5 She Really Was a Traitor

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The next day, Jiang Hao went to the Spirit Herb Garden following his usual schedule and returned in the evening. He didn't gain much that day, not even the common bubbles.

No one came to him to ask for spirit herbs either. Senior Sister Yun Ruo didn't appear. Jiang Hao did hear rumors along the way about traitors in the sect. According to them, most were already discovered. They were currently cleaning up the sect.

'Fortunately, I don't have anything here. Otherwise, the traitors would definitely come this way.'

 After returning to his house, Jiang Hao heaved a sigh of relief. He wasn't a traitor, and he definitely didn't want to be the one capturing them. It wasn't good to offend either side.

The Heavenly Note Sect was the Devil sect, and everyone in the cultivation world wanted to beat the Devil sect. Maybe one day it would be destroyed.

He didn't want to offend other sects by capturing their spies either. Because traitors were the pawns of immortal sects. If he got involved, it would be hard to clear his name. There would be no hope for him.

Shaking his head, Jiang Hao tended to the spirit herbs in the yard of his house. The ones he had were ordinary spirit herbs. It would be better if he could apply for better spirit herbs, but he couldn't afford to buy them.

'My cultivation is still weak, but it's too conspicuous and might attract trouble,' thought Jiang Hao. 'It seems that I have to continue thinking of other ways. Should I just say that I got lucky and a bubble increased my cultivation sharply? Or… should I just go outside and never come back here?' Jiang Hao shook his head. None of them were good solutions. 

Leaving was not an option. The outside world was far more dangerous. Saying that he had a lucky encounter with a rare bubble wasn't convincing, either. As for betraying the sect, that was unsafe and risky.

 The Heavenly Note Sect would never tolerate traitors. When he was new to the sect, he had heard about a disciple who had been in contact with an immortal sect. The people of the Heavenly Note Sect did not express their stance at the beginning and did not pay any attention to it. Ten years later, when the disciple ventured out of the sect, the Heavenly Note Sect killed them. Only then did people know that the Heavenly Note Sect had been hiding for ten years to kill one traitor.

Jiang Hao was overwhelmed with his thoughts. He felt confused and lost. He finally abandoned all his worries and tended to the spirit herbs.

The most important thing right now is to get stronger. He did not dare to increase his cultivation too quickly. There would be no suspicion if his lifeblood and basic strength increased at a rapid rate. He could also obtain more supernatural abilities.

After tending to the herbs, Jiang Hao stood up, cleaned his hands and walked to his room to cultivate. However, he heard someone call him from behind.

"Junior Brother!" It was a soft female voice.

He turned around to see Senior Sister Yun Ruo who looked very pale. Jiang Hao knew this wasn't good. They had met at the Spirit Herb Garden mostly. But this time she had come to his house. And his gut feeling said she came with ill intentions.

"Hello Senior Sister Yun Ruo. Are you looking for some spirit herbs?" asked Jiang Hao calmly.

"Can we talk inside?" Yun Ruo smiled sweetly at Jiang Hao.

'No, definitely not!' thought Jiang Hao but couldn't say it aloud. He did not want to alert the enemy.

"Of course, Senior sister," said Jiang Hao. "Please." He gestured for her to enter his house.

He was on guard. His intuition warned him that there was something wrong with Senior Sister Yun Ruo. If he was careless, he would suffer.

Inside the house, Senior Sister Yun Ruo's smiling face became serious. She looked at Jiang Hao.

"Junior Brother, can I trust you?" She corrected herself hurriedly. "No, rather you are the only one I can actually trust. I have observed you for many years and I know that you shouldn't be in the Devil Sect."

Jiang Hao was shocked. 'What is she saying? Does she think I am a spy? Or… is she trying to trick me?'

He pretended to be flustered and lowered his head. "Senior Sister, I grew up in the Heavenly Note Sect. I definitely don't think I can be anywhere else other than here."

"I know. I just feel that you shouldn't stay in the Devil Sect. Your temperament isn't suitable for this place. You should go to the immortal sect. The Sunset Immortal Sect, which has a legacy of ten thousand years, is revered by the world."

"I know that you have a good heart. I know you feel like you don't belong here. This is the best opportunity I've found. Whether or not I can go from darkness to light, this is my only chance."

"S-senior Sister, could it be that you are...," Jiang Hao stammered in shock.

He was indeed a little surprised now that his speculations had come true. Senior Sister Yun Ruo was really a traitor. She even wanted to drag him down with her.

"That's right, I am a true disciple of the Sunset Immortal Sect. I came here on a mission. My mission is complete, but I was discovered. I have no choice but to ask you for your help. Please help me hide things that I have obtained and send it to my sect!"

"I promise that you will get a chance to join the Sunset Immortal Sect," she continued. "The reward that belongs to me will be yours. I know that I will die here." Fairy Yun Ruo displayed a resolute confidence and appeared unafraid of her impending death.

This was her sacrifice. She had come to beg Jiang Hao to keep the item and send it to her sect.

Her resolve moved Jiang Hao. She didn't look like she was lying but he still didn't want to do it.

'What if it was a trap?' thought Jiang Hao.

"I know that Junior Brother has concerns. How about I leave the item with you in good faith? If I die, you can choose to report me. I have already been discovered anyway, so I won't drag you along with me. It won't do me any good, anyway," said Fairy Yun Ruo.

She took out a jade pendant which was carved with a mysterious symbol. It didn't look ordinary. Jiang Hao frowned. 'Will I get into trouble if I refuse?' thought Jiang Hao. 'Will she kill me? Would a righteous sect disciple be as ruthless as a Devil Sect disciple?'

Jiang Hao was unable to figure out anything with certainty. Besides, a curious fragrance kept wafting from around Senior Sister Yun Ruo.

"Junior Brother?" Fairy Yun Ruo bit her lip and looked at Jiang Hao pitifully.

Jiang Hao, just for a moment, felt as though she might be trustworthy. He was about to take the pendant when he sensed that something was definitely wrong. An idea flashed through his mind. He activated his divine ability of Daily Appraisal.

'Appraise Senior Sister Yun Ruo.' He silently activated the ability.

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