly asked after they were done.

"Why are you suddenly asking about this?" Yue Wanling asked, puzzled.

Cheng Xu laughed dryly and said, "I'm just looking at how fast you're cultivating. I'm sure the cultivation art you cultivate is extraordinary."

"Don't even think about the cultivation technique. I can't make a move. Yue Wanling flatly refused."

Cheng Xu wasn't in a hurry.

He tried to use the disguising technique to adjust his appearance with his mind, and then, under Yue Wanling's incredulous gaze, he changed his face.

"Y-you..." Yue wanling was so shocked that she couldn't even speak coherently.

"It's quite simple." Cheng Xu smiled pretentiously and took out a bronze mirror to look at his reflection. He was secretly satisfied. You don't say this bro is quite suitable for ancient costumes. He's a living beauty in ancient costumes. 

That's right, his appearance after the disguise was exactly how he looked before he transmigrated.

"You... How did you do it?"

"What, is this spell very difficult? I think it's pretty simple!"

It took Yue Wanling a long time to calm down. She looked at Cheng Xu with a deeper look in her eyes, and then suddenly asked, "by the way, how's the relationship between the Medicine Celestial Valley and the Scorching Sun Sect?"

"It's alright," Cheng Xu was confused. "Why are you asking this, fairy?"

"There's a big business deal, do you want to join us?" Yue Wanling pretended to be mysterious.

"Fairy, please elaborate."

He saw Yue Wanling mysteriously set up a simple sound-proof formation, and then said seriously, "Fellow Daoist, have you heard of the 'Heaven Refining Precious Technique'?"

Cheng Xu shook his head in confusion.

"The ancestors of the Scorching Sun Sect left behind a Divine Art of refining treasures. It's said that it can refine all things in the world and turn the rotten into the magical."

Cheng Xu's heart skipped a beat, and his eyes flickered.

It seemed that his guess was right. This girl had come to the Scorching Sun Sect with a different appearance. Her purpose was not simple.

Although he had never heard of the 'Heaven Refining Precious Technique', from the other party's description, it was very likely to be an existence on the same level as the [Medicinal Law Truth].

"Fellow Daoist, you can't be thinking of stealing that Heaven Refining Precious Technique', right?" Cheng Xu looked at Yue wanling in shock.

"That's right." Yue Wanling didn't try to hide it. "How about it? Do you want to join us? After it's done, you and I will each make a copy and then go our separate ways, no one will know each other."

"Fairy, you're not joking, right?"

"That precious technique is stored in the Scorching Sun Sect's book collection tower. Until now, no one has been able to understand the profoundness within, and I've figured it out," Yue Wanling continued, "right now, we are in the middle of a Magical Equipment Exhibition, and the guard of the library tower is rather lax. This is the best time to strike." 

Cheng Xu's interest was piqued when he heard that it was the Scorching Sun Sect's library tower.

"If that's really the case, why didn't fairy go alone? why did you have to drag me along?"

"To be honest," Yue Wanling said helplessly, "although I've found a way to break the tower's array, it requires at least two cultivators in the early stages of the Foundation Building stage to perform it." 

"Why me and not the others?"

"Originally, I didn't intend to work with you. After all, you are now a disciple of the Medicine Celestial Valley. However, it is too difficult to find a trustworthy and suitable teammate. Plus, you've already mastered the Art of Disguise, so ..." Yue Wanling said.

Cheng Xu pondered and frowned. "What if we're discovered?"

"Let's run!"

"There are many golden core experts in the Scorching Sun Sect. How can we run?"

"Don't worry about that. I've already made preparations."

"What preparations?" Cheng Xu was skeptical.

"In short, we can definitely get lost. What do you think?" Yue Wanling asked impatiently. "Do you want to join me?"

Cheng Xu took a deep breath and said helplessly, "If I refuse, fairy, are you going to fight me?"

Yue Wanling was honest and said, "Yes, I am."

"Sigh…" Cheng Xu shook his head and sighed. "Since that's the case, I can only offend you."

After he finished speaking, he suddenly attacked with the Tiger Taming Fist.

