Cultivation Chat Group

One day, Song Shuhang was suddenly added to a chat group with many seniors that suffered from chuuni disease. The people inside the group would call each other ‘Fellow Daoist’ and had all different kinds of titles: Palace Master, Cave Lord, True Monarch, Immortal Master, etc. Even the pet of the founder of the group that had run away from home was called ‘monster dog’. They would talk all day about pill refining, exploring ancient ruins, or share their experience on techniques. However, after lurking inside the group for a while, he discovered that not all was what it seemed...

Legend of the Paladin · Urban
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2887 Chs

Enhanced Draconic Might, a move that can only be used once a month

Translator: GodBrandy

'Practice what you have learned.' Was there not a saying that went like this?

Is there anything more joyful in this world than being able to put something into practice immediately after learning it?

Sixteen was all about applying what she learned now.

She chewed the fasting pill, helped Song Shuhang up, and leaned closer to him.

"Wait... wait!" said the black-skinned Soft Feather.

Her intuition as an inner demon told her that it was a little wrong for Sixteen to continue what she was doing.

Pavilion Master Chu's strand of hair: "..."

Sister White Dragon: "..."

In fact, Sixteen was very nervous right now. Her heart of virtue was beating like a drum, and it felt as if it could break at any moment.

With great difficulty, she mustered up the courage to bring her face closer to Song Shuhang's. She knew what she had to do next, and she had prepared herself for it.