5 Chapter 5 - Family Problem

"Well, let's introduce ourselves first." Huang Jun said.

"This is my sister, Huang Rui."

"Hello." Huang Rui stretched her hand with a smile.

Liu Xin examined her. She had a tall body with a beautiful face. Her skin was pure white, and she had a mature face.

Her robes were tattered in many places where skin peeked through. Her long legs were hidden beneath her robe but he could see them through the holes.

Her black hair fluttered beside her, as she stared at Liu Xin with her bright green eyes.

She had a sexy figure. Her slender waist, a big bosom that was hard not to gaze at and quite seducing body. She could be called a fairy.

'She can be a top model on Earth.' Liu Xin thought as he shook his head.

"I am Liu Xin. An inherent cultivator." He introduced himself.

"What??"Huang Rui was shocked. "You are an inherent cultivator, then how did you learn alchemy?" She asked curiously.


"..." Huang Rui was speechless. 'If Alchemy can be self-taught then won't there be countless alchemists by now....' She didn't know what to say.

"You are quite a talented person." She sighed with envy. She was also a low Qi Refining stage cultivator like him but she felt they had differences similar to earth and sky.

"Maybe." Liu Xin shrugged his shoulder.

"By the way..." Huang Jun walked ahead. "We are from the Huang family." He said.

"And he?" Liu Xin pointed at the man lying down unconscious.

"He is from our rival family, Jin." He continued with a solemn expression. "Their family has joined Azure Sky Sect. While our family has joined Azure Earth Sword Sect."


"Our sect is also rivals. Not to mention, their family members are also inner disciple and their family head is the sect elder. While ours is only outer disciple and inner disciple at most. So, the sect won't wage war on the enemy sect for us, as it will cost a heck lot for them." Huang Rui continued the explanation on behalf of Jun Huang. She stuffed a piece of pill in his mouth and let him fall asleep to consume the energy.

"They don't care about their face?" Liu Xin always thought face comes first in sect.

"Ours is only a low-tier sect. We focus on developing not on the face. Only high tier sect would care about dignity."

"Hmm." Liu Xin didn't think much. He looked at the unconscious body and felt it wasn't right to stay here for long. He didn't want to face the reinforcement that would come for him.

He hasn't advanced into even a mid-Qi refining level, and at most he could handle mid-Qi Refining.

"Let's leave."

"I was also going to say that." Huang Rui smiled and carried Jun Huang on her arm.

Huang Rui was a low-QI Refining cultivator, so her speed wasn't that bad, not good either.

Liu Xin could easily surpass her. After ten minutes, they reached a mountain. "This is our sect mountain." There were countless steps on the stairs which reached the top of the mountain where a huge building exists.

'This...is just low-tier sect?' It was so grand, Liu Xin couldn't believe it was a mere low-tier sect. But he hadn't seen any other sect, and the sect in his memories wasn't that clear so, he couldn't compare it with any other sect.

"Oh right. Here's the promised materials, and your fee too." She handed him a cloth, and a blue stone.

"This..." Liu Xin knew about the stone. It was the cultivator's main currency 'Spiritual Stone' and from its light, it was a low-quality spiritual stone. If he converts it into Ruan, it will be 10 high-quality Ruan.

But Liu Xin didn't refuse and calmly took the stone. "I will bring the pill here tomorrow."

Liu Xiu then disappeared from there using his movement techniques. Huang Rui trusted him a bit, as he stepped to protect them just for a deal.



-Cultivation (26 MB)

- Alchemy (10.2 MB)

-Array (6 MB)

-General Knowledge (13 MB)


(Dragonfire Breath Attack), (Cloud Steps Technique), (Water Flow Defense), (Feather Foot Technique), (Shadow Shroud Technique), (Shadow Flame Ignition), (Spiritual Circle Barrier), (Phoenix Slash), (Thunderbolt Thrust), (Spirit Blade Dance)


([Elemental Alchemy Technique), (Beginner Alchemy: Everything you need to know about Alchemy), (Small Healing Pills Concatenation ), (Energy Refill Pill Refining)


(Array Formation Technique), (Beginner Array Technique)

[Common Knowledge]

(Information on 1000 common to rare herbs), (Basic Array Information), (Basic Cultivation Knowledge), (Some Knowledge on World)

Liu Xin looked at his software and the installed skills and knowledge. He sighed, as the total storage has reached 55.2 MB. Only 800 KB of space was left.

When he looked at the blue stone which was nicely carved into a prism shape, a small icon hovered on his interface.

The icon was of the spiritual stone, with 0 alongside. Liu Xin understood and placed the spiritual stone on the screen. The stone disappeared.


And, his all function such as RAM, Graphic Card, etc all had a (+) sign beside them.

"Oh, I can upgrade the system with spiritual stone" He gleamed and immediately upgraded the storage.


It was a massive upgrade for him, as his storage increased by 256 MB more. That means he could have more data downloaded.

Not to mention, he didn't want to fill the storage. He feared he would lag like computers after filling his storage.

It was just his delusion, but he breathed a sigh of relief. He looked at the system screen, which now had nothing stored for him, and closed it. He then glanced at the spiritual herbs for refining Qi Energy Pill.

There was a total of 3 Magic Tumric, 2 Nightshade and one of Yarrow and Elderflower.

The herbs emit quite a fragrance that fills his spirit with energy. Any of these herbs could fill any mortal body with immense energy. And for cultivators, it's Qi which could help them break through a certain realm.

Liu Xin opened the Alchemy window and put all the herbs in it. Just clicking on refine, the bar began to rush.


After a full hour, Liu Xin panted while wiping sweat from his forehead. Eight pills secrete a fragrance that refreshes his body and spirit. He looked at the pills and ate one.

Right after crushing the pill, immense energy filled his body. Qi flowed through his veins to his dantian and was refined. His whole body went through a tremendous amount of change as black liquid oozes out from his skin.

Dirty smell that would stink and burn anyone's nose, emitted from his body. Not long after, the energy subsided and a small explosion occurred in his body.

He broke through to the mid-Qi Refining Level. A smile appeared on his face but soon turned into disgust as he smelled his body odour.

He walked to the bathroom that was in his room and washed his body thoroughly removing every stink from his body.

He returned. "Let's see if I can again break through to a high level after consuming the other two pills." He ate the pill again, and again energy filled his body.

Energy refined in his body but wasn't enough to help him increase his cultivation in any way. Cultivation means cultivating one's body through QI. The Qi is absorbed from his skin pores and is refined in his dantian which spread to the heart and refines every body organ. Then it again returns to dantian and is stored there.

If the energy is only used for refining organs and can't be stored in dantian, it won't be enough to advance to the next step, as stepping into the next stage requires the organ to experience huge change.

This means they would be tougher, his control over his qi will increase, and his dantian will increase. But the energy he consumed through the pills only refined his body, and his body has enough been refined. So, the pill energy didn't help him much. Hence, his organ didn't experience any change.

So, this pill can't be used for advancing his cultivation.

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