8 Wind Lightning Steps, Finally Acquiring a Qi Cultivation Entry

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Once night came, Li Ming was already inside his cave abode. He had finished reading the [Wind Lightning Steps], his eyes full of understanding.

The [Wind Lightning Steps] required the absorption of the power of wind and lightning in the air. The cultivation of this technique was done with the help of the mighty force of nature.

Once one mastered it, they would be able to move like wind and lightning, coming and going like the wind and bolting around like lightning.

He went to the bamboo forest. It was currently dark outside, and the night wind blew through the forest.

Focusing his mind on the [Wind Lightning Steps], Li Ming calmed his mind down.

Under his guidance, waves of true qi flowed through the meridians in his legs.

In order to be able to increase his speed, he needed to activate special acupuncture points in his legs and feet.

After opening up these acupoints, the circulation of true qi would give his legs the potential to achieve greater speed.

At the same time, Li Ming moved quickly in a small square according to the breathing rhythm of the footwork.

There was not much mystery to his steps, but his speed got faster and faster.

As Li Ming activated his aperture acupoints, he could channel his true qi to the soles of his feet, and then he could instantly burst out with extremely high speed.

"After opening up the acupoints, it's time to familiarize myself with the circulation of true qi."

"Then with that, I've grasped the basics."

Li Ming practiced the [Wind Lightning Steps] and began running on the ground, feeling out how his legs exerted force on the ground.

Gradually, Li Ming's upper body became smaller and smaller, and his legs began to leave afterimages as they moved around with extreme speed.

Li Ming also began to understand the mysteriousness behind this cultivation technique. This technique allowed him to truly fly with the wind.

After mastering the manner by which he exerted force, he only needed to exert a little force to move a great distance.


When he finished circulating the technique, Li Ming no longer hesitated and jumped up into the bamboo forest.

He stepped on the light bamboo leaves.

"Become the wind, control with your heart!"

Li Ming's legs seemed to shine with a green light. He looked like he was doing nothing, but he was rapidly moving in the air.

In the blink of an eye, he turned into a green shadow and flickered throughout the dense bamboo forest.

Whenever he reached a bamboo pole, he would immediately be a few meters away in the next instant.

"This footwork is really amazing!"

Li Ming finally stopped on a stone and looked at the peak against the wind.

This footwork was as swift as wind and lightning. It was an extremely effective tool for fighting against enemies or escaping.

It could be said that he was able to further display his great strength and strong physique with this agile movement technique.

After he became more proficient in it, the small bursts he could unleash with his true qi became more powerful, and he felt that he could go even faster.

Li Ming's eyes brightened as he sped through the forest.

He saw a new entry.

[Swift as the Wind (White): Speed increased by 25%]

With the addition of this entry, Li Ming's figure was like a phantom as he moved in the forest.

The effect was not particularly obvious, but it was better than nothing.

After a long time, he stopped.

He walked back to his cave abode.

Li Ming's comprehension of the martial dao deepened after he learned the [Lightning Wind Steps].

Martial arts techniques were like an extension of the body, allowing one to better unleash the body's abilities.

A good cultivation technique could often bring out the various magical abilities of the body and resonate with nature.

"I just wonder if I'll be able to cultivate to the level of those heaven and earth phenomena..."

Li Ming's eyes were filled with anticipation.

The difference between body refining cultivators and qi refining cultivators in the early stages was that their special abilities were not as grand as that of qi refining cultivators. They seemed much more simple and unadorned.

However, at the later stages of body cultivation, the fist could move everything, and the cards that body cultivators could play were definitely not worse than qi cultivators.

For example, his current movement technique, [Wind Lightning Steps]. It did not have any special or grand effects, but it could make people feel an intuitive shock.

Regardless, the cultivation techniques he had now were compatible with his body.

Blazing Sun Body Tempering Art, Five Divine Fists, Iron Skin, Wind Lightning Steps.

At least for the moment, he no longer had any obvious shortcomings in regard to body refinement.

After returning to the cave, Li Ming felt relieved.

After some thought, he lay back on his bed and began to rest.

