Cultivating in this Wonderful World

Milcar ended his life by performing a ritual to travel to another world. However, the world he ended up in wasn't the one he wanted. Resigned, Milcar decides that he'll make this world his own playground.

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44 Chs

Goddes Aqua

"Are you the goddess of Water?", in a space where the whole world seems to have been painted in a black color, rather, where a man is standing on an invisible platform and all around him is the empty black space of the universe, the man, named Milcar speaks. 

A teenage girl of about fifteen years old sits on a white chair, this girl has blue colored clothes to match, a small short skirt that makes one doubt whether this girl is a woman who sells her body to men or not. 

"Yes, indeed, I am the goddess of Water", the teenage girl answers with a smile, her white teeth shine slightly, the perfectly sincelike face of this girl makes Milcar get lost in her thoughts just for a few minutes. 

"Aqua?", Milcar asks in disbelief. 

"Exactly, Mr. Milcar, I am the great Water goddess, Are you surprised?, I wouldn't mind if you praise me or you kneel, hehehe", Aqua smiles mischievously as she gives Milcar a thumbs up. 

Milcar looks at his hands for a moment before swallowing saliva. 

"Indeed, the ritual worked", Milcar thinks to himself, Milcar was a man living in a modern age, as a good old novel reader Milcar had a dream of being reincarnated in a fantasy world. 

Searching in an American forum about rituals related to Japanese culture, Milcar found a ritual to travel to your favorite world, the ritual consisted of cutting off your p*nis with a kitchen knife and then running down any street in the middle of the night, all this without clothes and while bleeding out quickly due to the cut p*nis and dying without receiving medical attention. 

Milcar didn't think it would work, it was just that a combination of situations like lack of money and the newly detected cancer in his life meant he had no other options. 

It was either wait for a painful and slow death or try the ridiculous ritual, so Milcar drank ten cups of coffee, injected himself with a bunch of forbidden substances to reduce the pain, took a kitchen knife, amputated his own p*nis and ran naked through the streets of his city in the middle of the night. 

Now Milcar stands before the Water goddess of "Blessings For a Wonderful World". 

However, Milcar grits his teeth with some suppressed rage. 

"Shit, I'm supposed to be reincarnated in Great Demon King world, Why is this world of Blessings?, Konosuba or whatever it's called", Milcar grits his teeth in suppressed rage. 

The world he wanted to go to was Great Demon king, he wanted to replace Brillant, the one he would originally reincarnate as Han Shuo, start cultivating Qi, become an Archmage and kill Firenze Fanny's father, then he would torture Fanny while having a smile on his face. 

However, he came to this world where there are no amazing superpowers, where you cannot cultivate Qi and you cannot increase your life expectancy, nor seek immortality, neither can humans reach the level of a god. 

In fact, a few small tears escape Milcar's eyes at this moment,with an extremely aggrieved face Milcar observes the water goddess in front of him. 

"Hey, hey, Do you want to be reincarnated in another world?", Aqua says with a smile as she inflates her chest, as a result, the two large masses of flesh on her chest move slightly. 

This involuntary seductive movement of Aqua's could have seduced anyone, but at this moment Milcar is so furious that he can hardly think of anything lustful. 

"Yes, Aren't you supposed to grant me a wish?", Milcar says while suppressing the rising rage , Aqua takes a finger to cover her red lips before nodding her head. 

"Indeed, Mr. Milcar, you are a man who gets straight to the point without wasting time, girls like a straightforward man, so, What is your wish?", Aqua smiles as she winks at Milcar. 

"I want to be omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent", Aqua's face changes slightly when she hears Milcar's words, showing her confusion, Aqua raises her eyebrows as she looks at Milcar. 

"It can't... impossible", Aqua says, her serious face looks at Milcar, it seems Aqua is a bit annoyed. 

"Then, I want an immortal cultivation talent, I want to be able to cultivate Qi up to the Immortal stage", Milcar nods his head. 

"The for what thing of what?", Aqua squints her eyes, she didn't understand a single word Milcar said previously, Aqua's blue eyes look Milcar in the eyes. 

"Don't you know what immortal cultivation is?, I should guess, those damn stupid Japanese don't know anything besides their romance and Ntr", Milcar spits with hatred and venom in his voice. 

Milcar, as an American with good tastes has great desires to be immortal and all-powerful, however, Japanese culture is more about romance or something about cheating on her husbands. 

Instead, Milcar prefers the Chinese concept of Immortality, being immortal and being all-powerful. 

Aqua takes two steps back, her eyes filled with pity as she looks at Milcar, then quickly walks back toward him.

"What are you doing?" Milcar asks with curiosity as Aqua approaches.

Aqua stands on her tiptoes and pats Milcar's head with the touch of a loving mother, her face showing understanding and empathy.

"Poor thing, you're mentally challenged, just like the other guys who talked about cultivating immortality and being Golden Core cultivators or something like that. What a shame", Aqua sheds a few tears as she looks at Milcar the way a mother looks at a child born with a deformity.

"What?", Milcar squints, swallowing lightly as a feeling of offense washes over him. The goddess known for being useless was now pitying him and calling him mentally challenged.

"Why does it feel so good?", However, Milcar didn't move Aqua's hand away from patting his hair; instead, he felt a strange sense of pleasure from Aqua's touch.

"Well, hehehe, you can always choose from one of these talents...", Aqua stops patting Milcar's head, extends her hands, and a pile of papers appears in them.

Looking at the stack of papers with various abilities written on them, Milcar opens his eyes slightly, a hint of anticipation hidden in them.

"Miss Aqua, Can I write down the ability I want to take to the other world?", Resigned, Milcar nods and thinks that maybe it's not so bad to reincarnate in the world of Blessings for a Wonderful World.

"Ah, about that, yeah, as long as your ability doesn't involve omnipotence or anything like that", Aqua nods, and a blank sheet of paper with a pencil appears in the space in front of Milcar.

Milcar's smile disappears, replaced by a serious expression.

"Omnipotence?", Milcar thinks as he quickly writes on the sheet of paper.

A few moments later, Aqua reads the paper Milcar wrote on, her face going through various expressions until she ends with a slightly furrowed brow.

"Immortal cultivation? This means... Golden Core?, Nascent Soul?, sounds fun. This uses the Qi around you to refine it within your body, and... you want the Celestial Dragon constitution and a Pure Yang body?", Aqua barely understands what Milcar wrote on the paper, but eager to move things along, knowing there are many more souls waiting, Aqua nods, thinking this ability isn't too powerful.