1328 Make it More Difficult

After taking his medallion, Yuan waited about fifteen minutes before the challenger failed to climb the staircase.

"It's our turn," Yuan said as he calmly approached the Stairway to Heaven with Meixiu and the others followed him from behind.

The area immediately became rowdy the moment the spectators saw Yuan and his group.

"Why are there five of them? I thought only one person could challenge the Stairway to Heaven at a time," asked someone who didn't know about the carry system.

"A challenger can bring up to nine people with him through the Stairway to Heaven, but each additional person will drastically increase the difficulty. I have never seen anyone successfully carry one person, much less four. He'll definitely fail at the first step."

"What an arrogant brat."

"I don't blame him for wanting to show off to those fairies with him, but he's biting far more than he can chew. He'll only end up embarrassing himself now."


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