Cultivation: A Journey Through The Universe Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

Cultivation: A Journey Through The Universe


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Vishnu’s parents died when he was just a teenager. For revenge and the sake of his only family remaining, he got stronger. But in the end, his sister was taken away from him. He killed his parent's murderer and also those who harmed his sister. But now all alone. A portal opens in front of him. As thousands of soldiers are running toward him to kill him, he vanishes. Appears in a different world but also the same, with a ring he found in the portal. What mysteries the Ring holds and what would he do from now on in this new world all alone? But he, who thought he has reached the pinnacle in his previous world is but a tiny ant here so the power to grow stronger ignites within him. He’ll reach the peak to have enough power this time to protect his future loved ones. Would he be able to do it? Follow Vishnu through his Journey across the universe. ____ I hope you guys will like this novel. Give it a chance as I try to do better with each chapter. Join Discord: https://discord.gg/mmMRwuYZR5 ... Note: The cover is not mine, If the owner is seeing this and wants me to take it down you can leave a comment. peace ;