218 Heaven Severing Zither Arts

After leaving the Dragon Pavilion, Xuan Wuhan and Fei Yuyan said their farewells to Yuan and Min Li.

"I have to get back to training, so I'll find another time to chat with you, Yuan. It has been a wonderful experience these past few days," Xuan Wuhan said to him.

"Now that the zither competition is over, I also have to return to my regular training schedule. Once again, thank you for everything, Disciple Yuan. I'll see you later," Fei Yuyan bowed to him before leaving.

"What are you going to do now that the competition is over?" Min Li asked him as they walked back to their houses together.

"I'll spend some time on the technique I'd gotten from the competition, and then I'll probably go to the place where I can spend some of my contribution points," said Yuan.

"The Exchange Hall? What are you trying to buy?"

"I don't know yet. Do you want to come as well?" Yuan asked her, as he was used to having her follow him around.


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