866 Fengdu's First Lady (2)

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Those rogue cultivators who wandered around alone and relied on luck to encounter good things were indeed worrisome.

Occasionally, one of them would take a fancy to some family heirloom treasure. When he came to rob a house, he would turn around and stay thousands of miles away. He did not have to worry about revenge and could live a carefree life.

However, without the help of loyal subordinates, the drawback was often greater.

Even if one's talent was peerless and cultivated to be the strongest in the world, in the eyes of many people, he was still a brute.

At that time, if he wanted to rule the world, there would definitely be a large number of people who would be happy to serve him to abuse that authority.

Layers of bribery and false reports would be inevitable.

At that time, when the dignified Immortal Venerable ordered them to buy a quail egg from a street alley, believe it or not, the price would be ten high-grade spirit stones.


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