1352 A Cold Shiver

"Three days…" Tian Yang mumbled.

"Thank you for watching over me, and sorry for the inconvenience," he said a moment later.

"Please, nothing you do will inconvenience us after everything you've done for us." Huang Chen said.

"Have you searched the place yet?" Tian Yang then asked.

"Yes, it's empty but safe."

"Good. Then allow me to recover my spiritual energy before we figure out our next plan."

Tian Yang proceeded to spend the entire day recovering his spiritual energy.

"What's the plan now? We're both out of pills and we don't have a clue how much further our destination is." Huang Chen asked.

"We could gamble it, or we can spend some more time on this island to improve our cultivation, which will improve our chances of reaching the Desolate Continent." Tian Yang suggested.

Huang Chen looked at his son and sighed, "Unfortunately, our son is not a cultivator, and we only have enough food to last him half a month."


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