He casually picked up a qi cultivation-related cultivation technique that he had not finished reading and continued to read it through the night.

Reading the qi cultivation technique was Li Ming's way of resting.

He was usually like this. When he was tired of body cultivation, he would look at qi cultivation techniques and meditate to regulate his breathing.

When he was tired from reading, he would go to the courtyard to exercise.

This kind of work-rest balance was also quite comfortable for him.


In the morning, Li Ming thought of the basic qi cultivation technique that he had not finished reading last night.

He took it out of the cave abode and began to read it leisurely in the bamboo forest.

All spiritual energy was of the same nature, and in the end, it would simply be converted for one's own use. Different people absorbed spiritual energy at different speeds and qualities, and the efficiency at which they were able to transformed also varied greatly.

The qi cultivation technique that Li Ming practiced was a very basic version, which was no different from the one that other disciples had.

However, everyone's aptitude was different, and their affinity with spiritual energy also varied. Of course, their cultivation speeds would vary as well.

And during the entire transformation process, the foundation cultivation technique was already the very foundation of the foundation. It could not be further simplified.

This point was similar to body cultivation, which required patience and a long period of cultivation.

"This [One Qi Art] is indeed well explained."

Seeing its wonderful effect, the thin spiritual qi in Li Ming's body also circulated.

However, his immortal cultivation aptitude was too poor, and the effect was minimal.

However, Li Ming had never given up. For the past three years, he had been reading books on qi cultivation every night.

He had never stopped trying to get an entry for qi cultivation.

As the saying went, both hands were needed to train one's body and qi.

In the end, Li Ming's patience and persistence was rewarded.

He suddenly sat up straight.

A green entry had appeared!

[Lifetime of Qi Refinement (Green): Increases efficiency of qi cultivation techniques by 25%.]

He was not seeing things. He had really gotten an entry for qi cultivation.

"It's been three years. I've finally gotten a qi cultivation entry." Li Ming sighed with emotion.

It took him three whole years to grind for a qi cultivation entry. No one else had an immortal cultivation physique like him.

He looked at the new entry and was speechless.

Lifetime of Qi Refinement?

Did this mean that he could only cultivate qi for the rest of his life?

However, he finally had something that could help him cultivate qi.

Li Ming sat cross-legged in the bamboo forest. The breeze blew softly, and he felt refreshed.

Even if he had a poor aptitude for immortal cultivation previously, with the 25% increase from [Lifetime of Qi Refinement], could he still say that his talent was not good?

Obviously, his entries also contributed to his talent.

With the addition of these entries, his talent became better and better.

Therefore, Li Ming immediately began to practice qi cultivation.

If the elders in the sect were to see this, they would definitely be very touched.

At this moment, Li Ming felt that his whole body was empty.

Streams of gentle and mild energy quietly flowed through his body. This energy was the spiritual qi of the world.

Refining the spirit qi for one's own use was what qi refinement cultivators did every day.

In the end, the spiritual energy would circulate along the meridians and finally pour into the spiritual energy vortex in the cultivator's dantian in their lower abdomen.

In the past, the spiritual energy that Li Ming could absorb for his own use was less than 10%.

But now, he discovered that he would be able to absorb 30 - 40% of the spiritual energy that flowed through his body.

He was delighted by this discovery.

Was this the effect of [Lifetime of Qi Refinement]?

It instantly displayed its efficacy.

The spiritual qi he absorbed from the world converged outside his vortex.

The spiritual qi vortex that had originally been slowly spinning began to spin faster like a top.

As the spiritual qi vortex accelerated, more and more spiritual qi seemed to be drawn in, swarming into the center of the vortex.


The spiritual qi vortex was still not satisfied with the spiritual qi it had absorbed. It began to absorb spiritual qi increasingly violently and ravenously.

In the end, the spiritual qi merged with each other on the outside of the vortex, and they became indistinguishable from each other.

He looked at the spiritual qi vortex that had grown stronger.

Li Ming stood there happily. He had not taken a break in vain. He had accumulated a lot and was now at the fifth level of qi refinement!

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