220 The Most Unreasonable Person Yet

Standing casually by the wall, Yuan pondered what he could use his contribution points on.

'I already have two Soul Weapons and a couple of treasures, so I don't need any more of these. I also have enough techniques. What about cultivation resources? But how do I know what I need?'

'I am one level away from being a Spirit Master, but I am not in a rush. Though, if they have something that can help me reach Spirit Master, I might as well get it…'

After pondering for a few minutes, Yuan decided to ask for some Spirit Warrior monster cores so that he can consume them and hopefully reach the Spirit Master realm.

However, just as Yuan prepared to return to the reception, a large frame suddenly stepped in front of him and blocked his path.

Yuan raised his eyes slightly to look at Mad Tiger Wu Laohu staring at him with profound rage within his gaze.


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