Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration

Jiang Li takes a meal and gains the status [Satiety]. [Satiety: Restores 1 Stamina per minute. Duration: ∞] He no longer has to eat. He sticks a talisman on himself and gains the status [Armored Horse Divine Travel]. [Armored Horse Divine Travel: Increase movement speed by 1000%. Duration: ∞] Taking pills, gaining spiritual qi, refining the body, nurturing the soul, and increasing life expectancy... He only needs one pill for the status to take effect for the rest of his life. Those crippling secret techniques that boost power for three seconds but result in three-year feebleness? They are now the most powerful and most amazing techniques! Waiting for a thousand years to comprehend the Dao after using one enlightenment pill? No, he is comprehending the Dao every day! He is Jiang Li, a Prince Charming who can turn an instant into eternity →_→...

Turtle Shell and Hemp Rope · Eastern
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Turtle Treasure

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Jiang Li could sense that it was an extremely heavy energy.

This energy had all five elements and the quality was very high.

The power of the five elements seemed to have formed a very stable balance, causing this energy to be abnormally safe and also have an indescribable inertia.

After entering his body, it quietly lay dormant.

Jiang Li could not activate it on his own accord, but he was still continuously emitting a gentle energy that slowly nourished his body.

From the information on the interface, this energy should be the Earth Vein Spirit Essence of the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak. Its main function was to supplement the deficiencies and assist in reaching the Foundation Establishment realm.

By using the Earth Vein Spirit Essence of the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak to build the foundation, it would be strange if the Dao Foundation constructed like this was not sturdy and powerful.