77 Wouldn't You Win If You Beat Jiang Hao?

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There were two people from the Cliff of Broken Hearts who had made it to the top ten. Both people were from two different cultivation realms. That meant that the probability of someone winning from the Cliff of Broken Hearts was high.

Four finalists would be selected for the competition. If Jiang Hao could make it to the top three, he could choose the seed.

Most disciples found seeds useless because the benefits weren't worth it.

"Master, how do you think the rewards will be categorized?"

"Nine Suns Saber, then the Daoist Robe, the spell technique might be at the third place, then comes the cultivation technique, and finally the seed."

'The Heavenly Dawn Spiritual Technique is only at the fourth rank in the list of rewards?' That surprised Jiang Hao.


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