11 New Pill Recipe

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Chen Fei had long cultivated the Extreme Mountain Breathing Technique to the cultivation level of Great Completion. He had mastered it thoroughly and could even reduce some steps on the basis of the original breathing rhythm. 


Although he had previously fused it with the Wind Suspending Force, after the fusion, there was only a new Wind Suspending Breathing Technique. It did not mean that Chen Fei had forgotten how to use the Extreme Mountain Breathing Technique. 


At this moment, as Chen Fei continued to circulate the Extreme Mountain Breathing Technique, the experience points of the Wind Suspending Breathing Technique began to rise continuously. The comprehension of the Wind Suspending Breathing Technique appeared in his mind simultaneously, causing him to immerse himself in it instinctively 


An hour later, Chen Fei looked at the panel and couldn't help but smile. Wind Suspending Breathing technique experience points had increased by more than 100. According to this rhythm, Chen Fei could raise his Wind Suspending Breathing technique to the cultivation level of perfection in about two days as long as he worked hard. 


Even attaining Great Completion would take less than a month. During this period, Chen Fei's cultivation progress continued to accelerate, and he would reach the peak in a month. 


Perhaps he would be able to shorten the time needed to break through to the Body Tempering Realm from five months to two to three months, or even shorter. 


"Interface, simplify Clear Mountain Sword!" 


"The Clear Mountain Sword is being simplified. Simplification successful. Clear Mountain Sword → Extreme Mountain Fist!" 


Looking at the information on the interface, as expected, it was simplified into Extreme Mountain Fist. Chen Fei could not help but grin. 


"If the simplified cultivation techniques are all like this in the future, then I'll try my best to cultivate every cultivation technique to perfection. That way, I won't have to take any detours," Chen Fei muttered softly and stood up to practice Extreme Mountain Fist. 


It was straightforward. The Extreme Mountain Fist did not have any complicated changes in force. What it sought was a strong and heavy force. 


In just a moment, the sound of a strong wind whistling could be heard in the room, and the experience points related to the Clear Mountain Sword on the interface were also rising continuously. 


More than 20 days passed in a blink of an eye, and Chen Fei's life was relaxed and comfortable. Every day, he would refine a few batches of Vitality Pills, then take some time to go out and stir-fry some pork liver to throw off those who were still following Chen Fei. 


In his spare time, Chen Fei did not go anywhere else and just stayed in his room to cultivate. 


Both the Wind Suspending Breathing technique and the Clear Mountain Sword Technique had reached the Perfection Stage, and there was still a distance between them and the Great Completion Stage. However, Chen Fei had already benefited a lot from the two cultivation techniques of the Perfection Stage. 


By relying on the perfected Clear Mountain Sword, it was difficult for ordinary warriors of the same level to be a match for Chen Fei. Even when facing a martial artist in the Body Tempering Realm, Chen Fei would not be completely helpless. 


This was the power of a perfected cultivation technique. After all, not all martial artists had the talent to cultivate a cultivation technique to perfection, let alone Great Completion. 


The master level was the current state of most martial artists. 


As for Chen Fei, as long as he worked hard, he would be able to reach Great Completion. Under such circumstances, how could Chen Fei not do his best? 


As his cultivation continued to grow, the burden that the mark on Chen Fei's hand brought to him gradually lessened. 


A few days ago, Chen Fei's salary shocked many people. 


It was unknown if the clinic was doing this on purpose, but Chen Fei's monthly salary of more than fifty taels of silver shocked many people. 


In fact, this amount of money was only a little more than the number of alchemists in the medical hall. Chen Fei only knew how to refine the Vitality Pill, and he didn't produce much. However, it could not be compared to others. 


Thinking about what Chen Fei was like a month ago, he was a lowly servant in the medical hall. If anyone was unhappy, they could beat and scold him. His monthly salary was less than one tael of silver. 


Now, not only did his status increase, but his income had also increased by dozens of times. How could anyone not be envious? 


Chen Fei wasn't stingy, either. He spent ten taels of silver to treat everyone in the medical hall to a meal at a restaurant. Zeng Defang and Cui Sanjie also supported him by making an appearance, which dispelled the jealousy of many people. 


At the same time, more and more people began to curry favor with Chen Fei. They had already recognized the fact that Chen Fei was no longer the small errand boy from before. 


A few days ago, Chen Fei had already cultivated the Vitality Pill to the realm of Great Completion. Chen Fei specially asked Zeng Defang for a few more pill formulas. 


Although Zeng Defang felt that Chen Fei was a little too hasty and should have thoroughly consumed the Vitality Pill first, he did not completely reject Chen Fei. He still gave Chen Fei a few pill formulas so that Chen Fei could gain some knowledge. 


Zeng Defang treated Chen Fei as if he was his own disciple. If Chen Fei had any doubts, he could come to him. The pill formulas that he took out this time were also carefully selected. 


Beauty Pills, Detoxification Pills, Innate Bone Pills, and Healing Pills. 


As the name suggested, the Beauty Pill had the effect of preserving one's appearance after a period of consumption. It was very popular among some women, so it was not cheap. When it was usually sold, it was much more expensive than the Vitality Pill. 


The Detoxification Pill could alleviate the effects of ordinary small poisons. It was a necessary pill for many martial artists when they went out. 


The Innate Bone Pill was a type of pill that was specially given to children who had yet to practice martial arts. 


There was an age requirement for practicing martial arts. One couldn't start too young because their bones had yet to mature. It would be harmful to practice martial arts too early. At this time, taking the Innate Bone Pill every day could improve one's Innate Bone Talent and make the path of martial arts smoother. 


It was obvious that this pill was prepared for the descendants of aristocratic families because it was expensive. Ordinary people could barely afford to eat meat. They wouldn't have the money to afford this pill. 


As for the final one, the Healing Pill, just as the name implied, could be used to alleviate or even directly heal internal injuries after being injured. Even if it couldn't heal the injury, it could still suppress it. 


Different from the regular pill formulas, these pill formulas came with detailed instructions in them, allowing beginners to grasp them more quickly. 


Chen Fei did not learn all four pill formulas but chose to learn the Detoxification Pill and the Healing Pill first. 


The problem of money had been temporarily solved. Thus, Chen Fei's study of the pill formula was more to serve his future martial arts path. After all, only by mastering great power could one truly protect the things that matter. 


"The Detoxification Pill is being simplified. Simplification successful. Detoxification Pill → Stir-fried Chinese Yam!" 


"Healing pill is being simplified. Simplification successful. Healing Pill → Fried Chicken!" 


Chinese yam could clear away heat and detoxify, and the chicken was high in protein. The simplifications were quite reasonable. Yes, that sounds about right.


Chen Fei touched his nose. Now, he had some understanding of the principle of the interface's simplicity. The simplified pill formula was still stir-fried, which saved Chen Fei a lot of trouble. 


Chen Fei originally wanted to fuse the Great Completion Vitality Pill with a new pill formula. In the end, he succeeded, but the new pill formula seemed a little nondescript. 


After all, Vitality Pills were used for cultivation. Detoxification Pills and Healing Pills had different effects. The new pill formula seemed to have two functions, but it weakened the original expertise of each pill.


Even if this kind of pill formula were refined into a medicinal pill, it would probably not be easy to sell because others could completely buy a targeted medicinal pill to consume. 


In the end, Chen Fei took apart the newly fused pill formulas and simplified them separately. 


After obtaining the new pill formula, Chen Fei enthusiastically immersed himself in the process of grinding proficiency. Other than cultivating cultivation techniques and refining Vitality Pills every day, the rest of the time was spent cooking. 

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