11 Chapter 11: The exam

After a while, Luo Qing finally came back to her senses.

She looked down at her Song Bird and realized that it was being rude, so she quickly apologized, "I'm sorry sir, I haven't taught my Song Bird properly."

As she was saying this, the Song Bird looked at her with an aggrieved look like this was the biggest betrayal in its life.

Then she took a quick look at her watch and saw that she would be late if she didn't head out soon.

Luo Qing picked up the Song Bird and was prepared to run out, but then she remembered that she hadn't said anything to the owner.

She turned back and quickly shouted, "Sir, thank you for your training! I'll be sure to come back for more!"

When she began to run, Lin Fan shouted, "Wait, I still haven't told you about all the other abilities that it has!"

But it was too late since she was already out the door and around the corner.

As she was running out, the Song Bird had cast one last longing look at the room with the cages in the back.

Lin Fan peeked his head out the door, but not even seeing a single trace of her, he just gave a sigh and went back in.

Looking at Angela demolish the pile of food he had ordered and rubbing his own stomach that was complaining to him about how hungry it was, he decided to order a bit more food.

When Luo Qing arrived at school, barely making it on time, she realized that she had forgotten to ask the owner about the previous owners.

Thinking about it, she realized that she had no choice but to go back there again this afternoon.

Still she wondered what kind of training the owner had given her pet to teach it an advanced skill. It was said that only High Tier Trainers or up could teach pets advanced skills.

Could it be that the owner of the shop was a High Tier Trainer?

But High Tier Trainers were people that royals had fought over to invite and they were all proud people with status, so how could one be willing to operate a small pet shop like this?

As she was thinking this over, she walked through the corridor into her class. Even after entering the class, sitting down, and listening to the teacher call names, she was still lost in thought.

When the teacher called her name, she didn't answer in her daze. When the teacher called her name a second time, her friend Wang Ning poked her, but she was still lost in thought. When the teacher called her name a third time, she finally lost her patience and threw a stick of chalk right at Luo Qing's forehead.

When the chalk hit her head and pain came over her, she finally came back to her senses and answered the roll call.

It took her a while to calm the teacher down, but when she sat down, her friend Wang Ning poked her and asked in a whisper, "What gotten our Qing Qing in a daze? Could it be a boy?"

Luo Qing's face turned a bit red since technically she was thinking about a boy, but she quickly denied it, "No, you're thinking too much."

Seeing the blush on Luo Qing's face, Wang Ning quickly revealed a smirk, "Oh, ho, ho, so even our ice queen can be moved."

Luo Qing saw the smile on her face and knew that nothing she said would change her mind, so she just turned her head and ignored her.

Even after being ignored, Wang Ning didn't let that put her down as she covered her lips with her hand while she revealed a knowing smirk from behind it.

Time passed and finally it was time for the exam.

This was an exam that was taking place in the virtual world.

After logging into the virtual world, the teacher brought their class to a colosseum type structure.

The students all sat down in different spectator seats with their groups.

Luo Qing found a seat near the edge of the arena with Wang Ning and watched the other tests.

The format of the exam was that the examiner would be facing virtual beasts that were at the same cultivation as them, which would change to match the cultivation of the pets they summoned if their pets had higher cultivations.

The exams of the others passed, with some failing and some passing.

One exam of note was Wang Ning's exam.

She was the daughter of a rich family, so she really wasn't that invested in becoming a Beast Master. She was just taking this course so she could learn some basic education and to gain the ability to protect herself.

Her pets were mainly weaker than her, so they were all slaughtered when they appeared before she was sent flying out of the arena.

When she came back to the stands, her face was covered in tears as she ran over to Luo Qing.

Luo Qing had been childhood friends with Wang Ning, so they were quite close. When she saw Wang Ning, she let her dive into her embrace and she patted her head, as she comforted her.

When it was finally Luo Qing's turn, she hesitantly walked up to the stage.

She was already in the Iron 7 level, which meant that the opponent they were facing would be in the Iron 7 level, a whole level higher than her Song Bird.

Even if the owner had taught her Song Bird an advanced wind skill, it still didn't mean that her Song Bird could win.

Not to mention that she had pampered her Song Bird since it was the first pet she had received from her parents, which meant that it had very little real combat experience.

When she arrived in the middle of the field, she called out her Song Bird and prepared for battle since she knew that she would do most of the fighting.

Her plan was to have the Song Bird support her from afar with its long range wind attacks while she fought the beast head on, but the moment it appeared, it completely ruined her plans.

The beast that was chosen for her was a Berserker Ape which was a close combat beast that boasted great strength and great defense. The only weakness it had was that it was quite slow, meaning that it could be slowly worn down, but the bad thing was that the Song Bird wasn't strong enough to break through its defenses, so she couldn't wear it down.

As she was feeling despair, she could do nothing except try to attack the Berserker Ape, but all that happened was that she was thrown back against the wall.

Feeling nothing but despair, she could only pray for a miracle as she said to her Song Bird, "Xiao Ge, use the Wind Typhoon."

The Song Bird had been quite calm during this entire time. It had died countless times during yesterday's training session, but it had also gained a wealth of combat experience.

It was no longer as weak as that same pampered bird from before, it was a bird that had faced beasts with ancient bloodlines. It was now a bird that had experienced the world and knew how big it was.

To the Song Bird, this Berserker Ape was nothing more than a small pawn in the chess game of life, it felt no pressure from it at all. Not to mention that it was much stronger than this Berserker Ape.

The Song Bird just casually looked at it, which made the Berserker Ape flinch. Then after flinching, the Berserker Ape became angry since it didn't know why it was feeling fear from a small bird like this.

Hearing the angry roars of the Berserker Ape ignited the pride of the Song Bird, how could a little monkey like it provoke its noble bird self?

This noble bird would teach it a lesson!

So the Song Bird began flapping its wings and gathering the wind in front of it in the form of a tornado which slowly grew in size until it was a giant tornado.

The Berserker Ape stopped its charge as it watched this tornado grow and with a helpless look on its face, it was crying as it was swept away by this tornado.

What had it done to deserve this? Wasn't this a weak little bird in front of it?

The Berserker Ape was thrown around inside the tornado until the Song Bird stopped flapping its wings, at which point the Berserker Ape was thrown up before slamming into the ground. When the Berserker Ape landed, it was covered in cuts and its neck had been snapped. On its face, the final look it had was an aggrieved look.

The Song Bird just gave a cold snort before casually flying back onto Luo Qing's shoulder.

As it flew back, everyone's eyes were following the Song Bird, even the teacher, even Luo Qing, looking at it in complete shock.

There was only silence that filled the area.

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