75 Exposed For Using A Divine Ability

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This was the very first time that the Daily Appraisal had failed. This ability never let him down. He could find information about anything or anyone when he used the Daily Appraisal ability.

However, when he activated the ability on the demoness, all it gave him were question marks.

[Hong Yuye: ???]

At least now he knew her name. Jiang Hao realized that he would need to break through the Golden Core Realm and reach higher realms if he wanted to find out more about her. He did not know how long that would take.

The only thing he could do was to keep trying to advance to greater cultivation realms.

"Are you using a divine ability on me?" Hong Yuye's voice made him jump in fright. "You seem flustered." She stood up and turned away from the flower with a faint smile on her lips.

"N-no I wasn't…"

He didn't understand how she had discovered him using his ability. No one had been able to sense it before.


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