219 Exchange Hall

"So this is the Exchange Hall, huh?" Yuan stared at the entrance with a pondering gaze.

The Exchange Hall is where disciples go to spend their hard-earned contributions points, and unlike the Profound Pavilion that only has cultivation techniques, the Exchange Hall has everything else from treasures to cultivation resources.

"Hey! Why are you standing there and blocking the entrance? If you're not going to enter, scram!"

A tall and bulky disciple suddenly walked up from behind and forcefully bumped into Yuan's shoulder, snapping him out of his admiration for the building.

Yuan frowned at this. He was standing many meters away from the entrance and was nowhere near it, so how could he be blocking the entrance.

"What? Do you have a problem?" The bulky disciple that rudely bumped into Yuan stopped walking when he noticed the displeased look on Yuan's handsome face, feeling even more irritated at Yuan because of his own lacking appearance.


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