Cultivation: I Inherite The Strongest Account In A Sect Simulator

Jiang Yining was transmigrated to a cultivation world and became the master of the Tianyan Sect. Unfortunately, the sect was broke and he only had three disciples. Just as everything was about to fall even further apart, he received the Golden Finger. To make it even more interesting, the Golden Finger was an idle cultivation game that Jiang Yining had played in his previous world. [Welcome back, long-time player. You will inherit your old account that has been idled for a million years.] From the game, Jiang Yining could receive martial arts, resources, fates, buildings, skills, and even spiritual roots from checking in and completing quests. He vowed that he would use the rewards to grow his own sect. In the world of cultivation existed prestigious families, sects, kingdoms, and even celestial sects. Everyone's goal was to ascend to a celestial being. However, years later, Jiang Yining and his Tianyan Sect sat on the Long River and looked down at the people still struggling in the celestial realm.

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Body Tempering Meridian Unblocking Pill, Phoenix Flame Body

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Jiang Yiming placed Huang Chaoyu on the bed.

He used one hand to grab her wrist, and a stream of spiritual energy instantly entered her body.

As time passed, Jiang Yiming couldn't help but frown.

There were some internal injuries in Huang Chaoyu's body.

These injuries were very serious, so much so that it was difficult for his spiritual energy to move around.

Jiang Yiming could not even judge her injuries, let alone heal them.

However, since Huang Zhaoyu's reaction was so serious, the injuries were definitely not simple.

Jiang Yiming thought hard and long.

He suddenly recalled that he could see the information of the sect's disciples through the system.

With a thought, the system interface appeared in his mind.

[Name]: Huang Zhaoyu (first generation disciple)

[Realm]: Middle-stage of the Qi Meditation Realm

[Cultivation Technique]: Soul Recovery Technique

[Constitution]: Unawakened

[Current Condition]: Moderate internal injuries, blocked meridians.

[Notification]: Long-term blocked meridians may cause stagnated spiritual energy, which will, in turn, cause an inability to advance in cultivation.

Seeing the contents of the system interface, Jiang Yiming's face instantly darkened.

He didn't expect that the injuries in Huang Chaoyu's body to be more serious than he had imagined.

The blockage of meridians was a major taboo in the cultivation process!

Once the meridians were blocked, the spiritual energy in one's body would not be able to move, circulate, and regulate.

If the condition was serious, the cultivator would be reduced to an ordinary person!

Although Huang Chaoyu had not reached that stage yet, her situation could not be left to develop.

After all, the system had already sent a notification that if the treatment was not timely, her cultivation would never be able to advance.

Such an outcome was not much better than having her cultivation crippled.

"Huoyun Sect, you guys are really sinister, huh. Not only did you heavily injure me, but you even wanted to obstruct my disciple's future," Jiang Yiming muttered as a cold glint flashed across his eyes.

Through his memories, he knew that Huang Chaoyu's internal injuries were also caused by the Huoyun Sect.

That day, after the Huoyun Sect had heavily injured him, they had wanted to continue attacking.

It was Huang Chaoyu who had blocked the other party's attack at the critical moment.

It was likely that the injuries on her body had come from then.

However, now was not the time to hate on the Huoyun Sect.

Jiang Yiming quickly calmed down, and his brain worked frantically.

Generally speaking, when the meridians were blocked, they could be dredged by another party injecting spiritual energy.

However, there was a great risk in doing so. If one was not careful, it would cause irreparable harm to the person whose meridians were blocked.

There was another way, which was to take some medicinal pills that could dredge the meridians.

This was safer, but also more difficult as medicinal pills of the sort were extremely rare.

Jiang Yiming suddenly remembered that when he played the game in his previous life, he would get a Body Tempering Meridian Unblocking pill every month on his first sign-in.

As its name implied, the Body Tempering Meridian Unblocking pill's main effect was to help the cultivator unblock the meridians, invigorate the blood and remove any stasis.

Regardless of the internal injuries suffered, as long as the meridians were blocked, the cultivator could be healed by taking the Body Tempering Meridian Unblocking pill/

The only problem was that Jiang Yiming wasn't sure if the signing-in system would reward him with this kind of pill.

