7 Hong Yuye Saw Jiang Hao’s Name

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It had been seven days since he killed Senior Sister Yun Ruo.

He had spent it anxiously, but no one had come looking for him. The only thing he gained from the whole incident was that the effect of the Daily Appraisal ability was much stronger than he had expected.

He had begun to secretly appraise people. He did not find anyone of consequence so far. So, he stopped appraising them to avoid wasting his appraisal ability.

It was interesting to find out that he could appraise himself. When he did appraise himself, the result was such that:

[The Heaven Extinction Gu Poison Yang Gu in the body. Will be forced to enter the 'sage' state except with the woman who had the Yin Gu.]

Jiang Hao sighed. The pill that woman had force-fed him was the Gu poison. The recent changes in his body were also because of it.

He wasn't sure whether that was a blessing or a curse. Senior Sister Yun Ruo had used enchantments on him, and it hadn't worked. He knew it had something to do with the Gu poison. He shuddered to think what would have happened otherwise.

There were many people in the Devil Sect who knew enchantments. Maybe this was a good thing. Being a male, beauty was a weakness. Jiang Hao didn't want to fall prey to that weakness. He would obviously be killed.

He brushed off his thoughts and went to the spirit garden to keep himself busy. Every time he went there, he found something to make him stronger. But someone blocked his way at the door.

There were three young men, each stronger than him. They looked very solemn. Their bodies emitted a faint, murderous aura.

Jiang Hao didn't want to take any chances. He activated his Daily Appraisal. The man in the lead was dressed all in black. His eyebrows were as sharp as a sword and his face looked like it was sculpted out of marble. He could be considered handsome by some.

[Liu Xingchen: a true disciple of the Heavenly Faction. Born with the aura of a dragon and in the late stage of the Golden Core Realm. He is bored and wants to spy on the Heavenly Note Sect's Law Enforcement Hall. He is looking for you to calm the Heavenly Joy Pavilion's anger.]

Jiang Hao's heart was pounding. 'Isn't the Heavenly Faction known as the most powerful immortal sect? Why would such a person come to the Heavenly Note Sect to spy?' thought Jiang Hao anxiously. He bowed his head respectfully to greet them.

"We are from the Law Enforcement Hall. We are here about the incident that occurred seven days ago. We have a few questions to ask you," said Liu Xingchen, indifferently.

"Of course, Senior Brother." Jiang Hao was terrified but he maintained his composure.

The words 'Heavenly Joy Pavilion's anger' made him worried.

"You killed Junior Sister Yun Ruo?" Liu Xingchen asked.

"Yes." Jiang Hao nodded.

"Why did you kill her?" asked Liu Xingchen.

"She betrayed the sect and tried to force me to betray them, too. I did not intend to kill her but in the end, I accidentally did." said Jiang Hao.

"She was a member of the Heavenly Joy Pavilion. It's not up to the Cliff of Broken Hearts to take care of her," said Liu Xingchen coldly.

"You violated the sect's rules by killing a disciple of the Heavenly Joy Pavilion," Liu Xingchen continued. "However, in consideration of the reason you mentioned, you will only be deprived of five years of cultivation resources. Within three months, you are expected to pay 1000 spirit stones to the Heavenly Joy Pavilion as compensation."

"In addition, since Yun Ruo is a traitor to the sect and you were the last person she met, you aren't allowed to leave the sect for now. You need to cooperate with our investigations. If you do leave, it will be treated as a judgment, and you will be found guilty. We will inform you when the investigation is over."

Jiang Hao was frozen on the spot. He, of course, had no qualms in cooperating with their investigation but paying with 1000 spirit stones?!

'As an inner disciple, I only get 10 spirit stones per month. Where will I get a thousand of them?!' thought Jiang Hao in disbelief. 'Heavenly Joy Pavilion was worthy of being a Devil Sect in their ruthlessness, indeed.'

Seeing Jiang Hao silent, Liu Xingchen said, "Do you have any questions?"

Jiang Hao was brought back to reality. He lowered his head. "No."

The three men from the Law Enforcement Hall uttered a goodbye and left.

Jiang Hao sighed. 'Is the Cliff of Broken Hearts too weak or am I too unimportant for them?' lamented Jiang Hao. 'This is just plain bullying. 1000 spirit stones in three months! What will happen to me if I am unable to collect them? Will they kill me?'

'Having reached the Foundation Establishment Stage at just nineteen years of age is very rare. Maybe the Cliff of Broken hearts will protect me,' wished Jiang Hao.

With a heavy heart, Jiang Hao walked to the Spirit Herb Garden. Not only did he need to increase his cultivation some other way but also needed to find a way to earn 1000 spirit stones in three months!

He felt that the beautiful woman who had poisoned him was a disaster. Maybe if the poison hadn't actually saved him from enchantments, he would be dead by now and didn't have to worry about paying 1000 spirit stones!

It was not advisable for him to provoke a fight with the three men. The one who had questioned him was at the late stage of the Golden Core Realm! There was no way he could even think about beating him. Jiang Hao was only at the earliest stage of the Foundation Establishment Stage.

As for exposing them as a spy...

That would really be courting death. That would be suicide!

In the cultivation world, cultivation was divided into Lifeblood Refinement Realm, Foundation Establishment Stage, Golden Core Realm, Primordial Spirit Realm, Spirit Refinement Realm, and Return to Void.


At the highest point of the Heavenly Note Sect, on a pavilion in the center of the Hundred Flowers Lake sat Hong Yuye gazing at the flowers in a daze.

A gentle wind blew, and a white figure landed behind Hong Yuye. Aizhi bowed respectfully.

"Sect Master," she greeted.

Hong Yuye didn't turn around. She said softly, "What's the matter?"

"I've compiled a list of suspicious disciples and a list of traitors. It's ready for you to see." Baizhi handed the list over to Hong Yuye.

There were detailed records of the people, including their origins, cultivation levels and suspicious behaviors. They were either spies, traitors or suspects.

After a cursory glance, her eyes stopped at the very end: Jiang Hao. An inner sect disciple of the Cliff of Broken Hearts. Early stage of the Foundation Establishment Stage.

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