Yue Wanling seemed to have been prepared for this and was very experienced. The cold air around her body was like the wind, and she easily avoided Cheng Xu's surprise attack. Then, she turned her hand around and launched a Thundering Spell at Cheng Xu.

Cheng Xu had already activated his Protective Dipper Energy.


Cheng Xu was shocked that his third-level Protective Dipper Energy had been shattered by the Thunderbolt Spell.

The facts had proven that this kind of girl who grew up by killing and robbing was indeed not someone ordinary people could control.

Cheng Xu's entire body was numb from the rumbling Thunder Spell. Fortunately, he had the protection of the fine grade soft armor that he had received as a reward for the joint experiential learning, so he was not seriously injured. "Fairy, you're good!" 

With that, the Poison Ivy Spell broke out from the ground under Yue Wanling's feet, and it looked like it was going to entangle Yue Wanling.

Yue Wanling smiled, and golden runes surged around her body, shattering the Poison Ivy Spell.

Before Cheng Xu could react, an exquisite flying sword with a frosty air was already flying toward him.

Cheng Xu calmly used the Heavenly Cloud Sword technique to block it.

As soon as the sword momentum was released, it was like a sea of clouds rolling. It easily parried the attack of the flying sword and spread out a circle of astonishing air waves.

"Fellow Daoist's methods aren't bad." Yue Wanling said, a little surprised.

"Tsk! This is just how it should be! There's something even more impressive," Cheng Xu replied with a smile.


Two flying swords shot out from Cheng Xu's back, one from the left and the other from the right, each carrying a different sword momentum from the Heavenly Cloud Sword technique to attack Yue Wanling.

"Multi-tasking?" Yue Wanling was shocked.

Feeling the terrifying power of the two flying swords, she quickly raised her hand and threw out an ancient coin.

The ancient coin was thrown into the air and quickly enlarged to the size of a disc.


The ancient coin Dharma treasure wrapped the two flying swords with the square holes and easily dissolved the sword momentum of the Heavenly Cloud Sword technique.

Cheng Xu was stunned. He stared at the ancient coin and drooled.

"How is it?" Yue Wanling took the two flying swords and asked with a sweet smile, "This little sister's strength can still be considered worthy in brother Cheng's eyes, right?"

"Fairy, you're indeed not an ordinary person," Cheng Xu nodded with a meaningful look in his eyes.

The two of them clearly did not have the intention to really fight each other. They were only testing each other's strength.

Yue Wanling smiled confidently and threw the two flying swords back to Cheng Xu. "Can we cooperate now?" She asked.

"There's nothing I can do. Who asked me to be unable to defeat fairy?" Cheng Xu pretended to sigh. "But then again, what kind of magical treasure is that ancient coin? It's that powerful?"

Yue Wanling smiled but didn't say anything.

The next second, the two of them looked down the mountain in unison. "Someone's coming."

"Fellow cultivator, who dares to fight in the Scorching Sun Sect?" A familiar yet rough voice was heard.

After recognizing that it was Huyan Zan's voice, Cheng Xu quickly removed his disguise and revealed his true appearance.

"Eh? Isn't that brother Cheng from the Medicine Celestial Valley?" Huyan Zan flew down aggressively. From his aura, it was obvious that he had already broken through to the mid-stage of the Foundation Building Realm. "Why are you fighting with someone instead of staying at the venue, brother?"

Cheng Xu explained, "didn't we just get a few flying swords from the venue? That's why I found a fellow Daoist to test my swordsmanship on."

"I see," Huyan Zan smiled. "I thought something bad had happened."

"By the way, is brother Huyan on patrol?"

"That's right." "There are crooks mixed in with the honest folk during the exhibition period. The sect is worried that devil cultivators might sneak in, so they've sent quite a few deacons and disciples to patrol around the venue," Huyan Zan nodded and said with a smile.

"I'm sorry to have disturbed brother Huyan's patrol." Cheng Xu expressed his deep apologies.

"It's fine, it's fine. I wish brother Cheng a good time. I'll be going back to my work." 

Seeing that there was nothing to be done, Huyan Zan turned around and left on his sword.

After sending Huyan Zan off, Cheng Xu felt a little guilty. "Fairy Yue, do you think we're in cahoots?"