1334 Tempering in Golden Celestial Tree's Liquid

"The most Golden Celestial Tree liquid I have seen is not even a tenth of the amount in your hands, and that was a 300,000 year old Golden Celestial Tree." Princess Meiya said.

"The Golden Celestial Tree I found was a few million years old," Yuan revealed.

"A few million years?! Are you sure?! That would be ridiculous!" Princess Meiya didn't want to believe it.

"What is this Golden Celestial Tree?" Huang Xiao Li inquired.

Huang Chen responded first, "It's a valuable treasure—priceless even—that serves multiple purposes. Its leaves can be used to concoct powerful pills, and its wood can be utilized in crafting spiritual treasures. However, the most valuable resource it offers is the liquid, known to enhance one's talent and physique. Even a few drops of that liquid go for tens of millions of spirit stones."


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