274 Rainbow Koi

"He's training at Dragon's Peak?"

Both Gao Dongya and Xue Jiye were surprised by this since even Core Disciples such as them would need to go through a lot of trouble before they're allowed to cultivate there.

"Anyways, let's continue." Long Yijun said, and he proceeded to speak more about the Mystic Realm to the two disciples.

Meanwhile, at Dragon's Peak, Yuan suddenly stopped cultivating and stood up before shouting, "Oh no! I totally forgot about the lecture for the Inner Court disciple!"

"Eh? Lecture?" Feng Yuxiang asked him.

"It was supposed to happen after the Inner Court Disciple Examination, but I'd forgotten about it because of the Dragon Essence! What a blunder… I hope my absence didn't cause any inconvenience…" he sighed.

"It's just a lecture, Young Master. You should be more worried about the Mystic Realm than some introduction class." Feng Yuxiang said.


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