187 Survival of the fittest

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"What did Chen Fei say?"

Inside a building of the Primordial Sword Sect, Fan Zongzheng held a pen and was carefully writing strokes. Upon seeing Qian Guangji, he set the pen aside.

"Not planning to sell it unless he can visit the Wu Family Elemental Spirit Pool for two days. Only then would he consider exchanging it for the Aperture Breaking Pill," Qian Guangji shook his head and recounted his interaction with Chen Fei.

"Enter the Elemental Spirit Pool for two days? He dares to suggest that!" Fan Zongzheng coldly snorted, picked up the nearby cup of tea, and drank it all, his brows furrowed.

Fan Zongzheng's current cultivation had reached the pinnacle of the Visceral Tempering Realm. He had participated in the trial of the true disciples in the past, but unfortunately, he didn't pass the trial and lost the qualification to become a true disciple.


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