32 Kill the Enemy

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Lou Feng looked at Jiang Hao in disbelief. But he didn't have time to think too much about it. He had to listen to Qing Xue if he wanted to kill him.

 He spat out a mouthful of his blood essence. The drops of blood that fell from his body were scorching hot and it rushed towards Jiang Hao. Meanwhile, Qing Xue wasted no time and charged at Jiang Hao with her sword again.

Jiang Hao tried to dodge the propelling drops of sizzling blood while trying to defend himself against Qing Xue's attacks.

The blood dripped down like raindrops. The sword's intent was too cold and powerful.

Boom! The blood exploded on the ground, creating a big pit.

Bang! The sword slashed across, and the trees were shattered.

In the darkness, the long sword and the Shadow Blade met and lit up the air. It was a battle of life and death.


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