1 The Sect Leader of Lingyun Sect, the Sect Stimulation Game

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In a dilapidated wooden hut in Lingyun Sect, Canglan Region, a young man laid on the bed, unconscious.

"Where am I?"

Jiang Yiming opened his eyes tiredly. The first thing he saw was an unfamiliar room.

The herbal scent in the room assailed Jiang Yiming's nose while he was lying on the bed with gauze wrapped all over his body.

The intense pain in Jiang Yiming's body made him realize that he was severely injured.

"What happened to me?"

Jiang Yiming endured the pain and grunted through his gritted teeth.

That was when he felt a stabbing pain in his head. Dozens of unfamiliar information flooded into his mind, and in the end, Jiang Yiming fainted.

After a long time, Jiang Yiming woke up again with a bitter smile on his face.

Jiang Yiming realized that he had transmigrated!

He had transmigrated from Earth to a cultivation world called the Ethereal Realm.

That realm was a world where people with absolute power took control. It was where the strong established order and preyed on the weak. It was a survival game for the weak.

In the Ethereal Realm, powerful cultivators could fly through the sky and ascend to immortality. There were also precious elixirs that could bring the dead back to life and magical treasures with boundless power.

The realm also had all kinds of powerful forces, clans, sects, and royals. Everyone in the Ethereal Realm wanted to achieve immortal ascension.

The Ethereal Realm had nine provinces. Each province contained several regions in it. Jiang Yiming's identity was the sect leader of a humble sect in the Canglan Region called the Lingyun Sect.

The sects and forces in Canglan Region were of different ranks. The ranks were from the fifth rank to the first rank.

Legend had it that above the first rank was the Immortal Celestial Sect.

A third rank sect named Huoyun Sect was responsible for Jiang Yiming's injuries.

In the Canglan Region, all the weaker sects had to ask the higher-rank sect for protection to ensure the survival of their sect.

Otherwise, countless sects and forces would eliminate and overpower the weaker sect, which would lead to the destruction of the sect.

The Lingyun Sect was a fourth rank sect. However, the sect's rank had fallen to the fifth rank or worse due to an unforeseen event.

The Lingyun Sect was now in ruins, with only devastated buildings left. The magnificent buildings were gone, leaving only sparse wooden.

The sect had only three disciples left.

Not to mention the extravagant buildings like the Pavilion of Cultivation Scrolls and Pavilion of Alchemy, which were gone too.

The entire sect's heritage was gone now, and not even a single Core Formation technique was left.

The Lingyun Sect could only seek protection from the Huoyun Sect to continue their legacy.

However, the protection was naturally not free of charge. Every year, the Lingyun Sect had to give the Huoyun Sect plenty of spirit stones as offerings in exchange for their protection.

Yet, the Lingyun Sect's situation was only getting worse than before. They didn't even have enough spirit stones to offer that year.

A few days ago, the representatives from the Huoyun Sect came to Jiang Yiming. Jiang Yiming wanted to negotiate with them, hoping they could give him some time to gather enough spirit stones to offer.

However, he didn't expect the representatives of the Huoyun Sect to be so cold-hearted and even beat him up.

They also ordered the Lingyun Sect to hand over the offering within a month, or else the Lingyun Sect would lose the protection of the Huoyun Sect.

But, the Lingyun Sect had nothing to offer at the moment. They wouldn't be able to gather so many spiritual stones, even if they emptied all their assets.

"That bast*rt Huoyun Sect."

Jiang Yiming clenched his fist as frustration grew in him and his gaze turned cold.

Nominally, the Huoyun Sect was the protector of the Lingyun Sect. But, they had not fulfilled their duties as the Lingyun Sect's protector and had only been taking the offerings.

Recently, many sects had been looking for trouble in the Lingyun Sect. However, Huoyun Sect had always turned a blind eye every time Lingyun Sect needed their protection.

Yet, Huoyun Sect had the nerve to continue accepting the offerings from Lingyun Sect, which was shameless and unethical.

"Looks like I have no other choice."

Jiang Yiming quickly calmed himself down and sighed. He felt helpless.

Although he knew that Huoyun Sect was making things difficult for him, he had no other way to deal with the situation they were facing now. The only thing he could do was think of some way to get more of those spirit stones.

After all, Huoyun Sect was powerful. Not only did the sect have Nascent Soul Realm elders, but there were also rumors that they had ancestors of Incarnation Realm. Their strength was unfathomable.

The first few realms of cultivations were Body Forging Realm, Qi Meditation Realm, Foundation Establishment Realm, Core Formation Realm, Nascent Soul Realm, and Incarnation Realm.

The Nascent Soul Realm was already a powerful existence that could split mountains with one punch, not to mention the legendary Incarnation Realm.

Lingyun Sect could not defeat Huoyun Sect even in its former peak state. Its ability was far inferior from Huoyun Sect's ability back then, not to mention now that it had almost perished.

The Lingyun Sect would be only destroying their sect if they tried to fight against Huoyun Sect.

Moreover, there were some fourth rank and fifth rank forces that were aiming to own Lingyun Sect. Those sects might not dare to harm the Lingyun Sect because they were afraid of Huoyun Sect. Lingyun Sect would be the target of those aiming for them if they lost protection from the Huoyun Sect.

Lingyun Sect would only perish tragically without even needing Huoyun Sect to destroy them!

"I must be unlucky enough to encounter such a troublesome issue so soon after transmigration."

Jiang Yiming lifted his head and glanced at the surrounding environment.

All he saw was the interior part of the shabby hut. There weren't any decorations at all. It looked rather bleak.

The Lingyun Sect had already fallen to such a pathetic state. Even Jiang Yiming, as the sect leader, lived in such a shabby hut.

"Isn't this situation a little troublesome for a start ?" Jiang Yiming mocked himself. He looked a little disappointed.


[Ding! Sect Stimulation System is activating. Activation progress, 1%, 2%, 3% ...]

Just as Jiang Yiming was feeling despair, a cold mechanical voice sounded in his mind.

Jiang Yiming froze. When he realized what was going on, his mood brightened.

His whole-time hobby was reading online novels before he transmigrated. Every transmigrated character in the books he read would have a "cheat tool".

The "cheat tool" was necessary for those people who transmigrated like him to survive in the transmigrated world.

As expected, Jiang Yiming got his "cheat tool" almost right after transmigrating.

"The Sect Simulation System. That is the name of the game I played."

Jiang Yiming recalled something when he heard the name of the system.

He had played an idle immortal cultivation game out of boredom in his last birth.

The name of the game was Sect Simulation Game, just like the system.

However, Jiang Yiming didn't ponder much about it.

"System, it's up to you now. Lingyun Sect doesn't have much time left."

Jiang Yiming muttered as the look of anticipation glowed in his eyes.

Now that the Lingyun Sect was in such a desperate situation, their only hope was the system he had obtained.

Soon, the notification sound from the system rang in Jiang Yiming's mind again.

[Ding! Sect Stimulation System, activation progress 100%. Activation successful!]

A light blue screen appeared before him as soon as the system spoke.

Jiang Yiming's eyes widened in disbelief.

The screen showed an interface exactly like the idle immortal cultivation game he had played last birth!

[Ding! Gamer Jiang Yiming detected online.]

[Do you wish to take over the Celestial King's account?]

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