821 What Is the Meaning of This?

"Y-You… I-Impossible!" Demon Emperor Carnage immediately recognized Yuan's face, as it saw the same face during the war between demons and the Demon Sealing Clan, and after almost dying to him, it fled to one of the forbidden lands within the Nine Heavens.

It was also confident that the Divine Paragon had long perished, hence why it finally decided to come out of hiding. However, to think that it'd encounter the Divine Paragon once again.

The Demon Emperor eventually snapped out of its daze when it realized that the Divine Paragon looked slightly different than before.

"You may look like him, but you're not the Divine Paragon! I must say, you nearly gave me a heart attack. It has been tens of millions of years and many eras since the Divine Paragon's disappearance. No humans can live for that long!"

"Even though cultivators can technically become immortal, they are not truly immortal! Only we, demons, are truly immortal!"


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