18 Wongoner Sargeer's plan B.

" Now, you know something, right? Well, I guess there is no use of hiding it from you anymore.

Your mother, Helena Arlogha, was actually the matriarch of the Arlogha Clan. She was married to your father, Elijah Neitherhood, about 400 years ago after being in a relationship for a long time.

There is an unspoken rule in the whole empire, which is that noble women must only marry the princes from the royal family, while the clan's matriarch must be engaged to the Emperor. The reason for this rule was because of the offspring the women from the Arlogha clan can give. Their sons or daughters are always born with the ability to cultivate, which is crucial for the Imperial Family. So, it's not wrong to say that women from the Arlogha Clan are born to become breeding machines for the royalty.

But, your mother rejected to marry Leviathan Sargeer. In order to get out of this trap, she abandoned her position despite the protests from her clan. She did all these sacrifices just to be with your father.

With that, her sister, Yalenna Arlogha, was appointed as the matriarch, and soon, she was engaged to my brother. There are rumours about her stepped up for her sister to ensure her wishes come true. Even though she couldn't stop her marriage, she started training assassins and built up a network throughout the whole empire, making her the 'unofficial' ruler. Even though she and my brother spent their time together, there is not even a sign of a new life in her belly. I can swear, I have never seen they both sleep together and showed intimacy in front of us!

She had that cold face of hers, and my brother just kept ignoring her. Whenever I asked her of her attitude towards her husband, she simply replied, " We both know we have different targets, there is no marriage meant to us, besides I'm waiting for someone."

How unromantic it was! Even my act with that servant was more reliable than their marriage!" Abigail ended.

" Interesting! So she is waiting for someone and she has an army of assasins, am I right?"

Remembering the objective from the system, plans began to be made in his mind constantly.

' It seems I don't need 3 years to do it! Hehehe~'

" Wait! Which sex are the assasins in her army?" Karl asked abruptly.

" According to what I heard, they all are females! I don't know where she found them, but it seems they are very much skilled in what they do. Why do you ask?"

" So, my next target is the Empress, hehe~"

" Shameless bastard, stop being perverted. There is no way she will succumb to your petty tricks!"

" Hmmm? We will see about that, when the time comes."


" So, tell me what you found?"

Wongoner Sargeer asked his loyal demon servants.

" Well, it seems no one actually knows what happened there. All we could gather was the rumours about the inappropriate behaviour of Euger and his daughter Rene, and after that night, a meeting with the clan elders was held, and suddenly, the death of patriarch Euger was announced. When observing closely, we could see some of the buildings, including the clan's meeting hall, were being rebuilt. We are sure a fight had occurred on the premises."

" Hmmm? Who in the hell could defeat him? He also had that technique to protect!"

" About that, my Lord, we could clearly see the demonic energy and divine energy."

" Alright! You are dismissed!"

" Yes, my lord! I hope you won't forget about your deal with Her Majesty, the demon, Lord. She doesn't like to see her powers being abused."

" I know, thanks for the reminder, Double blade."

' Divine Energy, huh? So, there is someone who has attained divinity from Universal Energy. Interesting.'

" Wait, are you sure about the seal's news? That stupid seal decided to name him as its sole inheritor?"

" Yes, my lord!"

" Good."

" It seems we should move to the plan B."


" Achooo…" Karl sneezed.

" Huh? I have no cold! It seems someone is thinking bad about me! Ha ha, I never got that before. I wonder how those MCs beared with these sneezing!"

" Achoo…"

" Master!"

Rowanna screamed and jumped at Karl.

" Finally, you got to remember us!" Erena scoffed.

" Yes, we were working so damn hard for you with no rewards all this time! You must use 'that' payment method rather than VISA or MasterCard!"

" Huh? How do you know about that?"

" You told us about those technology you paln to develop here! In that description you told me about those cards! What was the name again?" Erena asked.

" Electronic Cards!" Rowanna replied.

" Yeah , that's it! Can't you remember?"

" Huh? Did I?"

" You!"

Karl grabbed both of them and put on his lap and started stroking their heads, and whispered, " You did well. Of course I will reward you for a whole week! Does that sound good to you?"

