385 Mystic Realm Results

After entering the portal, Yuan, Wang Xiuying, and Lan Yingying appeared outside the Mystic Realm.

"So this is the outside world…" Lan Yingying mumbled in a dazed voice as she looked at the desolate area and the people gathered outside.

Meanwhile, Yuan and Wang Xiuying were bombarded with notifications.

<You have obtained a massive amount of spiritual energy from the Mystic Realm!>

<You have enough Qi for a breakthrough>

<You have reached Second Level Spirit Master>

<+11,000 Stats>

<You have reached Third Level Spirit Master>

<+12,000 Stats>

<You have reached Fourth Level Spirit Master>

<+13,000 Stats>




<You have reached Ninth Level Spirit Master>

<+18,000 Stats>

Yuan's cultivation stopped at the peak of Spirit Master after leaving the Mystic Realm whilst Wang Xiuying's cultivation entered fifth level Spirit Warrior.


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