277 Xue Jiye

"What an unfriendly fellow, even though the Sect Master just told us to connect with each other. Oh well, at least I won't be using more contribution points." Xue Jiye said as she watched Gao Dongya walked away.

A few seconds later, Xue Jiye returned to Yuan and asked him again, "What about you? Want to come?"

Yuan nodded his head, "I will go with you."

There was no way he'd refuse food, especially if it was free. Of course, he also wanted to know a little bit more about the disciples that will be participating in the Mystic Realm with him.

"Great. Then let's go."

Xue Jiye began walking shortly later, and she thought to herself, 'Unless he plans on eating with that mask on, I will finally be able to see the face behind that mask!'

The two of them arrived at the Dragon Pavilion sometime later, and they were taken to the best seat in the place.

Once they were seated, Xue Jiye said, "Go ahead. Order whatever you want. I'll pay for it."


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