350 The Oriole Behind

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They had just left the Mu family's peach forest when the Great Mountain Alliance's flying ship was attacked by an unknown cultivator.

With just one strike, even the flying ship was destroyed. There was also a black silk barrier that blocked their path. Shenshan Qiuhua and the others immediately fell into a dangerous situation.

"Hand over the Divine Possession Girl and I won't kill you." A crisp female voice sounded from the sky.

A petite woman wrapped in a red veil slowly descended from above. Black hair spread out in all directions.

It turned out that the black threads that had cut open the flying ship and formed a bird cage to block their path were all this person's hair.

"We should have no grudges with Senior. Why are you blocking our path?" Elder Mu spoke solemnly. That person only looked at them and gave them a lot of pressure.

The strength of the two sides was clearly not on the same level.


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