Cultivating Disciples to Breakthrough

Inside a quiet pavilion located inside one of the Heavenly Sky Kingdom’s four largest cultivation sects, a young man slowly opened his eyes with a helpless expression as he gazed down towards the fog located at the base of the mountain that the pavilion was located on top of. Not only was he the youngest Core Elder in the history of a large cultivation sect, but he was also someone who had transmigrated over with a system! The system in question wanted him to train up disciples and in turn help him get stronger! But there was one major problem in all of this… He didn’t have any disciples! Ding~! Talk about great timing... ____________________________ Release Schedule: 7-14 chapters a week ____________________________ If you are interested in LitRPG, I'm writting another novel called [Reincarned as a Lizard]. A side novel, I write on it when I need something other than Xianxia.

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Undamaged Celestial Gate

Continuing to slowly make his way up the mountain, Xuan Hao didn't pay much attention to his surroundings as he focused on comprehending the Dao of Formations.

Soon enough, a few days flew by peacefully as he followed the already established path up the mountain and all the way to the summit where the cave containing the fourth celestial gate was located.

"So, this is the fourth celestial gate…" Finding himself wandering inside the cave before coming to a stop in front of the fourth celestial gate, Xuan Hao could not help muttering this to himself as he looked up at the majestic celestial gate.

Although he had already seen it through his divine sense earlier, the feeling of being directly in front of the celestial gate was different, as he could feel the majestic and terrifying presence of the gate bearing down on him.