Cultivating Harem: A Villain's Path to Immortality [18+] Book

novel - Fantasy

Cultivating Harem: A Villain's Path to Immortality [18+]


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  • 204 Chs

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I heard that when people travel to another world, they become super rich second-generation individuals, or at least have someone to rely on. So, why did I, Zhang Wei, become a beggar? Becoming a beggar was not hard enough, why did I lose my vision all of a sudden? Is my life not hard enough? But I heard there are immortals in this world. Since fate chose to abandon me, I choose to give up my bottom line. I can do anything to become immortal. Note: Goal no. 1 : Developing the character towards being evil. Goal no 2: Creating harem (including 18+ scene) Goal no 3: Adding some comedy to lighten up the story(will not start until second volume)