1296 Acquiring the First Ancient Seal

'The Xi Family! Who could've foreseen that an individual from that esteemed lineage would descend to this realm?' Liang Xiaosheng cried inwardly.

The Xi Family resided exclusively in the Supreme Heaven, and they occupied a preeminent position among the dragon race. Though they didn't have a direct role in overseeing the Four Ancient Seals, one of the clans under their authority held that responsibility.

'If the Xi Family was forced to act, this issue with the traitor must be of significant magnitude.' Liang Xiaosheng sighed inwardly before speaking, "I understand. If it's the Xi Family, I will do everything in my power to assist you."

He then retrieved his spatial ring and took out a metal box from within.

The metal box looked ordinary at a glance, but it had several layers of powerful formations protecting it. 

'Level 6— No! It's at least a level 7 formation!'


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