33 Unkown Threat and Training Qing Yi

At the training court, Xuan Hao was patiently waiting for Qing Yi to show up. Meditating while waiting for someone or something had slowly become a habit for Xuan Hao, as the relaxation it brought about was unmatched. Maybe the influence from the former Xuan Hao's soul that had merged into him affecting him more than he expected. Not that the relaxing feeling was unwelcome, just unexpected.

Xuan Hao still remembered just after he transmigrated over, he was overwhelmed with the unknown emotions and memories from the past Xuan Hao. Towards the end, he had forgotten his original name and decided to just go with Xuan Hao, as he had already merged together with the soul of the former Xuan Hao.

From the memories of the former Xuan Hao, he could see many weird things. From birth and all the way up till he entered the Core Formation Realm, he only saw foggy figures and outlines. Nothing could really be seen from it.

Only after he entered the Core Formation Realm did the memories start to become clearer as Xuan Hao could see the past Xuan Hao wandering alone through the world at a young age, passing through countless kingdoms and empires. Wandering without a goal or any location in mind, just trying to get away from something.

It was only after encountering the current Sect Master of the Flying Sword Sect Feng Chen, that the past Xuan Hao became friends with him and entered the Flying Sword Sect.

From here on out, the past Xuan Hao just spent his time quietly cultivating in his pavilion until he reached the Nascent Soul Realm. Only a few weeks after reaching the Nascent Soul Realm, Xuan Hao passed over and merged together with the soul of the past Xuan Hao.

Xuan Hao himself knew that he probably would not be able to relax and enjoy life like now forever and the missing memories warned him of something dangerous coming, something that the past Xuan Hao had fled from for as long as he could remember.

From what Xuan Hao could gather after merging together with the past Xuan Hao, whatever he was fleeing from was not from the Ewaria continent.

Instead, it was something from beyond it… Maybe this unkown threat that he had fled from in the past had something to do with another continent out there? How did he come to the Ewaria Continent in the first place, if he came from another continent that existed faraway from the Contient of Ewaria? The boundless sea that surrounded the entrie Ewaria Continent was deadly even for people in the Emperor Realm, how did he manage to cross it?


"Huh…?" Opening his eyes, Xuan Hao blinked slightly in confusion. The feeling of being close to reaching something still lingered in his mind as he turned around and looked at his disciple, Qing Yi.

"Hm? Is something wrong master?" Blinking her eyes in confusion, Qing Yi tilted her head slightly to the side as she wondered why her master looked at her with such a confused expression on his face.

"It's nothing… Let's start the training now that you are here already!" Shaking his head slightly, Xuan Hao chose to just forget his earlier things and focused on training Qing Yi for now. The rest could wait for later when he was alone and had time to slowly meditate on it.

"For starters, what cultivation mantra are you using? I don't ask you to divulge the cultivation mantra as it is most likely a family heirloom or something along those lines. What I want to know is simply what it is aligned with, be it cloud qi, water qi, forest qi or so on." Explaining patiently, Xuan Hao waited for a response.

"Ah… I-I'm using an earth qi cultivation mantra, it was the only one I could use back when I tried in the past…" Fidgeting in embarrassment, Qing Yi explain softly. Xuan Hao doubted whether he would be able to hear anything she said if he was not a Nascent Soul cultivator.

"Hmm, I see. No need to feel nervous or embarrassed about it. The reason why you could not cultivate anything before, was probably because your divine physique had not awakened yet. This will no longer be a problem for you.

Now, you cultivated earth qi before and will be switching to fire qi now. This is not really a problem and will at most take you a few hours. We will mostly spend the next few hours on this, as I will guide you in changing the remaining earth qi in your body out with fire qi. Sit down for now." Walking up to Qing Yi, Xuan Hao motioned for her to sit down, as he put his hand of her back.

"I will now channel fire qi from the surroundings and let it enter your body, meanwhile, you will try to expel all of the earth qi remaining in your body."

Qing Yi nodded to his instructions and Xuan Hao began slowly drawing in fire qi from the surroundings, as Qing Yi expelled the earth qi inside of her body out into the environment.

Slowly one hour passed and the last bit of earth qi left Qing Yi's body and now it was instead filled up with a rampant fire qi, it was only with Xuan Hao's help that it did not go out of control.

"Good, the first step is completed. Now I will inject some of my qi into your body in the pattern of your new cultivation mantra. Try to follow it and familiarise yourself with it." Smiling at the progress they had made so far, Xuan Hao quickly instructed Qing Yi in the next step.

Qing Yi did not say a word and only nodded slowly upon hearing Xuan Hao's words.

At the moment she was fully focused and did not dare to spare an ounce of attention on anything else.

Feeling her master's qi gently flowing into her dantian from her back, Qing Yi focused on the qi's movement pattern and tried her best to imitate it.

Ever so slowly, Qing Yi started to get a hang on it and the formerly rampant fire qi started to calm down and the environment of her dantian relaxed as well.

"Congratulations Qing Yi, you successfully managed to swap out the earth qi in your body with fire qi. Now you can truly start cultivating. Here, this is the Heaven Burning Mantra, it focuses on fire qi and should be suited for your divine physique as well." Looking up at her master with an exhausted look, Qing Yi happily took the book that her master handed over to her.

"Just go back and relax for now, you can try and read the Heaven Burning Mantra while recovering. The more you understand, the faster your cultivation and your strength should also increase along with it."

Smiling happily, Qing Yi hugged the book as she ran off towards her room. Full of fighting spirit. Excited about the things she would learn from the cultivation mantra that her master handed her.

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