However, he didn't have time to delay, so he could only do what he could.

"System, sign in!" Jiang Yiming thought in his heart.

Immediately, the system reacted.

[Ding -- Sign in successful!]

[Reward]: Body Tempering Meridian Unblocking pill

[Notification]: Due to the Celestial King's Privilege, the Body Tempering Meridian Unblocking pill has been upgraded to become the Pure Spiritual Meridian Unblocking pill!

As the system's cold mechanical voice sounded, a round and full aqua-green pill appeared in front of Jiang Yiming.

The pill floated in the air, emitting a faint fragrance.

Jiang Yiming took in a light breath, and instantly felt that his entire being had been purified and was extremely comfortable!

"The Pure Spiritual Meridian Unblocking pill!"

With a wave of his hand, the pill slowly landed in Jiang Yiming's hand.

Feeling the warm coolness coming from his palm, he couldn't help but sigh in amazement.

This Celestial King's Privilege was indeed extremely magical. To think it could forcefully raise the grade of the pill.

One had to know that the refinement of pills was an irreversible process.

The moment the pill was formed, the grade of the pill was already determined.

He had never heard of anyone who could raise the grade of a completed pill!

Jiang Yiming hurriedly placed the pill in Huang Chaoyu's mouth.

In his previous life, he had also taken the Pure Spiritual Meridian Unblocking pill in the game.

The medicinal effect of this pill was indeed much better than that of the Body Tempering Meridian Unblocking pill.

Its medicinal effect was also more gentle, and could thus prevent further harm to the user's body.

Sure enough, as the pill entered her mouth, Huang Chaoyu's reaction immediately eased up a lot.

She no longer trembled, and the cold sweat on her forehead dried while her pale face slowly became rosy.

"Sigh!" Only then did Jiang Yiming thoroughly heave a sigh of relief.

However, what he didn't know was that for Huang Chaoyu who was in the Qi Meditation Realm, the medicinal effect of the Pure Spiritual Meridian Unblocking pill was too strong.

Not only did the rich medicinal effects dredge the blocked meridians in Huang Chaoyu's body, but also opened up some hidden meridians.

Under Jiang Yiming's gaze, Huang Chaoyu's body underwent a remarkable change.

Crimson fire veins suddenly appeared on her cheeks and neck.

These veins formed an extremely strange pattern.

Before Jiang Yiming could take a closer look, he suddenly retracted the hand that was holding on to Huang Chaoyu.

"What's going on? Why is Xiaoyu's body so hot?" He frowned and let out a cry of surprise.

Just as those veins appeared, Huang Chaoyu's body suddenly became extremely hot, and her body was surrounded by waves of fiery-red spiritual energy.

It was like flames had engulfed her.

Jiang Yiming was instantly shocked. He did not expect such a change to happen.

With a thought, he quickly opened the system interface.

[Name]: Huang Chaoyu (first generation disciple)

[Realm: late-stage of the Qi Meditation Realm

[Cultivation Technique]: Soul Recovery Technique

[Constitution]: Phoenix Flame Body

[Current Condition]: Meridians fully opened, constitution awakening

When he saw the last two columns, Jiang Yiming's tensed heart finally relaxed.

It turned out that he had been worried for nothing. Not only was Huang Chaoyu unharmed, but she had even gotten a blessing in disguise.

She had unintentionally awakened her constitution.

Jiang Yiming had some impression of the Phoenix Flame Body.

Although it was not comparable to the Supreme Celestial Demon Body, it was still an extremely powerful constitution in the world.

Legend had it that when the Phoenix Flame Body was cultivated to the great success level, it could burn mountains and boil the seas and could even burn the void.

It could be said to be one of the most powerful fire attribute constitutions!

He didn't expect that this little disciple of his would have such potential.

Jiang Yiming couldn't help but click his tongue.

As time passed, Huang Chaoyu's complexion slowly returned to its original state.

The strange flame patterns gradually faded away, till they finally disappeared.

The crimson red spiritual energy around her also gradually dissipated.

Jiang Yiming held her wrist and found that her body temperature had returned to normal.

At this moment, the cold mechanical voice of the system sounded again.

[Ding -- mission triggered!]