" A wee..week? You say?" Erena staggered.

" Yeah, besides, it's not my doing of neglecting you it's that damn author! Why that fucker can't remember something so important?"

" Author?"

" Yeah."

" So, it is the author or whoever you say!" Rowanna replied absentmindedly feeling the caresses on her head.

Erena nodded.

So, Karl of all the people out there chose the innocent author to put the blame and to his surprise they easily accepted it! Fuck you bitches!

" Anyway, a week is so short isn't it?" Karl asked.

" Short? You say?" They both yelled.

" Hehe! So you are accepting that you are not stronger than me, right?"

" Bring it on! Let's show him what we can do!"

Seeing those girl's reaction Karl couldn't help but admire their cuteness.

" Karl, an envoy from the palace of the Emperor, is requesting an audience with you. What should I do?" Rene's voice sounded in his head.

' Here it comes! Took you long enough! Hehe~'

" Let him wait for me in the meeting hall. I will be there in a minute." Karl ordered.

" Okay"

Erena looked at Karl's face.

Of course she did receive the news from Rene too.

" What do you think, he is planning?"

" For now, I don't know. But I will find it soon. To do that I have to stage an act! Hehe~"

" What act?"

" The act of a foolish prince who doesn't know anything!"

" Why? You can just confront him. Woth your cultivation it should be no big deal, right?"

" No, I don't think I can defeat him like Euger."

" Hmm? Why do you think so?" Rowanna asked.

" Think, how he used a demonic technique to have a strength equivalent to a Divine level cultivator. Even though it was for a limited period of time, if not for me, he had the ability to destroy the entire Sargeer Empire within a few hours. At that time, I used borrowed strength and had to take him down in a one move because of the time limit I could wield that power.

If Wongoner gave him such a powerful technique to his henchman I'm sure he also possess such tricky cards hiding on his sleeve. And they should be more powerful than that! We shouldn't underestimate enemies. Also his loyal servants seems to be troublesome to deal with."

After a few seconds of silence, Erena remarked,

" I can't believe you have grown up to think about the whole picture thoroughly. If your mother was here, she would be very much proud of you. Not to say of your father!"

" Master is the best!"

" Ding!

The host's gained +50 faith points."

" Ding!

The host's gained +50 faith points."

Blue holographic messages began to appear in front of him. Of course, only he could see them.

' Oh that's how it works. The more they admire me, the more I gain points and it helps to master my divinities!'

" Why do you have that strange smile on your face?" Erena asked.

" Oh, it's because I have evidence that my parents are still alive!" Kar replied showing a divine smile which could make any woman fall for him.

" WHAT?"


In the meeting hall of the Clan Neitherhood.

The rebuilt procedure had been progressed smoothly, thanks to the hardwork of Erena, Rowanna and Rene. A new meeting hall, which was more beautiful than the previous one was built from the scratch and in just three days. The cultivators who practised techniques of building, in clan Neitherhood volunteered for this project saving lot of trouble and time.

Currently, two men and three women were in the hall. Of course, they were the enovy from the palace, Karl and his three girls. Abigail wasn't present because they thought that would arise suspicion in the emperor. His sister who was not interested in clan's business earlier, suddenly starts to meddle in them now, will arise suspicion even in the most stupid brother in the universe!

" Prepare to recieve the decree from the Holy Emperor of the Holy Land of Light Wongoner Sargeer!"

The envoy yelled.

' Why the fuck does he have to yell? Does he think we have hearing problems? Though he hasn't balls, it seems he has a big fucking mouth!' Karl cursed inwardly after kneeling in front of him.

" Karl Neitherhood, step forward."

Karl did so and waited.

" By the order of his majesty, Karl Neitherhood, son of Elijah Neitherhood is declared as the Crown Prince of the Holy Land of Light. As the crown prince, you are ordered to return to the Imperial Palace. Do you accept?"

After a moment of silence, Karl replied, " Yes, I accept his majesty's orders. Hail to the Emperor! Hail to the Sargeer Empire!"

Author's note : As you can see, Karl had put the blame on innocent me for neglecting his women. Do you also think like that? Please let me know in the chapter comments section. Hope you will enjoy!

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