1336 Golden Immortal Physique

"Get out of my way, you idiots! I am in a hurry!" Princess Meiya shouted at the guards as she beat them.

However, no matter how much the guards were beaten, they refused to let her enter the Royal Treasury, sacrificing their bodies to block her.

"Please calm down, Princess! If you're troubled, you should speak with your father!"

"I don't have the time for that!"

Eventually, Princess Meiya managed to overpower the guards and reached the door to the Royal Treasury.

Just as she prepared to kick down the door, a calm voice resounded behind her, "What do you think you are doing?"

Princess Meiya didn't need to look behind to see who was standing behind her and said, "Father, this is an emergency, please let me enter the Royal Treasury."

Giant Emperor Kulas was taken aback by his daughter's calm demeanor, indicating that she was of sound mind and not acting recklessly.


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