5 The Chi Family's Hidden Faces: Disgusting Truth Part 2

Zhang Wei lay on his bed, completely drained after another day of serving the Chi family. Tonight, he hopes for some peace and quiet since it was a day of mourning for Chi Zhao, he had been frequently summoned to attend to the needs of the young stars and elders of the family, which made it nearly impossible for him to get a good night's sleep. As a blind male servant, he found the task of serving drinks and other items during their intimate moments demeaning. He couldn't comprehend why they needed him when a female servant could handle the job just as easily. However, every night, he was called upon to serve either a young master or an elder.

He has a feeling that maybe these men took pleasure in having him there as a witness to their sexual activities. It made him feel like nothing more than a tool for their satisfaction. With these thoughts running through his head, he finally drifted off to sleep, praying that tonight he would be left alone and allowed to have a peaceful night.

Zhang Wei was abruptly awakened by a loud knocking on his door in the middle of the night. He groggily stumbled to the door and asked, "Who is it?"

A voice from the other side replied, "It's me."

Immediately, Zhang Wei recognized the voice as that of Ye Xu, the personal servant of the seventh elder of the Chi family, Chi Lang. Zhang Wei had served Chi Lang before and knew that whenever he needed a servant at night to attend to him and his guests, he would call upon him, Zhang Wei.

Zhang Wei sighed, knowing exactly what this meant. Chi Lang enjoyed inviting his friends over and taking turns having intercourse with a woman, while Zhang Wei was forced to serve them drinks and bring them special items upon request. He felt disgusted by the whole situation.

But now, Ye Xu was calling him at this ungodly hour, and Zhang Wei knew he would once again have to serve Chi Lang and his unsavory guests.

"Master has requested your presence," Ye Xu informed Zhang Wei through the door. "Get ready quickly. He's waiting for you in his carriage at the main gate. You will have to follow him."

Zhang Wei was used to these sudden requests and didn't ask any questions. He quickly got dressed and made his way to the main gate to join Chi Lang.


After some time, the carriage came to a stop, indicating that they had reached their destination. Chi Lang and Zhang Wei disembarked from the carriage. At first, Zhang Wei was unsure of their location, but upon seeing the large gate guarded by many sentries, he recognized it as Lingyun Garden. This surprised him, as he had expected Chi Lang to take him to a place where he could serve while Chi Lang indulged in the company of women and friends. However, he began to wonder if his assumptions were mistaken, as Chi Lang showed his identity token to the guards and led him inside.

Zhang Wei silently followed Chi Lang through the heavily guarded garden, observing the opulence and grandeur of the surroundings. They eventually arrived at a luxurious house, and Chi Lang opened the main door. Upon entering, Zhang Wei heard faint sounds of people inside, and before he could take in his surroundings, he was instructed to close the door.

Zhang Wei closed the door behind him and finally had a chance to survey his surroundings. The foyer was a display of sophistication and elegance, complete with opulent furnishings and decor. A plush velvet couch and a polished marble table caught his eye, but it was the people in the room who truly captivated him.

There were 15 individuals present, including Chi Lang. Zhang Wei recognized each one, with nine of them being elders of the Chi family and four being young boys of some of these elders, including Chi Jinyu. The other two individuals in the room were the Chi family patriarch and a woman whom Zhang Wei had seen earlier that morning, Qiao Lina.

What surprised Zhang Wei was the ongoing scene in the room. Only the elders and the patriarch were wearing clothes, while the other five people were not and they were Qiao Lina and the four boys.

Zhang Wei's gaze shifted to the four boys and Qiao Lina. But what he saw was far from the noble appearance she had earlier in the day. Qiao Lina was now naked, her hair disheveled, with red finger prints on her cheeks and swollen eyes suggesting that she had been crying for a long time.

To his surprise, she was on all fours in front of Chi Jinyu, her hair firmly grasped by the boy. From where Zhang Wei was standing, he could see Qiao Lina's head bobbing up and down in front of Chi Jinyu.

Zhang Wei was still reeling from what he had witnessed when Elder Chi Lang's voice broke through his thoughts. "There's a wine cellar in the room on your right. Bring us some drinks. We are 14 people. And while you're at it, get something to eat from the kitchen next door."

Zhang Wei didn't let on any suspicion or surprise as he made his way to the wine cellar. But he could hear the elders discussing him behind his back. One of them referred to him as "that blind servant" while another agreed that he was the best choice for their situation. They laughed, but the sound was cold and sinister to Zhang Wei's ears.

Zhang Wei realized he was in trouble. He had accidentally stumbled upon a dark secret, and he knew that he must keep his wits about him and not reveal his ability to see. The stakes were too high, and he didn't want to end up silenced.

With these thoughts weighing heavily on his mind, Zhang Wei selected a suitable wine and headed to the kitchen to prepare food for the group. He worked as quickly and efficiently as possible, knowing that he had to return to the hall before suspicion could arise.

As he entered the room with the tray of food and drinks, he heard Chi Shengli's chilling words. "You boys have been enjoying her for such a long time. Since the patriarch is present, you should let him and the other elders have a turn before you get her back."

Zhang Wei's stomach turned as he realized the true nature of the situation. He had to find a way out, and quickly. But for the moment, he knew he had to play his part and serve these disgusting people with a smile on his face.


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